(Disclaimer. When using the words “liberal” or “conservative” I do not intend to refer to any party with the same names. I refer to the principle)

It is a very simple principle which applies to any forms of our lives which is called the principle of binary.
In our biological, social, moral, economical, etc. aspects of life everything is based on this principle, from the down of our history.
It is very simple one. Everything is like in our ubiquitous computer : yes or no, zero or one, good or bad, day or night, black or white and we can continue ad nauseam with these examples.
Our Judeo-Christian religion is based on it.

The art is based on it, if we look to the major painters – Michelangelo is one of them, or we read our basic literature starting with Dante Alighieri and his moral trilogy or we look to the characters created by, lets say, Dumas, Hugo , etc.
Our immortal Shakespeare left to us the best examples of moral binary in Plantagenet versus the rebel Richard III, or diabolic Iago versus the purity of Desdemona plus the most analysed our “contemporary” Hamlet who was tempted to reach the impossible, trying to combine two sides of the morals.
To deny the existence of this binary principle is, as in witches of Macbeth, “fair is foul and foul is fair”.
It seems it is not a middle way.
We cannot fight against this principle because no one is equal with no one. Some are taller and other shorter, some blonds or some dark-skinned , some are left-handed or some right-handed.

Because of that in our social/political life we use the terms like “liberal”, “conservative”, “progressivism” , “leftism” or “traditionalism”, etc., words which contradict each other and are roots of social tragedies.
The tragedy started when one of these terms claims that it is the only perfecto mundo and tries to impose its vision on the rest .
It was submitted to me an assertion which can shock anyone : we, liberals, know the truth, see the truth and show the truth.
This reminds me the old expression from 15th century attributed to seigneur de Bayard, known as “the knight without fear and beyond reproach” (le chevalier sans peur et sans reproche – because we are bilingual country).
This idea became , five centuries later, an arrogant attitude of the communist parties coming from various liberal movements, claiming that “the party” never makes mistakes.
We know the results: soviet experiment, Chinese experiment, Cambodian experiment and the rest of “experiments” in the former communist countries under the soviet ideological umbrella, social experiments that left behind hecatombs of victims.
The liberals and adepts of progressivism , in their willful ignorance confirms what Camus wrote some 60 years ago, that this love for socialism , mutatis mutandis, realized that ..”once crime was a solitary…now it is as universal as science” .

The defenders of these social “experiments” adopted  the famous expression – you’ve got to crack a few eggs to make an omelette –  used first by Robespierre, after that by Stalin and, of course, by infamous defenders of Stalin like Sartre or Walter Duranty who became winner of Pulitzer Prize in 1932 for his ridiculously false descriptions of the results of Stalin’s terror.
I have to add that the social, historical ignorance , now became universal.

Looking to the recent events in Canada one can notice that the propaganda against the conservatism, against the basic principle of capitalism had a smell of Marxism .
The slogan: “the conservatives have to go with any price,” especially within the younger generations, spread on electronic tools, was as close as possible to the anarchism where the result is not important, but the revolution per se, the movement takes priority.
In 1922, in his cheap brochure titled “What to do”, Lenin believes only in revolution and in the virtue of expediency which states : “one must be prepared for every sacrifice, to use if necessary every stratagem, ruse, illegal method, to be determined to conceal the truth, for the sole purpose….of accomplishing , despite everything, the Communist task”.
Now, for the same expediency the word communism is replaced with “social democracy” or “progressivism” or “liberalism” but the essence is the same : destroying what is called capitalism.
Any naïve ignorant without reading Marx believes, avant la lettre , that Das Kapital, a pretentious book confused and convoluted concocted, is a panacea of all economic problems.
The later practice of so-called Marxism, during the mentioned “experiment” proved vice versa, that the economic equality is not only a fallacy, but a real disaster.
We do not have to look far: just to Cuba , Venezuela or N.Korea.

In our beloved and still blessed by God, Canada, and to the South of the border as well, the whiff of destructive communism disguised in various forms, can be strongly felt.
The “left” , without any justification thinks that it posses the ultimate truth, totally negating the binary principle, in order to make everyone and every body the same, preferably all of us poor and submissive like during the soviet experiments.
Alberta had its own very recent “experiment” when , the majority of electorate, unconsciously and ignorantly voted in power a government infested by empty and cheap socialist slogans of some minority interested in its own power and not in the prosperity of the Albertans. The results started to be felt and the worst will come.

At the federal level people have been enchanted and deceived by various stratagems (see Lenin quoted above) for the same aim : power for a minority who doesn’t understand the history, the difference between left and right, good and bad and people intoxicated by slogans voted based on appearances and fallacious arguments.
It is sad to notice that “spread the wealth” slogan from those totally incompetents in the economic field is in fact a call for laziness, for making everyone poorer in lieu of prosperous and inventive.
It is a very tragic illusion to believe in total equality and dismiss the principle of social binary.
Is better to believe that the producers of wealth will help other to achieve their own wealth, not at the same level, of course, than to applaud the “spread the wealth”, where everybody is equally poor.

I repeat what I quoted in another posting , that Churchill was right when he said : “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

If the new generations will not wake up and will not think properly for themselves and sleepwalking into a tragedy, that whiff of egalitarian communism disguised in social democracy will become odour and later a stench.

Johannes de Silentio – June 10th/2016


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