#4 Dynastic Democracy

I recall an expression used by my Granny – and I presume that everyone had a similar Granny – who divided the historical time in two: first was ‘the good old times” and the second was …”:today” which, obviously could not reach the level of the first one.

All generations , including mine, have the tendency to look with a certain nostalgia to their “good old time”.

During my entire long adult age I struggled to be in line with whatever is new and to understand the aspirations of the new generations.

In a simple word, I tried to be an optimist.

Unfortunately, sometimes, those  of the younger generation did not reach my expectations and , most of the time, I cannot comprehend whose fault it is.

However I have to accept that during the past, not very old one, the pupils in school were taught THE HISTORY, not in Europe only which was obsessed with history because its people made history, but in North America as well, including Canada, of course.

Nowadays the kids are offered a very selected historical curriculum, compiled, censured, sanitized according to some fallacy named political correctness, liberalism, progressivism or whatever other words ending in “ism”.

Lets look to the idea of kings and their dynasties in Europe, because our North American civilization is an extension of European’s Judeo Christian one.

The Rome, outside of the apocryphal story of Romulus & Remus and she-wolf, had a period of roughly 100 years of kingdom, the Tarquinius dynasty. The last one was Tarquinius Superbus ousted by the fury of the Roman people.

The idea of “king” was so much hated in the Roman history that when Augustus became Imperator and until the end of Diocletian’s life , the legal term imperator was combined with idea of princeps senatus, pontifex maximus, Caesar, as such to use the word imperator as today’s translation of emperor is wrong.

Roman official idea was in fact that the Republic was led by an imperator – res agitur per Imperator.

Another country who , finally, has despised the notion of “king”, is France and those taught in school about the French Revolution will understand why.

The temporarily effort made by Napoleon to revive a new dynasty , has been a failure.

Interestingly enough the country which defeated Napoleon is a country with the biggest longevity of  this form of state, kingdom as is.

I refer to England, of course, which has the longest dynastic form, under various names, but also it planted the seeds of the idea of modern democracy through that magnificent document , more than 800 years old, named Magna Carta Libertatum .

In a way in this Magna Carta we can find the roots of American Constitution from 1787.

American republic is also the result of “ we the people” against kingdom’s dynasties.

If Canada has our Queen as the head of state is a sign of respect for our historical past connected to the same idea that our civilization is an extension of Judeo Christian European one.

It is true that in Europe, here and there, some royal dynasties survived but as the symbol of nation only and not necessarily connected by blood to the respective nations,  some years ago.

The spectacular titles look mostly proper for opera and operettas .

What attracted my attention and I am amused by, is the apparition of “democratic dynasties” and the danger which represents their idea, that in their frame of mind , it is considered that some are more equal than others.

This social aberration appeared in 20th century , in USA, the country based on a very beautiful democratic principle, that “we the people”.

After WWII , starting from a colourful businessman/politician who amassed an unusual huge wealth from various , still confused sources, a first political dynasty was born : the Kennedys.

The history teaches us that with money we can obtain everything, including the Oval Office, especially when one is strongly supported by “labour movement”, well-organized and well financially “greased”.

It was an Oval Office where the daily sex with whomever was a priority.

When Jack was assassinated , the next in line, Robert, was already groomed to become president , easily because he already was Attorney General.

After Robert’s assassination the third in line, Ed , has been waiting to be anointed president, although “we the people” , in their crass ignorance , have forgotten the cheating at Harvard exam, alcoholism, involvement in a painful death of a young woman and , basically , his very modest intellect shadowed in the permanent vapours of alcohol.

However the new democratic dynasty continued at different and various levels and with its money, I am sure, it will be revived.

After that we had, based on extremely large financial prowess, the second dynasty, father, son and almost second son’s attempt who ended up in ridicule.

We are watching now a new leftist effort to start a new “democratic” dynasty , originated by a person who dropped the moral prestige of the Oval Office to the lowest level .

Our beloved Canada doesn’t want to be left behind and we are on the path to have our “democratic dynasty”.

Some years ago, our  electorate, fed by political ignorance and complacency , elected a PM based on looks, public appearances, the high demagogic skill and , unfortunately , our people did not pay any attention to his pro communist past, his sympathy towards the Stalin’s “social experiment” , his lack of respect for our history and symbols and his intention to make Canada a benevolent dictatorship.

With a very organized leftist propaganda, giving to the masses a new form of the  old Roman “panem et circensis” – welfare state that is – everything is forgiven and forgotten.

The result: the same people elected a new leader based on the name, looks, photogenic appearance, hundreds of unreachable  promises and with a less that modest qualification in any area.

It is accomplished  not a new dynasty only ,  by a new histrionique dynastic democracy.

However, what is very ridiculous is the fact that we are in the same league with other countries led by dynastic families, although not democracy : N.Korea and Cuba.

We should feel embarrassed by the process of eroding our democracy in favour of ignorance promoted by the “left” in the name of political correctness which even “left” doesn’t understand what it means.

In a few years, if we will not wake up – which I doubt it – we will witness a disaster.

And Canada will not ever be what it suppose to be and it  has been.


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