First blog post -updated

Updated Introduction:

Some thoughts,

Today we start a personal blog for reasons which will be briefly explained below.
In a few days we will celebrate four decades of a very happy and prosperous life for which I am for ever grateful to Her Majesty’s Government of Canada who accepted us to live on this God’s blessed land and I , forever,  will consider this country as our  only country , the best one which anybody could imagine and desire to live in.

I presume that between me and Canada it was created what Goethe names, in his book with the same title, Die Wahlverwandtschaften, meaning “elective affinities”.

For this reason, regardless of the place of birth I consider myself , legally and psychologically, exclusively Canadian and not in any shape or form a hyphenated Canadian.
However, reaching almost the sunset of a happy life I started to be worried, re-calling the first line from a cheap political brochure published 168 years ago which states : “A spectre is haunting Europe—the spectre of communism.”

It is the first line of so called Communist Manifesto, concocted by Marx and his financial pimp, Engels.

If we replaced the word “communism” with another one, lets say “terrorism” , the sound is ominous as well.

The difference between that time and today’ s events is a continuation of the first line: “All the powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre”.
Marx and his later followers had the obsession that it was a coalition of the democratic states to stop that “spectre” in its march to conquer the world through universal revolution and deadly force.

In order to be helped against that imaginary danger, in one of his “theses” , Lenin launched the idea of “путешествия спутник” – puteshestvia sputnik -meaning in English “travel companion”.

They were intellectuals seduced by the illusory ideas and words, most of them with the best intention, themselves later discarded  to die in various gulags.
Unfortunately, how it is said , even the road to Hell is paved with the best intentions.

Starting from that cheap brochure, the events rolled like a snow ball and the final result was that “social experiment” named Soviet Union with its corollaries  China, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, Eastern Europe, etc. where still we count today the victims from.
Some intellectuals, important names of 20th century, not with he best intentions, justified the hecatombs of victims, simplifying to the level of “you cannot make an omelet without cracking some eggs “ – alleged by Sartre quoting Fr. De Charette.

Albert Camus in his novel The Plague , uses a perfect symbol for the danger which represents any form of totalitarianism:… “ the plague will rouse its rats and send them to die in some well-contented city.”
In today’s world those “travel companions” , persons with some superficial education and zero knowledge of the past history, some of them a little bit politicians but never statesmen, very prudently do not use clear names like “socialism” or even “communism”, using in lieu an edulcorated form as progressivism, social democracy, liberalism, politically correctness, wealth equalization, ejusdem farinae, with a hidden intention that the “masses” which they consider as being totally ignorant, will not notice and will follow on a road of social destruction for the benefit of a minority, Orwellian big brothers .

I do not have any “la folie des grandeurs” and I know that my simple comments- because I am a simple man – will not have the effect which Emile Zola had with his pamphlet “J’accuse” some 118 years ago.

I will try to explain , within the limits of my intellectual power, some aspects of today’s demagoguery, pushed towards us in order not to notice that “spectre” which will haunt us under different forms, but still eroding our freedom of expression and of thinking for the  benefit of minority which forces us to believe that a real definition of democracy is that in which some are more equal than others.

If only one , reading my blog, will understand and clarify his or her confusions, I will be happy


If someone likes to participate in this discourse of ideas , please be welcomed.

We will print some comments preferably under 1000 words.

We will not reply to anything even close to lack of respect, rudeness , racism or attack at a person.

We leave vulgarities to other form of communications and to some politicians.

Personally I can be contacted by email. Please inquire.



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