A former professor of mine who had a PhD in Philosophy from Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen had a theory about the stages of culture, which can be applied also to stages of our social development. The highest and the best level is when the society produced tragedies, like Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, etc and the lowest level is reflected in comedies. Today we are living in a diluted society where comedy is king starting with our politicians who act like Harlequins and finishing with our various aspect of entertainment and information via printed or visual media where one can easily feel the low quality of intellectualism.I recall the attempt of a very cerebral play writer who intended to promote a society led by intellectuals, named “noocracy”- from the Hellenic language meaning “aristocracy of the wise”.

Unfortunately such a society can not be organized.

However , out of respect for the notion of intellectual which I was striving all my life to  be, I try as everything which I wrote  and sent via computer,  or just forwarded, to be carefully vetted. I do the same for any source of information through TV Channels.                                  I mentioned this because, sometimes, I have been asked why do I watched Fox TV Chanel which, without any logical proof,  some qualified it as “garbage” or some, with some subliminal irony called it “your friends from Fox” – like I was involved  and in contact with  some contagious disease.

As I wrote with other occasions, our lives are based on binary principle, like the computer’s principle: zero or one. Therefore everything in our lives are good or bad, white or black, day or night, tall or short, left or right  – sine fine. Moreover, if ideologically we have affinities for left or for right, one should understand that the word “right” is also opposite to the idea of wrong. Basically having an extensive personal  experience , not a very pleasant one, regarding to the political left and its consequences, I abhor idea that citizenry to be manipulated by mass media as how to think or how to vote, because today the journalism ceased to be exclusively informative,  as it ought to be, most of its exponents , unfortunately , are drunk with leftist idea under various forms, imbibed by so called “social theories” related to socialism, Marxism, Trotskyism , progressivism, globalization and many other “isms”,  although they do not have any training or lectures in these areas, learning some slogans – as gipsy fiddlers are playing some instrument – without any ability to read music.

However, before deciding what to watch on TV in the area of news or commentaries, I vetted some of them to be sure that their presenters are not infested with preconceived ideas and, also, they have a solid education and intellectual base.                                      Talking about Fox, I was pleased to find the following statistical details referring to its personalities ” on air” how it is called. (I accept any proven correction)

I “vetted” 175 of such personalities and statistics show me that:                                               -19 have various doctoral degrees                                                                                                          -16 , most of them women ,  have the title called Juris Doctor  which is much higher  than a simple degree in Law – LL.B                                                                                                                         – I also found out that 4  obtained their Degrees  with Magna Cum Laudae – which is more that what normally  is 100 per cent.                                                                                                          – graduation diplomas (not a simple bachelor, but a master degree, etc) from universities like Harvard, Princeton, Stratford, Oxford  have been awarded to 18 of them.                         – 52 have just a “simple” Master Degree in various areas, mostly History, English, Political Science and not in some esoteric from some unknown colleges.                                                 -38 have just a Bachelor degrees , especially in  English, Literature, history, Political Science.

– 13 of permanent collaborators have a distinguished military careers, now retirees.

I have to add that at least two of female “on air” have been former Miss America, one having also a spectacular academic education.

162 out of 175 is not a bad statistics in favour of Fox new Chanel, isn’t it?

I also have to mention that at least five of the journalists ” on air” are authors of  a few  books, mostly of serious public success and some are still working in academia, teaching at some Universities.

For those infatuated with “inclusiveness” we have to add few other details: some journalists “on air” are  Blacks, Hispanics, or combination of those two and whites, some are openly registered Democrats, some are very Irish as some are very English (including an Oxford accent) and  I feel that majority come from European ancestors , including Jewish, Italians, Polish, Russians, which is normal for United States.

While at CNN I know they have at least two gay persons, at Fox I found out just one.

I also noted that , during any show or news bulletin , I could not detect any derogatory terms, any vulgarities , any insinuation which will affect someone prestige.

Therefore no garbage as some have told me.

I detected  the elegance of expression and a high intellectual level of information .

We have to agree that nothing is perfect.

But between TV Channels and shows that resemble more and more with scandal journalism and obviously far away from journalistic objectivity where the persons “on air” are selected using other than intellectual criteria and are infested with leftist propaganda which they do not and cannot comprehend, I prefer to be informed by intellectually qualified people.

I will make a research and I will try to find out if our Canadian TV channels is keeping the same quality or higher than American Fox and are not “coordinated” by some progressivism, globalism, liberalism, etc.  just because the government – leftist as it is – finances some of them.

I declare that, by far, I am not adept of a certain elitism, but when I intend to be informed or to listen neutral comments, I prefer to be immersed in intellectualism.

Johannes de Silentio






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