# 16 -To wall or not to wall

               TO WALL OR NOT TO WALL


Last year when Europe started to be seriously invaded by migrants from all over the places under the false pretenses of being “refugees”, the left bloated with cheap socialist slogans got very active within electronic means , proving once more ignorance in the roots of the migration and , totally clueless what means “socialism” , keep using ideas taken from a perverted Christianity.

Some illusionary intellectuals launch a sort of slogan, meaning that if we have plenty we have to build a longer table and not a higher wall. The idea of “anti-wall” was generated when Trump proposed to have a wall between USA and Mexico on order to stop an illegal immigration and infiltration of potential terrorists.

Why some Canadians got so passionate against Trump’s proposal is easy to explain: it is this new fallacy of globalization and denationalization of the existing historical countries and nations, in order to “spread the wealth” , with the last consequence of unlimited welfare, the maximum dream of laziness.

Moreover, those who dream to dismantle the idea of nation/state, do not understand that Marx intended before to have this “internationalism” controlled by “proletariat” – whatever does it means. The ignoramus  use something close to Marxism but, not even 1% tried to read that wastepaper disguised in a sort of “philosophy”.

Some of today’s intellectuals , infested with anti-wall propaganda, use daily the idea of wall to protect themselves: qhich  is the computer’s fire wall.

Those who admire thousand of years of Chinese civilization , forget that it was preserved by the very famous Wall of China, built 700 years BC for a distance of over 21,000 Km which includes trenches and natural obstacles. Without that protection the Chinese culture, as we know it today ,would have disappeared.

Another example is the defeat of Ottoman army in front of Vienna because the city was protected by almost impregnable walls. The fact is detailed in all books of history.

In the summer of 1683, the main army of the Ottoman Empire, a large and well-equipped force, besieged Vienna. There is probably no book on the general history of Europe that does not record these events. If Vienna would have been defeated than, today all Europe would have been, most likely, Islamic.

From medieval time, maybe the best example is the Constantinople. From 330 until 1453 when was occupied by Turks, with its very well-built walls, it resisted to various invasions.

After a very long Turks’siege , the best fortified city in the history, it might have resisted even a longer time if, unfortunately, on May 29th 1453 some soldier would not have forgotten to close the gate called kerkoporta and Turks finished an entire civilization. (See Sir S. Runciman).

In our more contemporary times we have the story of the Maginot Line between France and Germany, a line of concrete fortifications, obstacles and weapon installations that France constructed during the 1930s. The line was a response to France’s experience in World War I giving to France the certitude that Germany will never invade again. The new type of “wall” could have performed as intended if Germany would not by-pass it and attacked from the North, after they invaded Pays-Bas.

The best and  most recent example which is permanently avoided is the state of Israel, a perfect demonstration of real democracy. Israel, surrounded by ferocious and irrational enemies applied the principle of “walls” and since the wall have been in place the terrorist acts droped  with more than 95%. But Israel which helps persecuted people in need, doesn’t open the food gate to invadors and migrants desguised in “refugees” It is an example which Europe doesn’t follow  and Canada ought to apply.

We can conclude that the slogan with built longer table and not walls is totally futile.

What was written above was just a theoretical example. In nowadays we cannot built fortresses, of course and the idea of “wall” is just used as a symbol.

Canada doesn’t need a wall because by the grace of God is defended by three oceans and to the South has an enormous border with the best friend and ally, USA. However I have to underline again that if Canada and USA would not have been limitrophe and under the same defence umbrella , Stalin would have attempted to enlarge its territory.

Would a wall , physically built or electronic, between Mexico and USA benefits our country? The left will vehemently be opposed, based on the illusion of globalization which is a sad residue of the Communist International, abbreviated as Comintern and also known as the Third International which was an international communist organization that advocated world communism.

Now, this globalization is a new masquerade of the same idea under different name but the same aim: destruction of idea of nation. The so-called “Trump’s wall” will help our country not to be invaded from South by migrants and within them various types of terrorists. For the rest , our only defense will be a strong and constant immigration policy based on economic needs , from the same areas similar with our Judeo Christian traditions and culture and not based on actions which favours political photo opportunity in order to gain votes, but not understanding that our lax attitude and superficial vetting of the potential immigrants brings a new type of Trojan horse.

But this is a subject which I will write about in my next posting.







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