#22- Alberta’s sadness

                           Alberta’s disaster under leftist propaganda

 The liberals came in power on very cheap slogans, like “change” , copied from Obama, or “Harper has to go” in order to assure that welfare will increase ,or “our values” something euphuistic which cannot be defined and, plus quam maximum, promise of free marijuana!!!! As normal with leftist propaganda they do not show how it will be better based of their programs, but criticizing the previous government.

Lets read various published financial reports.

The November 2015 data showed that for the first eight months of fiscal 2015-16 — therefore during Harper’s government , from April through November — the government’s books were $1.9 billion in the black. By the time the February Fiscal Monitor was published last week, that surplus had grown to $7.5 billion through 11 months of fiscal 2015-16. The Liberal budget of March 22, meanwhile, forecast a year-end deficit of $5.4 billion — suggesting that a staggering $12.9-billion turnaround would take place in the final month of the fiscal year and growing to more than $29 billion over the next fiscal year.

However, the new government expanded “programs” without having any idea were the money will come from. As a result today’s debt per person 1s $17,511 from $16,700 in 2015, even the fiscal year just started!

Although Canada has a very big territory with a small population, in fact a small country, our leaders like to play grand role on international scene. A very simple example. Taking from everybody’s pocket, including children, that amount of over &17k per year, still we spend 2.65Bil. per year to “help developing countries” which amounts to another $757 per person. The governments do not comprehend that FIRST our citizenry has to be helped and to cease financing others like dumping money into a bottomless pocket.

A few examples: Afghanistan-$207mil, Tanzania- $174mil, Ethiopia-$193 mil, Pakistan-$1611mil., Mali-&152mil. Did the government knows that most of these countries are exporting terrorism? But for leftists important is to show off “our values” which in essence they do not have any.

The most recent example is admitting , in my opinion with a dubious vetting , of 25,000 suppose refugee  )more to come) when our unemployment is over 7.5% and growing daily.

Government statistics are concocted to show a rosy reality. But the number is much higher due to the persons who still do not work but are out of benefits. Those 25,000 refugees must have been “landed immigrants” like the rest of Canadians established here via correct immigration. Each refugee receives a total $1420.mo which amounts a total of over $35 mil per month, meaning almost $450 mil per year. “A Canadian welfare recipient [in B.C. for example] receives only $3 per day for food while our government will spend $15 per refugee for breakfast, $16 for lunch and $30 for dinner per refugee,” the post says. “Funny how we are willing to spend more money to feed people instead of helping our own first.”

Federal and provincial officials told CBC News that the figures are simply “not correct,” – but doesn’t clarify what means “correct”.

Moreover, the backbone of Canadian economy, Alberta, due to this fallacy called “climate change” combined with ineptitude and ignorance of the leftist politicians supported by youth who don’t know what oil chemistry is,  but follow on  the steps of Hollywood semi-illiterates, drop outs from high school, having no clues of the reality, fell in love with a new “value” called “climate change”. The results: Jobless in Alberta where tens of thousands of energy professionals are out of work and out of hope

We are reading in our media: “They studied hard and earned science degrees. They created huge value for their employers and volunteered in their spare time. They protected the environment through actions, not just words. Now they are unemployed, members of a community of as many as well over 60,000 energy professionals laid off in Alberta since the beginning of the oil price downturn — that’s enough people to pack more than three Saddledomes.  Layoffs in their previously high-demand professions started when oil prices collapsed nearly two years ago as a result of Saudi Arabia’s war for market share. Headcount continued to shrink as the downturn dragged on longer than anyone imagined. Now the job killers are homegrown: uncertainty from environmental policies by governments in Edmonton and Ottawa, a continuing lack of pipeline capacity, the failure of even a single liquefied natural gas project to get the go-ahead, higher taxes and new costly regulations.”

This week’s Alberta government financial update provides a measure of the pain: Alberta’s economy is in the midst of the most devastating two-year contraction on record — 2.7 per cent in 2016, on top of 3.7 per cent in 2015 — worse even than the post-National Energy Program recession of 1982/1983 “ during the senior Trudeau.

Alberta’s official unemployment rate — at 8.6 per cent in July, the highest in 22 years — doesn’t begin to reflect the staggering level of joblessness among professionals who until the downturn made up one of the biggest wealth-creation engines Canada ever had “

“A further barrier is cultural. Oil and gas workers are associated with an undesirable industry following the continuing campaign against Canada’s oilsands.”

Another consequences of “clean air” and “renewal energy” in Alberta. What will follow:? A very loved by NDP, infamous “carbon tax” under pretence of helping the climate and “developing countries.” while we do not have any idea of real pollution in China or India.

“Construction crews have boarded up the skeleton of a partially built office tower in the middle of Calgary as real-estate developers slow or stop projects amid a glut of available commercial space. Alberta’s recession has pushed Calgary’s downtown office vacancy rates up above 20 per cent and industry veterans say that new commercial towers could further inflate vacancies in the centre of the city, which had a vacancy rate of 21 per cent at the end of the second quarter. Barclay Street Real Estate recently forecast that new developments could push downtown office vacancy rates up to 24 per cent in 2018. However, ……there are 39 office developments proposed, in the middle of pre-leasing work or scheduled to break ground that will not be commissioned in the short or medium term.” “None of those are going ahead,”  it is declared.said. “There are delays on the pipeline of future projects.”  Adding to this dangerous economical situation is disappearance in Calgary only of more than 3000 small business.

Another example: oil boom town Fort McMurray now is going dead, due to this falsity called “clean air.

What is our leftist government doing to help Alberta?

Nothing. For leftists are more important these 3 ethereal subjects: Aboriginal history, gender diversity, and climate change, preparing a nation and a province to regress to the limits of catastrophic economy and a generation of semi-ignorants.

For them important is to keep the power, with any price, demagogy  as “our values “ being the cheapest one, to make Canada a one party state – a socialist dream- attracting electorate with essential subjects as essential as the hole of the donut.



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