The recent public political and social events made me think to the subject of what is intelligence, term very often misused and confused with the ability to succeed , sometimes using not the cleanest methods. The subject is very useful now, after Canadian’s recent elections and in the light of soon to come, American elections.

The  definition of intelligence is controversial and, as a matter of fact we can find few definitions. “Some consider intelligence capability that, among other things, involves the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, learn quickly and learn from experience. ….it reflects a broader and deeper capability for comprehending our surroundings—”catching on,” “making sense, etc.” Searching we can find a multitude of definitions. “Indeed, when two dozen prominent theorists were recently asked to define intelligence, they gave two dozen, somewhat different, definitions”

From my first University years a very respected Professor, with Ph.D from Tübingen , was asked what is his definition of “intelligence” . He gave us the following short story:

Two girls, at school ,had a discussion regarding a math subject. One of them was beautiful but quite ditzy and the second one with solid knowledge of math was sick with TB. The intellectual competition was , of course, won by the second one. As a result, the first girl, beautiful one, replied: I shouldn’t have any argument with a ….tubercular. And our professor concluded ; intelligence is that capability as not to confuse point of views.

It is another similar example coming from former USSR.  The soviets built in Moscow a new metro and in their propaganda it was underline that each train comes in any station exactly after 73 seconds. An American group of engineers arrived in Moscow to see the miracle of such computerized punctuality . In reality the metro’s trains arrived at various interval, but far not exactly after 73 seconds, and they commented their opinion in front of soviet’s engineers. The reply was very simple : you are talking, you who still lynch blacks?

The communist ideology had an excessive ability of shifting point of views. This ability is inherited by progressives, liberals, pseudo democrats.


Some perfect examples of confusion based on ignorance and sending subliminal ideological message in favor of Islamism can be found in quite a few public speeches of  a certain president.nDuring a traditional prayer breakfast addressing religiously motivated conflict abroad,  the President said:  “Humanity has been grappling with these questions throughout human history. And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.”

Firstly one intelligent person cannot compare historical events of between 1095-1291 with the atrocities committed today under our own eyes. If one likes to approach such a subject , one ought to be correctly informed about it, for which I suggest to read very few basic works: In the 20th century, three important works covering the entire history of the crusades have been published, those of Rene Grousset, Steven Runciman, and the multi-author work edited by K. M. Stetton.[ A pluralist view of the crusades has developed in the 20th century inclusive of all papal-led efforts, whether in the Middle East or in Europe. Historian Thomas Madden has made the contrary argument that “t]he crusade, first and foremost, was a war against Muslims for the defense of the Christian faith…(my emphases). They began as a result of a Muslim conquest of Christian territories.” Madden says the goal of Pope Urban was that “the Christians of the East must be free from the brutal and humiliating conditions of Muslim rule.”[

When a fanatic Muslim , although American officer, killed 12 military Americans in a base, crying “Allah akbar” the terrorist act was qualified as “working place violence”. When an US ambassador is killed in Libya by a very organized terrorist attack, the fact is covered by a blatant lie that was not a terrorist Islamic crime but a result of a ridiculous movie which nobody watched. When American citizens are decapitated by Muslim terrorists, an intelligent leader must not go half of the hour later to play…golf . A military deserter and the traitor is treated as a hero, his parents invited at the White House and in lieu to be brought in front a military Court, five convicted hard-core terrorists killers are liberated to go back and act again against USA. An army of over 40,000 Muslim terrorists who occupied a large piece of land in Iraq and Syria, crucifying Christian children, killing many thousand of civilians, almost obliterating the Christian minority of that area, minority established for almost 2 thousand years, selling young girls to be raped, etc., an intelligent leader would not say that these barbarians are just…(varsity) jayvee.

The most recent priceless “confusion” is related to the Paris attack which  a president  qualifies as a “random shooting” and not an organized Muslim terrorist action…..

The list can continue, ad nauseam.

The tragedy is not only an obvious ignorance but is the effort to, at last subliminally, to justify and defend a strange cult which did produce nothing as contribution to the advance of civilization. How a such person can become a leader remain a subject for the future generations .

In Canada the main confusion can be noticed at our electorate which did not show a high level of political education. In Alberta it voted based on confusion between extreme left ideology disguised in election platform, between an empty slogan called “change” and the real programs for the benefit of Albertans. In some cases the vote went on demographic base and not on merit as a result of ghettoization. The result proved to be painful.

At federal level the electorate was confused between qualification and experience vs. good looking and a dynastic name.

The most embarrassing example in Canada, related to confusion of point of views is that “apology” for not accepting in 1914 an illegal attempt to come to Canada, without proper immigration forms, of a number of East Indians on the ship called Komagata Maru. It is strange that doing this apology it was not specified that not only the people on the ship did not respect Canadian’s Law of immigration but on the 19th on July 1914, 125 Vancouver police officers and 35 special immigration agents attempted to board the vessel were beaten back. And still our PM presented this incident as an infringement of “human rights” in order to please an eventual favorable future electorate.

Some results of the last election are based on humor when the PM was asked why the cabinet has 50% women and the reply was : because we are in 2016!                                             If one takes seriously such an answer and doing a small research we will find out the followings:

-women in Canada represent 50.4% and in cabinet 50%. Perfect.

In this case why:

-French in Canada are 21% and in cabinet 26.6%?

-Sikh population is 0.7% and in Cabinet 3% ?

-Islam in Canada is 1.9% and in Cabinet 3.33%?

-Native population less than 2% and in Cabinet are 6%

One could conclude that it is a confusion between meritocracy and political expediency in order to attract more votes. It was  commented  that the line “because we are in 2016” was a joke, a humorous reply. We ought to recall that during a visit in May 1977, Pierre Trudeau was walking behind the Queen en route to dinner when he executed a pirouette, apparently “an expression of disdain for the pomp and circumstance of the monarchy.”     It was a joke? Please note that Saint Just of French Revolution said: “He who makes jokes as a head of the government has the tendency to tyranny”

We should be very circumspect towards the people who intentionally confuse point of views.

For people reading Plato – if still are such specimens – it will be clear that each nation has leaders of a quality directly proportional with its ignorance. The idea was expressed by others, as well. If we will look to the very recent Canada and even more to the province of Alberta it will be very easy to comprehend what Plato said.

Therefore I rest my case.

Johannes de Silentio





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