#19 – A NEW WORD

                        A NEW WORD – Meionótitacracy

Because our leftists oriented persons from Canada and from the South of our border , have as a new fetish the word ‘democracy” , abusing it but not knowing its roots, I take the liberty , without any arrogant dichotomy, to make a short comment.

(Too bad that our schooling system eliminated classic studies.)

Otherwise the politicians would have known that demos means the people in Greek and krat(os) is power in the same language.

Thus, if we read any Oxford dictionary we will find out that “democracy” is a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives, or in another definition is a control of an organization or group by the majority of its members.

Looking carefully we will see that he essence of the definition is based on two principles:

a.- the whole population, or

b.-the majority.

However, the leftists ignorant ideology transformed the basic principles of democracy in something futile named “politically correctness” in order to dupe the demos. In reality this new modern group called “politicians” are not dedicated to solve and improve the life of the “city” – polis in Greek – but they became a new “super-class” exclusively representing the objectives of their party. And do these “parties” represent the majority or the whole group of population?

Alas, no. We are controlled by a minority,

This is the reason for which , with my modest classic culture, I proposed to invent a new word which better reflects reality:  Meionótitacracy from the Greek μειονότητες = minority.

I will use some official statistics, rounding the number for an easy understanding.

Alberta has a population of 3.65 mil, out of which 1.5 mil. are eligible to vote. The vote turnout was 58.1% and NDP took the share of 40,6%, in real numbers being 603.5K votes which means 16.5% of total population! Therefore almost 3.1 mil of Albertans will have to accept any political or social phantasy of the unqualified representatives elected by a minority of 600.5K.

At he federal level we have a similar situation. Canada population is of 35.1 mil out of which 25.6 mil are registered to vote and in the last election 17.5 mil voted (68.3%). Liberals took 39.9% of this 68.3% meaning some 6.9mil citizens voted for them. Again I have to underline that for the next 4 years 28.2 mil of Canadians have to accept whatever social and political ineptitude will be imposed by a minority of 6.9 mil.

Officially Canada is considered a “bilingual country”. Since 1867 when we had the Constitutional Act, the French minority, rightfully, is protected as cultural and language entity. Since 1969 with that Official language Act, concocted by Pierre Elliott, Canada became bilingual.

In my understanding a person is bilingual when is fluent in two languages.

Quebec, former French colony, has a population of 7.9 mil (23.6% of total Canadians) out of which 70% only are speaking French at home. The statistics show us that the population of Canadians being able to keep a conversation in French dropped slightly in the last 30 years. And in Quebec proper we have 27.7 % Anglophones, 6.6% Allophones and some 12.3% Spanish speaking people.

That French is a daily used language in the rest of Canada is a fiction, with a very small exception in New Brunswick. Therefore the taxes collected from the 29.66 mil help to finance a bilingual policy related to 5.6 mil of French speaking persons. I totally agree that Quebec French culture ought to be protected, but considering the essence of the democracy’s definition, the reality doesn’t warrant to call our country as bilingual.

Therefore again the minority takes precedent and Pierre Elliott’s effort, who was a strong soviet sympathizer , had a main aim to acquire more votes for his leftist party and not for strengthen our Canada by ghettoization.

Another fallacy related to the “protection of minorities” is imposed by leftist’s politically correctness during the Christmas season. The so called “liberals” and “progressive” for quite a few years try to modify our history, refusing to acknowledge that our Canadian culture has European, Judeo-Christian roots.

In Canada we have 67.3% declared Christians of various denominations. We also have to admit that even those who considered themselves “atheists” – whatever this means still enjoy Christmas time , at least for their children who are happy to take a picture with Santa and get presents. But our minority analyzed above, hungry for exposure and publicity, cancels the children’s joy, deletes “Merry Christmas” replacing it with “Happy Holliday” and we don’t know what the holiday they refer to. The official reason: not to offend a certain minorities! Which one? Hindu (1.1%) are very inclusive, as they are Sikh (1.4%), Buddhist (1.1%) and I did not meet any Jewish not saying Merry Christmas if I say Happy Hanukkah. It remains a small minority, 3.2%, of Muslims which, I am sure, a large part of them are not fundamentalists and they are not opposed to us celebrating Christmas as we do not say anything about their Ramadan.

In this case, what is so much fuss about Christmas?

The answer can be found in the dissipation of the real democracy and replacing it with the Meionótitacracy , that abuse by a minority.

The last example is the lack of balance in our political life when we have an institution named Senate which its members are selected (not elected) by one person who, by itself is not elected by a real majority.

What is the remedy?

We can learn from Socrates that asking we are on the right path to find the truth. But above all, the solution stays in education which is not now in the best shape and in participating 100% in the life of the “polis”, voting for a real democracy and not for the demagoguery and its representatives.

Otherwise we always will have the inept leaders which we deserve.

Johannes de Silentio




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