(Disclaimer: when using the word “liberal” or “conservative” I did not refer to the parties with the similar names. I refer to the idea of. Note: For those unfamiliar with German history and language: nacht means night and tag means day)


I have noted with other occasions that quite a larger number of Canadians, especially of the new generation,  I guess they are called “millennials”, have an unhealthy obsession related to the 2016 presidential election at the South of our border.

And it is not warranted.

Although both our nations have the same cultural and social roots coming from Europe and its Judeo Christian aspects, the Americans developed a unique brand of love for freedom, respect for it and respect for individual liberty.

Therefore they departed , formally, from the same roots as ours but they built a constitution which is an envy of any free society.

However, Canada  had a sentimental attachment to the monarchic aspect and, although respecting the same basic principles of liberty, etc., never took a “revolutionary” attitude and took a way of evolution and not of a revolution.

I would say that working hard as the Americans did, in order to enrich this huge and barred  and basically unoccupied land, and not using slaves,  Canadians succeeded to become a model of social happiness but, in the same time, we are a little bit “laid back”.

No wonder that it is that beautiful joke that the Canadians are so polite that they say thank you even to the ATM machine!

This is the reason for which, in my humble opinion, the progressive, liberal or whatever leftist movement, is wrong in trying to emulate some unhappy example from our southern neighbor and we started to have some copies of violent actions not in line with the Canadian character , combined with very militant , abrasive, aggressive unions.

Looking to some , quite a few , acts of ugly violence during the protests against Donald Trump, protests organized by ” professional , subsidized agitators” I have to remind to those who are not familiar with the European history, an ugly episode from Germany which took place during the 9 to 10 of October 1938 and remained in the historical memory as  “KRISTALLNACHT “.

I know that some left progressivism and heart bleeding liberals will reply -I expect even some insults – that  the German hooliganism was perpetrated by “fascists”.

Absolutely incorrect.

In Germany at that  time it was a Nazional SoZialist party, therefore a socialist party, the word “SoZialist” being the magnet to attract the ignorant waiting for the state to take care of him. From there we have “Nazism” and not “fascism” .It is not a simple linguistic dichotomy but a historical ignorance.

That insignificant painter, little Adolf, seduced the masses of one of most advanced nation, with a socialist platform , promising them bread, butter and Volkswagen. What more welfare did they want?

However between 9-10 of November 1938 in Germany took place a violent attack, especially against Jews carried out by SA paramilitary forces and German civilians. (my emph.) German authorities looked on without intervening. The name Kristallnacht comes from the shards of broken glass that littered the streets after Jewish-owned stores, buildings, and synagogues had their windows smashed.

In history therefore remained the name of Night of Broken Glass.

In order to, a priori , reply to some progressive liberal persons, I have to underline that even anti-Semitism was not a monopoly of Nazism , the soviet communism committing , maybe , more crime against Jews but very carefully hidden by corrupt historians of the left leaning.

That tragedy was not an accident because any “socialist” movement has as a main tool a form of violence.

Looking to the recent movements against Donald Trump, considered by some as not having a bone of leftist idea in his body, we will notice that all the protests against him were in a violent form.

We also will notice that not even an attempt of violence from conservatives have not been made against any form of left, liberal or progressivism.

And these professional “protesters” , financed and organized by God knows whom, of different shape and colour , are nothing else than a seed coming from kristallnacht under the new form of kristalltag as we have seen very recently in San Jose where non-leftist have been attacked with everything from sticks, glass, stones , down to tomatoes and eggs while , quite similarly with Germany, authorities looked on without intervening. Later on few arrests seemed that were made.

What is going on in Canada? Do we have any form of violence generated from the “left” with ideas of socialism? As I said above, due to our more laid back culture we did not YET reached the same level as in USA but we already had some signs.

The first sign of violence is vandalism and personal insults.
I was shocked to see graffiti on corner stop signs, where under the word “stop” was painted “Harper” = stop Harper!

But imported from  USA we had so called “occupy movement” which took place  in 12 beautiful cities of our country, some of them bordering violence in  an incipient form  (our police is good, thanks). However , it is mentioned that in Canada, “by November 2011, media sources began to report an increase in violence, with allegations of sexual assault and incidents of violence from occupiers against the police, including one officer allegedly stabbed with scissors]

Our cities have been part of a conglomerate of 900 cities around the world, affected by this “occupy” nonsense. One ought to have an IQ under 80 to believe in a Cabala or other international conspiracy like “elders of Sion” or other aberrations. But the history of 20th century proves that the leftists are very well internationally organized , the best example being the infamous Comintern under Stalin leadership

In our times, “perhaps the most surprising thing about Occupy Wall Street is that it is a financial success. In just four weeks since the protest began, it has raised well over $200,000 and collected far more than that in donated food and clothing. There has been a lot of speculation who might be financing the protests. One person sometimes signaled out is George Soros, the well-known hedge fund manager who has used his bank-account to fund progressive causes quite a few times.

In Canada , for financing the left protesters is mentioned Adbusters, the left-wing anti- corporate Canadian magazine. In relation with a new international anti-conservative and anti-capitalist movement I have to quote something about Soros, who has an unusual family background.

“Radical anti-American billionaire George Soros is a major backer of a left-wing group that is funneling money to the Occupy Wall Street movement. The nonprofit organization at the receiving end of Soros’ largesse, Alliance for Global Justice, is managing donations benefiting the communists, socialists, anarchists and hippies.   As of Oct. 19, (2011) OWS had taken in a grand total of $435,000 from all sources, including donations made by individuals online and in person, according to reports.” {It should surprise no one that Soros (net worth: $22 billion), the ultimate Wall Street insider and preeminent funder of the activist Left today, embraces Occupy Wall Street., ….this Communist sympathizer co-founded the ultra-secretive Democracy Alliance, a billionaires’ club that wants to radically transform America.  He has said that European-style socialism “is exactly what we need now” and favors American decline.  Soros, a currency manipulator with an insider-trading conviction, praises Red China effusively, saying the totalitarian nation has “a better-functioning government than the United States.”}

 Therefore, to conclude, if we will know the recent history and we look to the most recent events, I would say that from the kristallnacht to its new form of leftist kristalltag is a very small step.

My sincere desire is not to be like a Cassandra of Troy and to be cursed as well as no one to believe me, because if I , or other like me, will not be believed , the next generation will witness the destruction of our civilization as we know it.







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