Explanation note.

I had a written exchange with some young academic who, without any justification, because of his affiliation to this fallacy named “socialism”,  replied using a subliminal insult, stating that what I presented is coming from “inferior sources”.

It is true that in today’s world with Google and Wikipedia it is not easy to be 100% original. I also did not intended to be or to invent or discover history.

Important is to have desire to know and to understand.

The following text is coming via my intellectual friend, Johannes de Silentio.


In the political history of our English commonwealth we had , since 18th century , a sort of 2 parties Parliament, (Whigs and Tory) a form which survived until today.

For those who do not know the roots of our English system I listed very shortly the followings:

The term Whig was originally short for “whiggamor“, a term meaning “cattle driver” used to describe western Scots who came to Leith for corn.

Whig—whatever its origin in Scottish Gaelic—was a term also applied to horse thieves.

The Tories were members of two political parties which existed, sequentially, in the Kingdom of England, the Kingdom of Great Britain and later the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from the 17th to the early 19th centuries.

Now, in UK, there are 2 more important parties descending from the old traditional ones. I am talking about Conservative and Labour.

In Canada, the parliamentarian system is an extension of the English one, our country , basically is a constitutional monarchy.

It is good to recall some parts of our history, especially now when the Canadian anniversary is approaching.

In our short history we also had two main parties, Grits and Tories.

The name Grit refers to a member or supporter of the Liberal Party.

The term Grit comes from the phrase Clear Grit which was a prime type of sand used by the Scots in Upper Canada to make mortar, and the term was adopted as a description of the type of character required for members of the pre-Confederation reform movement in the Province of Canada. After Confederation, the term Grits was applied to Liberals and the Liberal Party, and has stuck.

The Clear Grits and Parti rouge sometimes functioned as a united bloc in the legislature of the Province of Canada beginning in 1854, and a united Liberal Party combining both English and French Canadian members was formed in 1861

A Tory holds a political philosophy (Toryism) based on a British version of traditionalism and conservatism.

The Tory ethos has been summed up with the phrase ‘God, King and Country’.

The Conservative Party of Canada, colloquially known as the Tories, is a political party positioned on the right of the Canadian political spectrum.

The party began as the Conservative Party in 1867, becoming Canada’s first governing party under Sir John A. Macdonald.

However it is very importanta to point out that the history of NDP is not related to the English tradition but sprung from the international communist movement imported in Canada.

Established as a party in 1951 it is a political and ideological amalgam of few international labour union movements as Cooperative Commonwealth Federation and Canadian Labour Congress (CLC)

The last one is also born from another combinations of Trades, Canadian Congress of labour, including CUPE. That Canadian Congress of Labour was in cahoots with Communist Party since 1917, with Workers Unity League (also communist lead unions) and United Auto Workers which, in Windsor, had a communist leadership, as has another union named International Woodworkers of America.

Going back to years after WWI we must not forget that to be “communist” was to be affiliated to the international communist movement (Comintern) which was controlled by an organization controlled by Soviet Union and, practically by Stalin.

Any party with communist orientation had to be , in essence, internationalist, idea of “nation” or “patriotism” being considered a bourgeoisie idea.

In a nut shell, NDP has a complicated road from labour movement to an agrarian, socialist, Christian left to secular and ,now, new left.

The chosen name “new” democratic party implies, illogically ,that it existed an “old” democratic party or, it invented a new democracy like one who will pretend that he reinvented the wheel.

We had to also mention the existence within their movement of an another movement named WAFLE a sort of Independent Socialist Canada based on a group named “Red Circle” ideological Troskist which had a leader named Loxer, member of the Communist party of Canada.

NDP in its printed propaganda carefully avoids the detailed history of its new democracy which was convenient enough to seduce some new generations totally ignorant in the area of Canadian political history.

Quite recently it was claimed that NDP, after years in political wilderness, had a “recovery” under the leadership of J.Layton, RIP.

Unfortunately nobody mentions the roots of Layton political education which roots go straight to another known socialist, Harold Laski. ( Although socialist theoretician, after 1930 he shifted to a Marxist emphasis on class conflict and the need for a workers’ revolution, which he hinted might be violent)

NDP ‘s main ideology , as a annex of labour unions, is based on welfare state:

-very high minimum wage – a premise for laziness and lack of initiative and hard working.

-multiculturalism – which is another social aberration based on the lack of understanding of the word “culture” – but this is another subject which will be described at a later date.

-legalize “recreational drugs” in order to attract votes from ignorant youth.

-rent free, education free, basically a lot of “freebies” .

How all these will be paid? Very simple: high taxes and total government control which will ruin the economy, but who cares? Important is that now NDP will have votes from their “traveling companions” (Lenin dixit) on the road to a social experiment which in states like USSR, China, Cambodia, Cuba,Easter Europe etc. had left millions of corpses.

And that “experiment” started with the same cheap slogan relayed to “socialism”: power to the people, take from “haves” and give for free o “have nots” which is, in essence, socio-economic robbery.

Provincial incarnation of NDP

The results of the last provincial election with leftist NDP majority , looks like a comedy of errors, for those who, eventually read Shakespeare.

It was almost impossible to predict that an economical well organized province could have such high level of political ignorance of its electorate , as the cheapest slogan of

all :”change”, could have a such ripple effect.

It did due the activity of those intellectuals which, previously, I named them “travel companions.

The business community and people with a normal economic vision were in a sort of shock.

But the biggest surprise was for NDP itself .

As a result, the provincial cabinet has a unique composition, due to the fact of a total lack of qualified persons to lead the future destiny of Alberta.

The premier has, it is true, a proper education, some political experience but the chair of leadership came as an inheritance, based on the family name.

It is a new political aspect in Canada: dynastic democracy.

It is today a fashion of political dynasties.

Analyzing the personal qualification of the cabinet’s members , one can have serious doubts as how Alberta will survive for the next four years.

We have ministers with large experience within….Salvation Army, or education proved by a certificate issued by a Labor College (?!), or experience of 20 years as social worker and studies at the level of bachelor in social work (whatever it means). Our legal system will be very well served and improved by a person with a legal experience of 2 years in articling and another 2 as an “associate” and our Health system is guarded by a qualified person with (eventual) degree in policy studies.

The most hilarious part is related to the main industry of Alberta, oil industry, which will tremendously benefit from a 20 years experience of a teacher with bachelor of education.

By the way, the main education seems to be this ubiquitous bachelor in education, or social studies.

We should not be worried about taxes and how to pay for all the promised freebies, because the person in charge has a bachelor diploma of social work and experience as community social organizer.

The next generation will have a very improved education system based on experience brought to Alberta from Zimbabwe , a country which is very well known as a pillar of freedom, advance science (in killing any one who is not pro Mugabe) and enjoying a total freedom of speech.

The list is not complicated and not too long because some of the ministers are blessed with more than one portfolio.

I know that an answer to this crass incompetence will be : the problems are solved by the technocrats and not by the politicians. In this case why do we hire politicians and not the technocrats to do the jobs?

During the next 4 years even the old theatrical gimmick – Deus ex machina- will not help the ridiculous and painful spectacle which Alberta will become.

The poor  innocents will have the best intentions ,but even the road to Hell is paved with the best intentions , isn’t it?

Johannes de Silentio


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