# 11 -ABOUT US


When I started this blog I did not mention anything about me.

Now, following the program I posted some details which they will be easily accessible printed as a post in lieu of going back to the beginning of the program/                                   I strongly believe that my person is not important but what I try to communicate in order to help the new generations to come out from the fog of a false but imposed ideology which promotes “we have to change” doesn’t matter with what price , just for the sake of changing , hoping to live   in a fallacious world with ” spread the wealth” and where , regardless of qualification and education, everyone has the same income. This is the liberalism’s ideal world but not real one.

In one word to repeat that tragic experiment named communism in its various forms , from soviet form to Cambodian or to North Korean and various others during the soviet time.

Am I qualified to talk about this vast subject?

As an intellectual I believe the most important quality of an intellectual is the modesty.

Therefore , having behind me more than ten years of academic studies including a Law degree (in some countries of Europe might be accepted at the level of PH.D), a few books and thousands of journalism pages published in Canada and Europe as well, learning from Socrates , I still consider myself a searcher of a real truth hoping to find it with he help of those who read what I wrote and what I will write.

In the matter of social aspects I can say that I lived history which I do not wish other to re-lived again like me and thousand like me.

I am one of very few, at the last account less than ten survivors, of a special extermination camps for political prisoners of a communist country and the only one in Canada. I know personally one more, my friend Franz, in Germany.

Those camps, located on an island, now are totally erased.

The thousand of victims are forgotten

Looking back to that island where I spent few years of my youth I can assert that Robben island of Nelson Mandela looks to me like five stars hotel Hilton….

I have been asked: why do not write about it , in details?

Because yesterday’s and today’s politicians refuse to believe .

I recall an answer from USA’s Congress related to a book describing the horrors: these couldn’t happen . This is the sick phantasy.

 Therefore, my potential friends, when I said that socialism is not an ideology but a social disease I know very well what I am talking about. Those who desire “socialism”  do not comprehend that the socialism, regardless of apparent form or name is th a “ fiction by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else.”

The Stalin’s or Mao’s , etc. terror started as apparently benign “social democracy” and later degenerated in a communist dictatorship.

One of my closest friends, ten years older than me, also a survivor of the same extermination camps, respected French writer and Doctor in Shakespeare ‘ Hamlet, because nobody believed him, he used to go in the bathroom, in front of the mirror and telling his story…to himself. He did it to keep his sanity.

He, when he reached the age of 70, committed suicide at Paris : he could not anymore take the burden of his past.

Some of my postings with more theoretical content will be signed with the name of my intellectual friend, Johannes de Silentio who, in my opinion, is an epitome of what Blaise Pascal said more than three centuries ago: “L’homme est un roseau pensant” which in English means “Man is a thinking reed”

I wish that the younger generations to think first before they will ingurgitate empty socialist, pseudo-humanist slogans about change dumped by ignorant and valueless politicians


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