# 18 – Lenin redivivus


Lenin redivivus

As a very good neighbors, the Canadians, at least part of them, watch with interest the mechanics of presidential election in USA, most of us hoping that a new direction in USA will positively affect Canadian’s economy.

It is a normal hope because , as we know, if America has a flu we can get a pneumonia.

Unfortunately, due to the socialist infestation of our political life as a result of international globalization, borderless economies and countries, combined with that inept word defined as politically correctness, we started to follow America’s fallacy , pushing our social and political life more and more to the left with total ignorance of the future results which have been historically proved as a total disaster (see Soviet Union and the rest of the countries ideologically occupied by it) and oblivious to the the same result in present Europe.

But the present spectacle of the USA presidential election is, in many regards, appalling, reminding me of the Medieval Commedia del Arte, that famous couple of Arlecchino and Colombina. In a nut shell, a sort of sad clownish act.

I was very pleased to read an intelligent public comment from a Canadian Lady, especially related to American Democratic Convention from last week in Philly.

This is the text:

“I don’t feel like I’m watching an actual political convention, I fell like I’m watching Hunger Games. A fake tear with patriotic “stars” in the background Morgan Freeman’s enigmatic voice over…a series of emotionally charged photos and stories teat are contrived as any melodramatic soap opera. This isn’t news and this isn’t reporting fact. Is appalling, And it is more appalling to me that there will be those who believe it. A sitting president has NO place endorsing candidate running for the office. That has not, in my recollection, occurred in any other election. And it is wrong. That it is not room for cowards? How about is not room for MANIPULATON, CORRUPTION and DECEIT?

If the same Lady would have wait for two more days, she would have been shocked to listen and see a sitting president acting as judge, jury and executioner, claiming in front of TV camera and in front of a foreign dignitary that “The Republican nominee is unfit to serve as president, He keeps on proving it.”

Such an empty arrogance we did not see since the Stalin’s or Mao’s time who were “alive Gods”, knowing everything that should be known, plus something else. But this is a total novelty, that a sitting president has the ability to see the future and to claim who is or not “fit” for something as important as a leader of a great country.

The entire USA should be embarrassed .

I wanted to add, related to this subject, elections, that we ,  or our American friends eventually , can deal with characters like a sitting presidents, Hillary or Ben Sanders  ejusdem farinae but the danger is within our society, the young generation,  who voted or will vote for them as they voted for NDP in Alberta or Justin Trudeau.

Some comments from “leaders” of Democratic (???) Convention just copied from their old friend Lenin who asserted that  it is possible  not  to be proletarian and knew better than proletarian what their interests are (see Debbie Wasserman or our NDP)

And that old and embarrassing Ben, just copied lines from his idol Marx when his intentions are to make a state which will coincide  with the moment when accommodation  can be provided for all, free of charge, to have what Marx called “ to each according to his needs”.  (As a matter of fact Marx plagiarized in n 1875 the idea of Louis Blanchard who wrote it 1851) Young people voted en masse for Ben, (as it was voted for the president) under the excuse that they have “good intentions.” But everybody forgot, or ignored, the old saying that even the road to Hell is paved with the best intentions.

The results come later.

Are we revolted by manipulating and deceit? They are not making or saying something new. For those who think they are “socialists”, therefore “progressives” and “politically correct” I will copy here a short passage from Lenin , from his brochure “What to do” (1902) pretending to be …philosophy:

” one must be prepared for every sacrifice, to use  if necessary every stratagem, ruse, illegal method, to be determined to conceal the truth, for the sole purpose…of accomplishing, despite everything, the communist task”

Seems that the trick is applied successfully by  some contemporary parties and “movements”.

Looking to such leftist display of demagoguery under the umbrella of “Marxist philosophy” and knowing very well the consequences of such ideology, I recall what Albert Camus (himself quite leftist) wrote, very correctly, sixty years ago:

…for “Marxist philosophy nothing matters…the proletariat will established the rule… What does it matter that this will be accomplished by dictatorship and violence?…who will still remember the cry of the victims”.?.

The noun “proletariat” is not in fashion now and we can read other words like : liberals, democrats, progressivisms, etc. The result, in essence , will be the same.

As for the sitting president I presume we can quote a very old , maybe apocriphe, story:

Because thinking about the today’s crass ignorance of public figures, including especially the politicians, I recall the Latin expression Sutor, ne ultra crepidam meaning literally “Shoemaker, not beyond the shoe”, used to warn people to avoid passing judgment beyond their expertise.

If you need more explanation, I will attach here what one can easily find on web.

Its origin is transmitted by Pliny the Elder, where he records that a shoemaker (sutor) had approached the painter Apelles of Kos to point out a defect in the artist’s rendition of a sandal (crepida from Greek krepis), which Apelles duly corrected. Encouraged by this, the shoemaker then began to enlarge on other defects he considered present in the painting, at which point Apelles advised him that ne supra crepidam sutor iudicaret (a shoemaker should not judge beyond the shoe) which advice, Pliny observed, had become a proverbial saying.

A related English proverb is “A cobbler should stick to his last” (a last being the wooden pattern used to mould the shoe)

 Ultracrepidarianism is the habit of giving opinions and advice on matters outside of one’s knowledge. That is to say, critics should only comment on things they know something about.

Johannes de Silentio




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