#27-Harlequins and Jesters



I mentioned in one of my previous posting that former professor of mine who in his PH.D thesis of esthetics at University of Tübingen, had a theory about the stages of culture, which can be applied also to stages of our social development. The highest and the best level is when the society produced tragedies, like Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, etc., and the lowest is the comedy, representing the moral decadence of our human society.

It is also very interesting to point out that during the apogee of Greek tragedy, some 500 years BCE, the actors had their faces covered with a specific masque which a good idea: the spectators concentrated their attention to the value of the words and not to physical qualities , as we do today.

The earliest known actor of that time was one Thespis from which we have today the word thespian for a stage performer.

Later on, during Renaissance the situation is changed as we read that the Reputation of Elizabethan actors
 of the early Elizabethan time was not good. Many were viewed as rogues and vagabonds. Actors were not trusted. Travelling Elizabethan Actors were considered such a threat that that regulations were imposed and licenses were granted to the aristocracy for the maintenance of troupes of players. Actors would be asked for these credentials – they were treated with suspicion!”

From that time we have an unusual actor, Richard Burbage who, seems was very influential with his talent that Shakespeare wrote the role of Hamlet modeled for him.

Now we are living during the time of a decadent comedy dominated by Harlequins and Jesters.

For a better understanding I have to add the followings:

Arlecchino is the most famous commedia dell’arte character in history. He has evolved into the Harlequin of later centuries and today and is a prototype for fools, clowns, and pantomimes.

A jester, or fool was historically an entertainer during the medieval and Renaissance eras who was a member of the household of a nobleman employed to entertain him and his guests. A jester was also an itinerant performer who entertained common folk at fairs and markets. Jesters are also modern day entertainers who resemble their historical counterparts.

Unfortunately in our comedic time the profession of the actor is named, mostly, as comedians and an anti -art, like rap , is called “artistry”.

Before we went to theatre to elevate our knowledge. Now we are going to movies to be “entertained” and, at the “tele”, so-called creators consider us just a bunch of morons as they accompanied some spoken lines, most of them of the low dubious quality with some laughing sounds to be sure that we watch….comedy!

The sad part is that a lot of these entertainers do not have any basic real education, succeeded mostly on the base of their physical attributes, plus enhancements, majority of them never have seen or touched a floor of a theatrical stage.

The sadder situation is that these new jesters, paid unhealthy sums of money became “idols” for young generation who follow them not in the quality of the text spoken, but by in their , eventually, scandalous private lives, by far not a model of citizenry , morality and family values.

The third level, the saddest, is that some of the new jesters living in LaLa land, out of ignorance and low education, started to believe that if they play, lets say a physician, after that they can have medical opinions.

I don’t think that the elegant Gregory Peck playing Atticus in To kill a mocking bird would have tried to give legal advise; or Richard Burton

playing bishop Becket would like to be asked about Christian dogma; Sir Laurence Olivier did not believe that he is that “sweet prince; and for sure Peter O’Toole who can recite all 154 Shakespeare’s sonnets never confused him with the great Will.

However, a lot of new entertainers have the audacity to confuse their ignorance with reality, more often living in a parallel universe.

For the pleasure of discussion I will state few examples, randomly picked, not using names, of course because we are living in a sea of lawyering.

It is also painful to notice that the huge majority of those who pretend to have opinions are drop-outs from high school and, recently, to cover their lack of education, in public biography is stated an ambiguous sentence: “she/he attended such school/college” meaning did not finish, no diploma but intending subliminally that he/she has some education.

A very typical example of a person financially estimated to be at 100 mil.:

“..after graduating in … briefly attended … College, later transferring to … University before ultimately dropping out of college “

These millions have been collected via stand up with vulgar comedy

Another one , with a contagious smile and a spectacular body, just attending the school, became known in their parallel universe for her environmental activism, although not being able to understand what the word environment means, not reading one speciality book in her adult life. But because is in fashion to follow a inept politician who was not able to have a proper profession , some jump on this “climate change” wagon for the sake of publicity.

One, very good looking boy, dropped out at the age of 15, had huge success on big screen, never delivered a line on any stage, visiting areas with a quick and various change in temperature, concluded that he , personally no more no less, observed how the climate change works! A perfect pompous nullity.

Some are even paid by some interested parties to promote false propaganda , like one who made a very bad movie – financed by Arab countries – against North American oil industry and, presto, he became specialist in….fracking!

Imagine the intellectual qualification of one who attended 15 schools in 14 years, and expelled from a football team being caught drinking , joins a cult which believes in extraterrestrial origin of humans, never read a book by Carl Jung, Freud of Williams, etc. , but with the arrogance of a perfect ignorant states that “I think psychiatry should be outlawed”. Without even seeing a theatrical stage or delivering a line from any play, due to the infectious idolatry of ignorant public, such a person has an estimated net worth of almost half a billion!

Some new jesters could be directly a danger for our social life, as we know it ,to such extent that , as an example, one aggressively active in extreme left propaganda, having not a specific philosophical education but just a public exposure made Nixon to include the name on his infamous  “enemies List.”

They play the fake role of poor people’s lovers but live in many millions houses, like very recent one who “loves” African children but rents in Malibu a house for 95,000 per month. Ironically some “movie creators” infest young people with disgusting violence which is selling much better that any moral idea.

At 15, one dropped out from school , got a job ushering at a porn theater, called the Pussycat Theatre, after saying he was older than he truly was and after making dirty violent movies started to have political “opinions” inciting violence in our public life.          I understand that he, like another dropped outs, could learn to use filming technique , it is a profession like  any other, lets say  the black smith, but I cannot understand how the total lack of culture can produce hundred of millions and be against their own country.

If one is dropped out but talented , America is one which gave him the opportunity to make hundred of millions and the right of personal opinion better not to be confused with deprecation of your own country : “America is dumb, is something like a dumb puppy that has big teeth—that can bite and hurt you, aggressive.”

A candidate to a political position should not be very enchanted to be “endorsed” by a drug addict, alcoholic and dropped out, regardless of his acting ability, because such endorsement is based on personal self publicity.

Sometimes some jesters not only remained ignorant due to lack of education but go further acting against their own country who gave them everything , like that person who move for a while in a very aggressive communist country, staunch enemy of USA , in a meantime active in marijuana smuggling business.                                                                           The same person did not comprehend the essentiality of the word culture when said, defending a psychopath who tortured and killed dogs : “you don’t understand; this is part of their culture” (!?!?)  Now is allowed in a very unsuccessful show to be disrespectful and obnoxious.

I could continue ad nauseam with similar examples, but we do not have enough space.

Is this decadent entertaining environment contagious ?

Of course it is and Canada can be a victim of it, because already we started to have politicians behaving in public like jesters and the vulgus, influenced by the pseudo opinions of these harlequins, especially the young generation called “the millennias” , more and more voted in power characters who pretend to be politicians, but they do not have any qualification or call for this profession.

We have to wake up because these Harlequins and Jesters from that parallel universe of LaLa land, started to have a strong influence in our blessed country and, in their unconsciousness are servants of unscrupulous mercenaries, who look like descendants of Renaissance mercenary captains usually called in Italian capitani di ventura (literally “venture captains”).

Their success will become our disaster.






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