#33 – Canadian ONLY

                    CANADIAN ONLY

One of the social fantasies which affects our history is that one which mentioned as “Canada is a country made by immigrants.” The subliminal message of the left is that because of our supposed immigration ancestry we have the duty to open the borders and receive anyone who wants to come to Canada.

The major mistake made in this case is the intention to change, to modify the history.    The history can be studied, sometimes discovered, but never changed, modified. Unfortunately the leftists intend to do just that: to change our history.

I don’t intend to write a brief history of Canada. People interested in this subject will be better informed reading the impressive work of our Lord Conrad Black “Rise to Greatness: The History of Canada From the Vikings to the Present”.                                                                          What I intend is to remind to those pretentious leftist pseudo academics is the historical fact that, after Giovanni Caboto, (for us John Cabot) landed in Canada, slowly the new country was developed by settlers in both area, New France and Atlantic coast as well.

Without making any dichotomy we have to clarify the difference between settlers (colonists) and idea of immigration, especially now when , due to liberal propaganda, the noun “colonialism” is intended to be a social aggressive word.                                              Canada started to be formed from the moment when settlers or colonists (sometimes named frontiersman, pioneers) established “colonies” which are defined as “a group of people who leave their native country to form in a new land a settlement subject to, or connected with, the parent nation”. In our case “the parent nation” were two: France and England.     The word comes from Latin where a Roman colonia (plural coloniae) was originally a Roman outpost established in conquered territory to secure it.

Why the settlers came to Canada? Very simple: because in that time our country , freshly discovered and not occupied through wars, was considered, from legal point of view, as terra nullius, meaning a land without ownership. At the historical scale , and this it is  not an insult towards the native people , the aboriginal population in what is now Canada prior to colonization was estimated at the level of 500,000, number currently accepted by Canada’s Royal Commission on Aboriginal Health. And this small amount was divided in many tribes, many languages without any written form, competing with each others. (please see my posting of Sept. 14th/2016 where I quoted Conrad Black)    Considering this vast territory was normal to be perceived almost empty , therefore terra nullius.

By the early 1700s the New France settlers were well established along the Saint Lawrence River and Acadian Peninsula with a population around 15,000 to 16,000. The population of New France increased to 55,000 according to the last French census of 1754. During the late 18th and early 19th century Canada under British rule experienced strong population growth especially after the American revolutionary war when many loyalists preferred Canada.

We have to underline that until after WWI, the idea of “immigration” had a different structure than today and it was based on the desire of economic prosperity based on “settling” , possessing a piece of land. It was also a very strict control by “parent nations” as the new comers have been accepted in accordance with the economic desire of development. The statistics show us that the Chinese , few, were accepted to build CPR, the Sikh minority were 1,500 in 1901 and the Muslims were 47 in 1901 and 645 in 1931. Canada had also a special situation in the area of black minority, we did not have – thanks God- slavery and the people of colour today are, mostly, descendants of fugitive slaves from US or coming from Caribbean.

This very succinct statistics helps us to understand that Canada until after WWII was built with hard labour from European settlers, colonists, mostly from today’s UK and a smaller part from France, but also from other European countries. They brought what we call a common Judeo Christian culture and civilization.

(For numbers, I used the serious work of professor Peter S. Li –“Cultural diversity in Canada”, published in 2000.)

All these settlers and their descendants have considered themselves Canadians, regardless of the fact if they use a native language or traditional habits at home.                                        It is also important that natives have considered themselves Canadians as well, the term of “first nations” didn’t exist , yet. This situation is well illustrated also by the fact that those who volunteered to fight in WWII have been enrolled as “Canadians” even , maybe, some enemies were from their ancestral land.

In the 1940s and 1950s, immigration to Canada was made up almost exclusively of immigrants from Europe. For example, in the post-war years from 1946 to 1953, Canada admitted slightly less than 1 million immigrants into Canada, about 96 percent of whom came from Europe”.

After the end of the second war the situation is changed due to resettlement of DP’s (displaced persons) and “immigration” in Canada started to have various reasons. However, this immigration is still largely a result of the almost exclusive reliance on European immigration prior to 1967. Therefore we can say that Canada continued to have the same social, cultural Judeo Christian background.

After the WWII the social fabric is drastically changed because a new “spectre”   was “haunting Europe — the spectre of communism” , how Marx wrote in 1848. This time the spectre was coordinated by the Stalin and soviet power. Canada was heavily influenced in this regard and the leftist coryphaeus was notre ami international Pierre Elliot fervent admirer of socialism and Stalinism. Although a very bright mind, notre ami Pierre was an unfortunate mixture of French nationalism and internationalism of the left colour. Because of him, it is my humble understanding, we started to be a “multicultural” society and a new term “visible minorities” received official recognition in 1984 when Commissioner Rosalie S. Abella identified this group as constituting one of the four designated categories in the Royal Commission Report.                                                           Between 1968 and 1988, European immigrants to Canada declined to 1.1 million, or 38 percent of total immigrants to Canada. The percentage decline for British immigrants to Canada was from 28 percent for 1954-67 to 14 percent for 1968- 88. The statistics show us a growing segment made up of non-European origin. For example, in 1971, those of Asian origin accounted for only 5 percent of those not of British or French origin; by 1981, they had grown to 11.3 percent, and by 1991, they had further increased to 21.6 percent. Similarly, those of African origin rose from less than 1 percent of those not of British or French origin in 1971 to 3.4 percent in 1991.                                                                                           A very simple example: in 1901 we had 47 Muslims which number grows to 645 in 1931 and in 2013 the population of that religion reached almost 1.2 million. Quite similarly, but not as high, is the Sikh statistics which claims 1,500 people in 19th century and now we have more than a 500K, a lot of them in a farming business.

Nothing wrong to accept various culture and nationalities as long as they are willing to be assimilated in our social fabric and to adhere to our way of life and culture, not because ours is better or more superior but because we do not impose to other countries our way of life and culture. Unfortunately in lieu of Canadian it appeared something new: hyphenated Canadian and our governments, more and more influenced by “internationalism” started to diminish, dissipate our traditional values mentioned above in order to appease some new minorities, a capitulation from our historical values.

A sort of buying votes with a price of selling values.

I will give you a very simple example: religion.”We are decidedly a liberal democracy that recognizes the separation of church and state and accepts that freedom of religion includes freedom from religion.” (D.MacPherson)                                                                                  Unfortunately the reality is different. In school we cannot show any Christian symbol, a cross, but we facilitate prayer space for others or accept that children, in school , to wear a “religious knife”. In order to appease a tiny minority we have changed basic symbols of our Canadian pride, as military one; or change important infrastructure projects because another minority claims , based on religion, that a piece of land is “sacred” (?!?!); or impose teaching of “spiritual native traditions” in schools; or let a minority to slaughter animals in a barbaric way to be in accordance with its religion ; or the most tragic one, it is trying to eliminate the beautiful Christmas tradition replacing – horribile dictu – the “Happy Christmas” with “Happy Holliday”.!!!

This leftism, liberalism doesn’t build  a new, more tolerant society in Canada under internationalist ideological umbrella inherited from Herr Marx or comrade Stalin , but transforms our Canada in a multitude of national and religious ghettos where we do not have anymore Canadians but hyphenated ones , where most of them refuse to accept our real values and traditional culture.

Somebody very aptly said that Canada was built with a bushel of grain and a shovel. The new uncontrolled false immigration will deconstruct Canada under the supervision of leftist ignorance and ill will against our real roots.

Johannes de Silentio





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