#14 – Of discontent and nations

                     OF DISCONTENT AND NATIONS

 To those who were lucky to have a normal and not a liberal education I am quoting the famous lines from Richard The Third, Act 1, scene 1:

“Now is the winter of our discontent/Made glorious summer by this son of York;/And all the clouds that low’r’d upon our house/In the deep bosom of the ocean buried.”

I consider them proper because from my solitary exile I am looking to the turmoil caused by the result of the UK departure from EU, that “Brexit”. Paraphrasing the old and great Will , seems to me that we witnessed a summer of the Brits discontent.

I hoped and I predicted this result because a nation who gave to our civilization, exactly 801 years this month, Magna Carta Libertatum, the first seed of any democratic constitution , could not be manipulated ad libitum by a group of bureaucrats from alien nations and lands.

Finally, after 41 years the Brits woke up.

The politicians who concocted this strange social experiment did not pay attention to the failure of another, also very leftist, experiment named USSR , where the various national destinies have also been manipulated and dictated by a strange bureaucracy. After 73 years and countless human tragedies , it was concluded that the experiment was a grand failure. The idea of transforming Europe into an amalgam social under the banner of globalization did not take into account the national Identities.

We cannot built a society within a social blender.

If , as a diet, one can dump into an electric   blender an eggplant, melon, cherries, paprika, zucchini , onion, peaches , tequila, milk and pepper , the result will not have any specific colour and , as a test, it will not be recommended even during a Chinese style interrogation.

The faceless  bureaucrats from Brussels , living in a sort of opiate leftist dream, should look to Switzerland where they are four nations in one country, very distinct each of them, with their  particular languages and culture, under one name, Swiss, because everything is based on politeness and reciprocal respect and their central government never imposes any decision : everything of  national interest of Switzerland is decided by a referendum.

Such attitude did not exist in EU because they, infested by the leftist, socialist ideology, intended to build a new “international entity”, controlled from one “centre” which knows better than the national identities what is good for them

And this ludicrous situation could flourish because the present governments, all of them also infested by  leftism, take their ideological nutrition from residues of  Marx’ communist manifesto.

Starting from this internationalism, globalization, topped with multiculturalism flavour,  the next obvious and easy step was idea of deleting the borders between European countries, with the hidden intention to make  very available a lot of cheap labour. If the labour offered by the Europe was not enough, why not bringing  it from other parts of the mappa mundi? In this way the  migration’s flood gates have been unconsciously  open and in lieu of immigration Europe became saddled with an invasion which the political blindness disguised it in humanitarian social democratic action.

Albert Camus , very aptly , wrote that the socialism is based on perverted Christianity.

I presume and although it is obvious, based on Brexit results, that the Brits became sick and tired of the arrogant ignorance coming from Brussels and decided to have their country back.  The Brexit results are not based on  racism, nor on that pseudo “science” called Eugenics. It is a result of misunderstood immigration which must be an acceptance of people, when the need arises, from the same cultural mold as such the new comers to be easily assimilated and not to bring, chaotically, categories which always will be inassimilable.

The leftist internationalism propaganda uses a pseudo humanism with a flavor of perverted Christianity to achieve their goal of a borderless ignorant society without any respect for the past and with a total confused and uncertain future, easy to be manipulated and controlled like in an Orwellian world .

We ought to understand that a nation cannot exist without a country and the country doesn’t exist without strong borders. The most palpable example is Israel whose people for almost 2 millenniums lived in a form of diaspora  but now they have a strong , proud, real democratic country.

Under fallacious ideas promoted by Brussels it could be that Europe will become a conglomerate of diasporas.

If some countries are not able to keep their house in a good financial order it is not anybody’s duty to help them , pumping money in an endless hole, like ir was the case of Greece. Some minuscule nations like Andorra, Lichtenstein, San Marino, survived and flourish for centuries without any supervision of something related to internationalism masquerading in humanism.

The idea of nation takes precedence to idea of money.

I am not specialist in Bible but I think that very known assertion : “Man shall not live on bread alone” is correct , because we also need our history, our tradition, our culture – in this case,  Judeo Christian one –and not to be dumped into a social blender.

The Brits woke up. Congratulations to them.

Lets hope that the rest of Europe will do the same and we will have again a normal social life free of socialism/ perverted Christianity, progressivism, liberalism and other lunacies ending in “ism”.

Johannes de Silentio


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