TRUMP AND CANADA

 I do not mention very often this detail in my Blog, because my biography is not relevant. But this time I will do it. I am one of the very , very few survivors of some political concentration and extermination camps designed in a communist country, in order to exterminate the intellectuals which, in their sick political doctrine, they are “enemy of working class.”

Now, for more than four decades as a Canadian citizen, not a “hyphenated” one, I did not forget the ominous sentence from the beginning of Communist Manifesto concocted by Marx, A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of communism.” The result of this “spectre” was more than tragic: tens of millions of victims, because even the Nazism and the second world war were the fruits of this spectre of communism as well. Unfortunately the leftist propaganda is like a virus who , through a process of mutation, can adjust in any environment. This is the reason for which we have new , empty as well, slogans like “spread the wealth”, “globalization”, “inclusiveness” , “political correctness”,etc.. The newest one, in an euphuistic manner as nobody knows exactly what it is, appears under the name of “climate changed”. It is the last love of the leftist movement,

All of these so called “progressive ideas” coming from Marxism has one final aim: a minority to control the life of entire nation, a single party state as we had during the time of Soviet Union era or now in   North Korea or Cuba. The ridicule of situation related to the young generation who pretend to be correct only because they are “leftist” , is what Albert Camus said : It is not he study of communism which leads to revolution…The communists who join the party as a result of having studied Marx can be counted  on the fingers of one hand. They are first converted and then they read the scripture”. We ought also add that very dangerous leftist virus is very properly described by the same Camus in his “The Plague” : “that the plague bacillus never dies or disappears for good; that it can lie dormant for years and years in furniture and linen chests; that it bides its time in bedrooms, cellars, trunks, and bookshelves; and that perhaps the day would come when, for the bane and the enlightening of men, it would rouse up its rats again and send them forth to die in a happy city.”


After a period of not a very smart administration brought to power by a system of “democratic dynasty “ , America fell in a new trap of leftism under the flag of a slogan named “change”, a word without any substance and,, for another eight years the republic was stuck with an inept, ignorant and unjustified arrogant administration which wanted to introduce in US basic socialist tenets disguised in liberal policies,

The result was an almost total economic disaster, in 8 years the national debt was bigger than all previous years of the republic.    If we combine this with a renew of racism coming from above, a total lack of respect for the constitution , a tendency to destroy a nation erasing its border, the invasion of undesirable elements who came to America not to be Americans but to destroy the essential fabric of our Judeo Christian civilization and to live, thank you very much, on an easy welfare through aggressively demanding more ( occupy Wall Street – sounds familiar ?) we will have a succinct picture of the decadence of our real Democracy.

In my humble opinion, based on my long, solid, life experience, seems that a normal , hard working American, descendant from May Flower ship or from immigrants passing through Ellis Island, armed with a shovel and desire to work hard, these normal Americans had enough. And they reacted as it was expected.    It is totally irrelevant if this wake up call came from Trump. Important is that it as a wake up call and people responded and I congratulate them for it.

As it was expected by me and by any lucid person, the left movement reacted with furry trying to destroy in he bud stage the birth of a new popular attitude against the anti democratic arrogance combined with a pseudo racism. As during the communist dictatorship the left started to spread various , considered by them, damning words, beginning of course with the ubiquitous “fascist”, and continued with “racism” after that a touch of sexism and misogynist and, to impress a lot of ignoramus living on food stamps, added “the tragedy of Mexican immigration “ – although very illegal one.

As we know from the history o socialist states, the leftists in US trying to influence the outcome via intimidation,  we found out after election that they were a large number of “silent Trump supporters” who were afraid to make public their preference for a real democracy. Now, a lot of confused youth, who voted based on hormonal riot and not with a reason based on knowledge, are trying to make street disturbances with a slogan “it is not my president” denying to themselves the basic principle of democracy, assuming that they know what this Greek word means. These young girls, adorned with ridiculous tattoos and using “like” after almost every word, most of them drop outs like most of Hollywood characters, complaining against what they perceived to be character deficiencies of Donald Trump, these young characters should realize that US did not vote for the Papa di Roma and the other candidate who did not succeed was involved in serious and damaging acts against the republic, plus alleged guilt for dying 4 Americans at Bengazi


Due to some historic peculiarities, our beloved country has a different immigration and racial tradition. Because of TV a lot of us confuse US system with our monarchic one. Unfortunately, although our way of life is more subdued, polite and better controlled, the leftist influence is stronger because of our complacency. The clear example is Alberta where most of us did not vote and gave the opportunity to a group of ignorant adventurers to start a Marxist experiment, named NDP, with painful economic results.

Some members of young generation went in a panic looking to Trump phenomenon, scared that the soft welfare cushion will be gone. If these young people will read carefully the history of Liberal Party and the roots of NDP will understand that , soon, a similar phenomenon will be necessary in this Dominion of Her Majesty as not to elect on “dynastic “ base or on any other demagoguery. In order to preserve our calm and polite democracy we have to return to bases, to our European, Judeo Christian roots.     It will much better attitude than to talk about what we do not comprehend .                    Using words picked up from embarrassing low quality of mass media and not having a strong command of the content of this complicated social area , does not help anyone.

To conclude and because we are officially a bilingual country, I have to mention that the leftists are doing what it is said in French: “Calomniez, calomniez, il en restera toujours quelque chose –“ (slander, calumniate, there will always be something left. “)

And those who are not happy with our democratic system please be free to move to Cuba, North Korea or any Muslim country where the women are very well respected.

Johannes de Silentio

PS – Those who are interested in the roots of NDP and the history of liberalism in Canada, please open FREEEXILED.wordpress

Or, alternatively , I will reply to any civilized request.


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