I mentioned before how Lenin, on his road to conquer the power by force, masquerading his aggression as a “real democracy” (socialist democracy, people’s democracy, etc.) used some intellectuals whom he named travel companions.

It is quoted in various sources that this travel companions were categorized as “useful idiots.

{First, the term “useful idiot,” as Freeland notes, is commonly attributed to the Communist dictator Lenin. It’s normally used to describe Communist sympathizers in the West: “useful” because they advance Communist ideology, “idiots” because they contribute to their own downfall.}

Lenin needed them in order to have writers who can influence “masses” , their components excelling in ignorance, illiteracy.

A simple man knowing that a very known writer is a frontage for a certain political propaganda, will much easier vote for whomever was behind of this propaganda.

It is not my intention to provide a list of such intellectuals , some of them naïve, but I will talk about few examples which are very useful for our intellectuals who had fallen in love with some notions, although recycled by the new “left”, like social democracy, people’s power, multiculturalism, equality for all, political correctness, and more, depends of the leftist party which promotes them.

These intellectuals – and I use this term quite loose –cover their essential historical ignorance with few spectacular words (today’s Google made it very easy!) do not know or prefer to hide what happened with those in love with “Leninism” : they have been discarded. Used by “the party” and after that just killed or, much worse, sent to Gulag for a slow and painful death

I will mention three example, considered by me the most eloquent ones, although the today’s young intellectuals of Canada, some maybe academics, are not very familiar with them.

One is a very interesting and hugely talented Russian symbolist, named Alexander Blok.

From an intellectual and quite rich and noble family, the young poet became attracted and deceived by the communist revolution.

Few years later Mayakovsky , in one of his “poems” mentions how he met Blok, in military uniforms, sitting in front of the Winter Palace, recently devastated by he reds.

And Mayakovsky asks Blok:

How is going Sasha?

And Blok replies:

-well, well. At our mansions they burnt out my library.

The communism doesn’t need culture.

Few years later Blok got sick, very sick and “they” did not let him go to Austria for treatment. “They” let him die.

His friend , Mayakovsky was assassinated . It was a very old soviet joke: the last Mayakovski’s words were : don’t shoot me , comrades!

Another great poet, Sergei Esenin, refined intellectual and friend with most of the cultural European personalities after WWI – Isadora Duncan one of them  , with enthusiasm returned to communist Russia . He was assassinated but official version was “suicide”, based on his last two , very famous , verses: “There’s nothing new in dying now /Though living is no newer.”

These young intellectuals seduced by this fallacy named “socialism” should know very well a name, Trotsky. I mentioned him , regardless of the fact that he was a mastermind of crimes against humanity, because he was very well-informed and a good writer, as a form. We ought to remember hat he was assassinated in Mexico, because the arm of “the party” was very long . And well armed.

I could write ad nauseam about the crimes committed by the socialism against the culture, not in Russia only , but in the entire area under the soviet’s political umbrella.

In West the phenomenon was very similar, with the exception that “the party” couldn’t kill so easily.

However, especially after the soviets’ atrocities in Hungary in the fall of 1956, some intellectuals became disillusioned with this empty ideology and abandoned their affinities towards socialism. One of them was American Howard Fast.

Unfortunately , even today, a lot of members of academia in Canada , in USA and in the West Europe, with obstinacy refused to accept and understand that socialism is not an ideology. It is a disease.

Churchill was more polite when he said : “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”


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