#20 – L’Important


 Because in our political life’ s phantasy we are told that Canada is a bilingual country, I take the liberty to use a French word for this posting, very easy to understand in English, I presume…For those of my generation, quite old one, the word recalls a very famous “chansonette” of a very famous real singer, Gilbert BécaudFrom the song I know: L’important c’est la rose/Crois-moi but I am trying to understand what is important in our political life. I will start with Alberta, the most – till recently –prosperous province and he comments below doesn’t have any intention to disrespect any person or his/her personal qualities.

After one year since the election, the left propaganda started to show its real colours, as how NDP came in power using cheap promises to seduce ignoramus electorate with some fictitious “change” for an illusory better economic life.

The awakening is quite dolorous.

Are we revolted by manipulating and deceit? Because NDP does not make or saying something new. For those who think they are “socialists”, therefore “progressives” and “politically correct” I will copy here a short passage from Lenin , from his brochure “What to do” (1902) pretending to be …philosophy:…” one must be prepared for every sacrifice, to use  if necessary every stratagem, ruse, illegal method, to be determined to conceal the truth, for the sole purpose…of accomplishing, despite everything, the communist task”.

Seems that the trick is applied successfully by  some contemporary parties and “movements” regardless of the name use as disguise. The final objective is power for a minority controlled by unions and international leftist movements. Looking to such leftist display of demagoguery under the umbrella of “Marxist philosophy” and knowing very well the consequences of such ideology, I recall what Albert Camus (himself quite leftist) wrote, very correctly, sixty years ago: …for “Marxist philosophy nothing matters…the proletariat will established the rule… What does it matter that this will be accomplished by dictatorship and violence?…who will still remember the cry of the victims”.?.

The noun “proletariat” is not in fashion now and we can read in lieu other words like : liberals, democrats, progressivism, etc. The result, in essence , will be the same.

Lets start with the members of the cabinet.

In USA for a population of 320 millions , the president has a cabinet of 15 persons , named secretaries. Our Province, for 3.5 millions started a cabinet of 12 ministers and soon after that the number was increased with 58% to 19 ministers. The reason was very obvious, that to satisfy the supporters.

For a province with vast resources and technology, the qualifications of the “ministers” border the realm of ineptitude. We ought not forget that, as in any socialist system, the government bureaucracy spread like mushrooms after rain.

We have 3 with Law education, experienced in labor/union only, 5 with bachelor in education,, one in journalism, one in science (but not in Canada), 5 with bachelor in social/art ,psychology/religion ; one nurse, one technician and two with unspecified education. One person has a unique qualification from a “Labour College” – whatever it means. As a practical experience . most of them have been involved in union activities, like the premier, social services, Salvation Army (!?), community organizer, ejusdem farinae.

For 320 millions , USA has a Secretary of Health, but Alberta for 3.5 millions has TWO ministers for this area, one with bachelor in education and religion and one in journalism with some courses at Mount Royal College!!!

Similarly , in education system, we have two ministers: one for “Advance Education” with a minister possessing a master degree in science from Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen (and not from Tübingen University as it was printed by officials) and the Minister of Education with an impressive international experience of 3 years in…Zimbabwe , country which represents an epitome of science , isn’t it?.
Therefore we should not be surprised when we read that “in recent years, however, our government has shifted away from the basics.  Two notable examples have been the move towards so-called “discovery learning” and fewer standardized tests.  Subsequently, Alberta’s rankings have plummeted in the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). Now, the union bosses at the Alberta Teachers’ Association are suggesting we should stop taking part in these global tests that measure Alberta students against the world.  Does anyone doubt that when PISA’s 2015 results come in  November, Alberta will have sunk even further in the rankings?” Moreover “in his press conference announcing the education curriculum revamp, education minister David Eggen focused not on improving Alberta’s international math and science scores, but instead on a curriculum that will emphasize Aboriginal history, gender diversity, and climate change”.    This is “l’important”

Therefore we have to be prepared for new generations of semi-illiterates continuing to speak, as today’s generation, with that ubiquitous “like”, “I mean” between every second word and ending with “you know what I mean” while listening to “rap artistry” , a generation where 95% don’t know when British North American Act was signed and what is Magna Carta Libertatum.

Will continue with few unique examples:

-bachelor in religion qualifies one to be “minister of service”

-a new minister: “for democratic renewal” like in Alberta we have the death of democracy.

-for 220 K population of natives (including the metis), meaning 5% of total, we need a minister who, normally, has unknown education and has experience in “social work” , whatever it is.

-For a province with a very large agriculture and forestry area the new minister has a certificate of technician , which is very honourable, but the position is conferred due to experience with the Federation of Labour.

The pinnacle of this “comedy of errors” , in my opinion, is to have in Alberta, the third proven oil reserves in the world, as the minister of Energy a person with a degree in…Education!!!

It is very obvious that we are very far from idea of noocracy.

In this economic confusion of a leadership we started to ripe the results:

-Unemployment rate highest in Canada. NDP inherited a rate of 6.7% in 2015 and now we have a rate of 8.6%, with youth unemployment at 14.8% from 11.4%.

The Finance Minister ( with Bachelor in Social Work) presented a budget with a debt of 58 bil. which will cost a nice amount of $5430 per person.. Finance Minister confirmed that this year’s deficit will be $10.4 billion and said there is no expectation of balancing the books before 2024. He also outlined details of a planned carbon tax that will cost a two-income household earning more than $100,000 annually about $500 a year by 2018.

Of course the government, like any other leftist entity has the obsession with a climate change, imposing carbon tax in order to contribute , according to nonscientific data, with a fifth from 1% to the “improving” the world climate “change”. Therefore imposing a limit to oil industry will create even more pain and unemployment.

But this is not “l’important”.

Alberta’s NDP government has scrapped a plan that was intended to create up to 27,000 jobs this year by rewarding businesses that hired new employees. In lieu a new provincial grant program could see $20 million annually handed back to Alberta brewers to expand their businesses and grow the local craft beer sector.!!!

One in five Alberta business owners now say they expect to cut staff within the next three months as confidence in the provincial economy continues to sink, a new survey finds.    In the first seven months of this year, the number of closures recorded by city of Calgary’s licensing officials was 4,114 — a pace that, if continued, would total nearly 7,100 by the end of 2016 , is published in Calgary’s newspaper.

According to the leftist habit, the situation is to be blamed on the previous governments. The new one will do its best to increase more and more the taxes and expand more and more “social programs” and extend the useless bureaucracy with more unions until Alberta will become a total “have not” province” and, eventually a single party entity, according to socialist dogma, because “the party” knows better what is good for us. Do we remember the soviet system?

What can be done to stop our sliding towards socialist bankruptcy?

We have to recall a Latin history when Cicero, in 63 BC issued the very famous oration against Catiline who intended to damage the Roman republic. Cicero’s words could have a today’s resonance: Quo usque tandem abutere, Catilina, patientia nostra? Quam diu etiam furor iste tuus nos eludet? Quem ad finem sese effrenata iactabit audacia? (When, O Catiline, do you mean to cease abusing our patience? How long is that madness of yours still to mock us? When is there to be an end of that unbridled audacity of yours, swaggering about as it does now?)

I don’t think that we can find a new Cicero especially in our new education environment. But our mass media must be very efficient to uncover all the political and economical fallacies imposed on us by ignorance and ineptitude, in order to illuminate the electorate that only free enterprise economy and hard work inherited from our ancestors will stop this illusory expectation of “spread the wealth” and change with any price.

Johannes de Silentio










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