# 30- Left Terrorism

                 LEFT TERRORISM

Due to an intellectual laziness , during the present time , the history is not anymore properly studied and our politicians, most of them painfully ignorant, do not understand the danger of terrorism. It is almost a common misunderstanding that the terrorism today is a result of Muslim religion.                                                                                                                      It is partially true.                                                                                                                                         We should not have the arrogance to intervene in the Muslim complicated social and religious life, imperialistically pretending that we know everything better and our social and political solutions are the best ones.

It was very aptly noted some 70 years ago that terrorism is intimately involved “with frustrated religious movements which culminated in terrorism” , in essence that the “terrorist want to create a new church from violence…a new God” ( Albert Camus)                           Unfortunately what happened today is not an action of  a lunatic group of anarchists, as in 19th century or the beginning of 20th century.                                                                               Today we have a religious action aimed to inflict genocide on hose who are not part of their ideology.                                                                                                                                                               I would say that “classical” terrorism has its roots and tradition in the leftist movements born especially in the Tsarist Russia.                                                                                                        In 1878, Russian terrorism is born when one Vera Zassulich, member of a very leftist People’s will Party, shot general Trepov. In his pamphlet, the leader of that party states clearly: “Death for death”. Following this example they were attempts against the emperor of Germany and kings of Italy and Spain by leftist organizations.                               In 1881 Russian Tsar is murdered by the same People’s will Party and in 1883 took place an unsuccessful attempt against Germany’s emperor.                                                                           In 19th century USA is not exempted from leftist terrorism, as we know that in 1887 took place the execution of so called (by labour movements) “Chicago’s martyrs. They were eight anarchists who, as a result of a bombing, were arrested, tried and convicted of murder.     In his charge to the jury, Judge Gary declared of the defendants, “If they conspired to overthrow the law by force, and if, in the pursuance of such a conspiracy, a bomb was thrown by a member of the conspiracy, resulting in the death of Officer Degan, then the defendants were accessories to the murder whether or not the identity of the bomb thrower had been established. Further and even more damaging, if the defendants, by print or by speech, advised, or encouraged the commission of murder, without designating time, place or occasion at which it should be done, and in pursuance of and induced by such advice and encouragement, murder was committed, then all of such conspirators are guilty of such murder, whether the person who perpetrated such murder can be identified or not.”                                                                                                                                            In our Common Law system such a judicial decision ought to be forcefully used today in charging and sentencing all “professional protesters” whom under the banner of leftist ideology, brings havoc, destruction and, above all, killing and intending to kill policemen.    Sadly our judicial system is very much diluted in line to political correctness.

In 1887 takes place a Congress of anarchists  in Valencia with the proclamation : “ If the society does not capitulate, vice and evil must perish, even if we must perish with them”.

We have to emphasize that what is historically called “anarchism” is just a form of leftist ideology where the vague defined “people” has to conquer the power, to implement spreading the wealth by force, an  utopian free for all society claimed by the recent Ben Sanders of The Democrat Party in USA or by Canadian inept NDP.                                             The terrorist attacks continued in Europe and USA , all committed by various form of leftism, as: in 1892  more than 1000 dynamite attacks in Europe  and 500 in USA,                 in 1901 –President McKinley is assassinated when Leon Czolgosz, an anarchist, shot him twice in the abdomen. (Regarding McKinley as a symbol of oppression, Czolgosz was convinced that it was his duty as an anarchist to kill him.)                                                         After Trump success someone posted an idiotic anarchist line on Facebook , to the effect that “it is time to assassinate a president”!!!

In 1903 – Russia creates the Organization for combat of socialist revolutionary party, trying to contain terrorism and in 1905 in Russia  is killed grand duke Sergei, a culminating point of terrorism in Russia.

Looking today to the result of USA election when pro left ignoramus are protesting against their own constitution, or looking to that “movement” named “black life matters” or to ridiculous Hollywood’s hysteria of those false “stars”, most of them semi-illiterates, we have to clarify what terrorism really means.

We have to clarify it because using the word terrorism for Islamic movement is to simplify. This movement is in the same category with Japanese or Nazi Germany actions during WWII, in fact an intention of genocide , to wipe out an entire human large group.             The Japanese action was annihilated by the force of A bombs as Nazism was destroyed by the huge US force and its allies,                                                                                                             The president Truman, after Nagasaki ,was right when he stated clearly : When you have to deal with a beast you have to treat him as a beast . It is most regrettable  but nevertheless true.”  If nowadays this Islamic ISIS had some successes it is because the leaders, out of ignorance and lack of will, do not act properly as Truman did in 1945.                                                             As anyone can read, terrorism is, in its broadest sense, the use of intentionally indiscriminate violence (terror) in order to achieve a political, religious, or ideological aim. It has been and it is used by organizations, nationalist groups, religious groups, revolutionaries, and ruling governments. The symbolism of terrorism can exploit human fear to help achieve these goals.                                                                                                                It is exactly what leftism is intended to do and it does.                                                               Marx, name used today by ignoramus, but never read, said clearly about his “movement”: State will coincide with he moment when accommodation can be provided for all, free of charge. It is a higher place of communism, “ to each according to his needs”                                                                Does it look quite the same with a presidential idea of “spreading the wealth” ?

All leftists groups, movements, or even parties have one and only one aim: to conquer power using any type of force, or tricks , which is a form of terrorism.                                      The idea was clearly described by Dostoyevsky in his novel The Possessed where the character, Uspensky, said : Killing somebody….”it is not a question of right, but our duty to eliminate everything that may harm our cause”.                                                                             Comparing with 19th century, now the left terror is more sophisticated, not using brutal force of dynamite but a lot of subliminal message to instill fear. It was, in essence, what the left did against Trump.

The tolerance toward rioting made mostly by paid “protesters” is one form. Or “vote for us” because otherwise   the welfare system will cease to exist , no more “free for all” will be in place as you’ll starve, or you will not have medical assistance, etc. as we could hear from characters like Sanders who , sometimes, sounded like Trotsky, all those forms are basically , edulcorated terrorism. Another fallacy is that “politically correctness” which if you will not respect, the result will be drastic, loosing social position, or jobs (like in the movie industry), or to be accused of hate crime for which they have invented a new judicial form of terror, called “hate tribunals”. As during the time of soviet power, if one doesn’t agree with leftist’s cheap slogans, right away one is accused of everything which ends in “ism”, mostly racism, fascism, extremism , etc., although those using them do not know what the words mean.                                                                                                                                  In schools and universities is invented a form of academic terror , teaching students how to be revolutionary, to be against everything, especially against real freedom of speech, stopping personalities from the right addressing to younger generations , etc.                      The newest form of terrorism is very insidious , very “en vogue” and it is called “climate change”. It can be observed that the promoters of this ineptitude are totally oblivious to any scientific reason and , as more ignorant they are, more violent they became.

In my opinion the biggest danger of this type of modern terrorism of left is related to “globalization” , a byproduct of proletarian internationalism designed by Lenin and implemented by Stalin .                                                                                                                               To cancel the borders and idea of nation or nationalism is not pushed by the left in order to make easier economic exchange but to make an easier flow of international leftist ideas who are totally opposed to the idea of patriotism, nation, respect for flag and constitution , as to make easy for a minority to control and manipulate masses left ignorant and powerless. If the same masses refused to be manipulated and stand up, the left qualify them as “ a basket of deplorable”, as HRC insulted half of electorate.

This is the real danger of terrorism with long and unpredictable consequences.                      It is also very conveniently dismissed by left, the basic social principle of dualism, which show us that “right” is opposed not to left but to “wrong” and left is opposed to right, therefore being wrong.

However, I see a glimmer of hope is in front of us.                                                                 American people started to wake up and they voted in a person which likes to do right for his country. In Europe, as well, the right movements, after decades of leftist infection, want to have their own countries back and not controlled by foreign adventurists comfortable nested in Brussels and totally aloof of the social reality.

Every top leftist politicians are in love with the word “socialism” and against   idea of nationalism, or “crude nationalism” (?!?!).                                                                                        They forget the 20th century’s disaster caused by socialism in two forms: one of soviet type who left behind a hecatombs of victims and another one , Nationalsozialismus – Nazi- a morbid combination of socialism and a chauvinism which left behind another hecatombs.


One can ask: why I wrote all of written above?

The answer is very simple.

As one who have seen a part of and live during the WWII, after that being witness and victim of a socialist system, surviving from it, I know exactly what this leftist demagoguery means.

It is terrifying.

But if at least one reading what I wrote, writing or I will write, will understand the danger towards his/her generation is going to , because of the same demagoguery, my reason to be and write is achieved.

If not, when probably ( most likely soon) I will ask Caron to boat me over river Styx, I will feel like that Biblical “ voice of one crying in the wilderness”.


Therefore I am asking each and every one to forward. It helps.


Johannes de Silentio







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