#31 CASTRO = killer

                  CASTRO = KILLER

 After a life during which he did not produce anything positive but only terror, killing, destruction of a country brought under the limit of unimaginable poverty, finally Fidel Castro is dead. He lived little bit more than 90 years out of them 58 he controlled Cuba as his private domain under the disguise of “revolutionary” or “socialist “ principles, never explained what they are.                                                                                                                    Today’s media , infested with leftism , talks about him as a “revolutionary leader” when in fact he behaved as he realy was: a ruthless chief of a violent gang with one aim: to do what he pleases. He was an adventurists who wouldn’t have survived in power without the help generously provided by the soviets in line with their internationalist communist ideology, today painted in “globalism”.

His main idea was very simple: “socialism or death”. He always selected death, but his option was the other people’s death, killing them.

Since his student time he was “politically illiterate” and he became embroiled in student activism, and the violent gangsterismo culture within the university.

With total disregard for any form of democracy, liberty, social justice he claimed clearly that “revolutionary justice is not based on legal precepts, but on moral conviction”. And no conviction is respected if it was not his.

The Cuba Archive which documents deaths and disappearances resulting from Fidel Castro’s Cuban revolution has documented 3,615 firing squad executions conducted by the Cuban state since Castro took over on January 1, 1959.

After the inapt attempt of Cuba liberation , known as Bay of Pigs invasion , ineptitude for which JFK has a total responsibility, Castro created the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), a nationwide civilian organization which implemented neighborhood spying to detect counter-revolutionary activities as well as organizing health and education campaigns, becoming a conduit for public complaints. By 1970, a third of the population would be involved in the CDR, and this would come to rise to 80%

He ordered the 1189 captured rebels to be interrogated

Fearing invasion, he ordered the arrest of between 20,000 and 100,000 suspected counter-revolutionaries publicly proclaiming, “What the imperialists cannot forgive us, is that we have made a Socialist revolution under their noses”, his first announcement that the government was socialist

Armando Lago, a Harvard-trained economist, has spent years studying the cost of the revolution and he estimates that almost 78,000 innocents may have died trying to flee the dictatorship. Another 5,300 are known to have lost their lives fighting communism in the Escambray Mountains (mostly peasant farmers and their children) and at the Bay of Pigs. An estimated 14,000 Cubans were killed in Fidel’s revolutionary adventures abroad, most notably his dispatch of 50,000 soldiers to Angola in the 1980s to help the Soviet-backed regime fight off the Unita insurgency.                                                                                            Miguel A. Faria’s book, Cuba in Revolution pp. 415-416, states the following: “Since Fidel Castro took over the island in 1959, the best figures that we can glean is that between 30,000 to 40,000 people either have been executed en los paredones de fusilamiento (in the firing squad wall) or have died in the hands of their communist jailers. Mr. Faria also estimates: “The best conservative estimate is that between 30,000 to 40,000 Cubans have perished attempting to flee Castro’s regime, mostly succumbing in the treacherous waters of the Florida Straits. My figures for death at sea are consistent with Juan Clark’s” Cuba: Mito y Realidad, “who estimated that more than 16,000 Cubans had made it to freedom since 1959 up to the time of the publication of the book in 1992. Clark estimated that figure represented only one out of three Cubans who attempted to make it to freedom. Countless thousands of others have died indirectly as a result of Fidel Castro’s collectivist policies, unspeakable privations, malnutrition, and the general desolation of a once more prosperous island.”

  The estimates of Cubans killed range from 35,000 to 141,000 (1959-1987) according to and available on the site of R. J. Rummel-University of Hawaii, “Power Kills.”

During the mid 1960s Fidel Castro’s regime in Cuba created a system of labor camps euphemistically called “Military Units in Aid of Production,” known better the Spanish acronym UMAP. By this time considerable opposition to the Cuban Revolution had developed and Castro, in order to maintain the stability of his rule, needed a mechanism whereby he could neutralize undesirables.                                                                             Internment in a UMAP could be precipitated by any of the following actions: refusing to engage in “volunteer” work on behalf of the Revolution, being homosexual, being a Jehovah’s Witness, being a Seventh Day Adventist, refusing collectivization. Additionally, among those also rounded up and sent to the UMAPs were members of the Catholic and Protestant clergy.

The Interamerican Commission for Human Rights of the Organization of American States (OAS) estimated in a report on Cuba that at one point there were 30,000 Cuban citizens interned in the UMAP system.

I quickly compiled the above to show how ignorant is our media and totally aloof from the historical reality.

Why today’s media and politicians are talking about him like he was a statesman, is beyond understanding.

Some innocents are hoping that the Raul, younger brother, will be pragmatic and Cuba will change.


Raul killing career began early on. In 1956, while in exile in Mexico, he murdered a former comrade. During the revolutionary struggle in the mountains, he executed deserters and informants. In the early days of the Revolution, while in charge of the Oriente province, he had hundreds of men killed. In one day alone, he ordered at least 72 men executed without trial in the city of Santiago. All throughout the night of January 12, 1959 and into the following day, successive groups of men were lined up in front of ditches at San Juan Hill and shot by firing squads. Raúl is reported to have gleefully delivered the coup d’grace on a few. As Defense Minister, Raúl Castro is responsible for war crimes in and out of Cuba. During the rural uprising of the sixties, his armed forces set fire and executed hundreds of prisoners on the spot. During the Bay of Pigs invasion of 1961, five prisoners were executed shortly after their capture; nine were deliberately asphyxiated in a trailer truck. The toll of victims multiplies over the course of decades with Cuba’s international military incursions in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. Intentional attacks on civilian populations in Angola are part of his legacy.

This proved history did not convince the President to shake his hand full of blood of innocents.

The Cubans in Miami have the right to celebrate and the period of mourning imposed on Cuba is a farce.

The entire Castro’s gang of killers ought to be brought up in front of an international tribunal for crimes against humanity and genocide.

Castro will remain in the history as a psychotic genocidal killer and not as “revolutionary leader”.

I wish to Cuban nation to rise and punish all of those guilty of crimes against their country.

No price is too high to be free.


Johannes de Silentio



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