In an exchange of opinions with a person of a younger generation I received questions related to the much discussed Trump’s candidacy to the office of the President of USA.
For me it is not easy to comprehend why Canadian leftist propaganda  is so adamant to influence America’s electorate against one of their candidate, unless we agree that it is a sort of international movement , similar with that created by Stalin, namely Comintern.
 This is my letter to  that young person:
My dear young one,
With my best intention I am trying to reply to your rhetorical question  as “how Trumps’ election will be good for Canada”
If you are busy, please be free not to read. I do not mind. I do not lose anything.
You will.
A lot of members of your generation and even more from younger ones, due to a perverted education by a dissipated school system, are confused between the word “politics” and the word “protest” thinking that protesting against whatever is a political action.
Political action is based on an understanding  of the social mechanics and of the history.
The lack of understanding which is ignorance  is not an excuse for protesting, because this will end up in mob violence.
As I wrote in my previous post everything in our lives is based on a binary system.
People have to choose. It is better if they choose the right option. Which is the right option?
It is one which is not based  on ignorance or on confusion of point of views.
If you look to the last “protests” in USA or in Europe for that matter and you see how the vulgus,  the mob, jumps on cars, destroys properties it is a perfect example of ignorance.
An opinion cannot be imposed by force. This is socialism, communism, Marxism, war between “classes” which  is a fallacy resulting in a millions of victims as we know very well from the history of the last century.
Those Canadians who got involved in the discussion pro or anti Trump and try to influence you with their so called opinions, better ask them : what do they know about American constitution? Did they read it? They should before talking about  American election. It is not hard to read, it is a booklet of 17 pages, plus few with 27 amendments.
The first 3 words of it are “we the people” . Not we the mob, not we the ignoramus.
American constitution, created by real geniuses is based on Christian principle and on morals which are based on hard work and freedom. And freedom doesn’t mean violence in the street, mob attacking those who have a different opinion, mob yelling “occupy wall street “
In its history,  the USA had a number of exceptional people, real leaders, like Washington, Lincoln, Franklin, and few others , fathers of the Confederation, plus that unique president Ronald  Reagan. Not politicians.
Unfortunately, this beautiful democracy described in the American constitution was diluted by a new parasitic group, called “politicians” , most of them lawyers, who , wrongly, imposed their idea that they know better what  is good for “we the people”.
After a century of activity of politicians who did not do anything right for the country , except what Reagan did, people started to wake up and they are sick and tired of politicians.
The greatest empire known to our civilized word, the Roman Empire, was created by Octavian Augustus who was not member of elite  Julia clan, he was adopted and, carefully , created that marvel of the state where “politicians” of his time, the senate , were diminished.
Napoleon comes from a simple Corsican family, Buonaparte, and not being politicians, pulled out Europe from the dark middle age. The same in UK , Oliver Cromwell did not come from royals, but created a New England where the royals do not have any power.
Why we, today, have to accept a new class of politicians, some New Democratic dynasties like the crooked Kennedys, embarrassing Bushes, corrupt and immoral Clintons or,  in Canada,  that pro communist  fotmrt PM ?
People want a change, a real change and want to get rid of this new “dynasties”  not by force but by the power of the ballot.
This is the reason for which Trump has his success. He is not a politician and it is refreshing to have a real manager taking care of the business and not dumping words  in line with spread the wealth, politically correctness  and other fallacies.
Trump becoming the presumptive candidate to the office of the President did not receive a present from his Republican party, but he achieved this result due to millions of free votes, against all odds and negative propaganda against him.
In his last speech in Indiana he said : “we are going to start saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again.” Even for this line he deserves to be president, because he will bring back the basics of American constitution, coming from Judeo Christian  philosophy.
Will he send back the poor Mexicans? I reckon not. He is too good a businessman , who made billions, not to understand that somebody has to pick up strawberries  and melons.
But if the wall will be built, I will applaud him : a country without borders it is not anymore a country. It is time the law be applied and to eliminate that false compassion .
Mexico is a rich country, people have to work and not to listen to the Pope, having ten kids and after that waiting for America to help them.
Will he stop, as president, the Islamic invasion?  I hope so, based on the simple assumption that not all Muslims are terrorists but all the terrorists are Muslims
Now, the answer to as how Trump will be good for Canada?
Through an example and emulation.
If Trump could do what he said can be done, it will  help Canadians to wake up from this fog of socialism, political correctness, spreading the wealth, making  Canada “green” based on speeches made by half illiterates and ignorants in this field, based on ridiculous assertions from high school drop outs  , now zillionaires of Hollywood  who amassed their money due to the ignorance of the mob who spent time and dollars to watch aberrations named movies with the arrogant presumption that they are art.
Let’s hope that the Canadians will  emulate a good example and will get rid of politicians who have been elected on the promises to make the pot free and legal, politicians with zero education in the economic field, but intoxicated by slogans coming from Trotzky , Marx, ejusdem farinae.
Let’s hope that the Canadians will understand the difference between immigration and invasion and will stop pretending that we can help the world , involving us in an area where it is not our business, trying to be involved in religious wars which are not solved from centuries.
Let’s hope that we will have some leaders who will make Canada great and not push it into a conglomerate of various national and religious ghettos.
And stop  trying  to create “democratic dynasties” infested by leftist cheap propaganda who has appeal to ignoramus .
I would like to see Kevin O’Leary, the billionaire, as PM of Canada, a real conservative .
PS  . I do not have anything against forwarding this modest opinion to those who try to influence you towards the left. Please do not forget the binary principle which I wxplined it to you the other day.

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