#36 – A diluted humanism


 It is accepted the definition of the man, thanks to Aristotle, that we , as individuals, are zoon politikon, meaning that we are an animal living in a City, therefore tied up to the life of the City, to the social life. Therefore in order to be part of this social life we have to be permanently informed of the daily life of the City and to participate in it, helping each other.                                                                                                                                                               Right now , what the Hellens named “the City”, due to the expansion of information highway , we ought to be aware of almost entire globe’s life as such, and the famous line from John Doe – For whom the bell tolls, applies to each and every one of us.                   Moreover, the Judeo Christian philosophy has the same idea of humanism which is helping others without any discrimination.

In my opinion we still ought to have some limits when we act our humanism towards others and not to confuse humanism with a total capitulation in front of the danger that “our City” could be obliterated by the enemies which did not share the same moral values with us. Christian theology underlines the main characteristics of this religion as pacifism, as turning the other cheek.                                                                                                          In reality this theology ignores a very essential aspect of Jesus’ life when, according to American King James translation of the Bible, He had made a whip of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers’ money, and overthrew the tables –that pictures the idea that the Christians ought to defend themselves in front of the danger, idea which is accepted by the best authority in this matter, the Pope.

This idea of defending the Christianity was the base of the action of one millennium ago when the crusades were organized in order to liberate the biblical land invaded by a type of barbarians, adepts of a new ideology based on terror and extermination of any infidel.       But to compare the mistakes made by the crusaders one millennium ago with today’s mass murderers is a total confusion of two points of view which , basically, defines the lack of intelligence and the presence of ignorance.

A diluted , false humanism, is also evident when the civilized section of humanity intends to “appease” the murderous fanatics with ….social activities, like securing them with employment and, why not? – even with welfare!!!

One basic moral principle of arm forces is “no soldier is left behind” , a very noble idea which all should respect. But when a traitor, deserter, eventually converted to the ideology of our mortal enemy is exchanged , in the name of that moral military principle, with five psychotic killers, again proves a confusion of different points of view because a deserter is not a military captured during the fight and converting is not an act of moral conscience against the war , it is an act of treason, pure and simple. No politician ought to support a such phantasy. And officially insinuating that a deserter and a traitor is a hero , denotes something more grave than ignorance.

Since the Nazism flourished in Western Europe, a new word is used, that of chamberlain-ism , equivalent of capitulation, which can be used again looking to the same western world which tries to appease the fanatic killers pretending a sort of agnosticism : if we do not see it doesn’t exist and the Western world remains totally aloof in front of public torture, executions and eradicating of Christian societies older that Christianity in Europe.

This false humanism is justified by an inept idea of accepting globalization via a world without borders in order to totally dissolve the principle of nations.                                        Some of us do not understand the meaning of humanism and this lack of understanding borders not innocence but a plain stupidity.

When an young woman goes to, lets say, to Syria with a declared intention to help those “persecuted by government” not understanding who are those so called “persecuted” and, subsequently, she converts to a fanatic terrorist ideology, this action is not humanism but a symptom of unconsciousness. In this case why the government has to spend energy and endangering other lives in order to rescue her ?                                                                                    I also do not understand why Canadian government spent diplomatic time and money to transfer a fanatic killer from Guantanamo in order to free him as soon as possible? Regardless of age, nationality or religion, a killer is a killer and the punishment has to fit the crime. Why the UK has to make efforts to find out the state of 3 teenager girls who went to fight for some fanatic, psychotic killers ?  In a such situation the parents of those girls should be charged for educating their daughters in a spirit opposite to he Law of the land.

We can continue ad nauseam with a lot of other examples.

Lately our society is soaked in a political correctness and lost the spirit of preservation , the idea of national dignity painfully diluting the base of the Judeo Christian morals on which our society, or “polis” was built on. What it is not clear in today’s social environment is a basic principle which applies to all aspects of our lives, the so called “binary principle” where it is “ zero and one” in the computer’s field, “good and bad”, “left and right”, “dark and light”, etc. To navigate between makes those against our civilization to use a various forms of the Trojan horse in order   to infiltrate the “polis” and to ruin a civilization built with hard work and wisdom of a few millenniums .

We have now a sort of diluted humanism, based on the lack of courage and a total ignorance of the history, ignorance which starts from the basic schooling up to the highest level of our politicians which suppose to be our leaders.                                                                    The democracy is a very beautiful thing but if it is not properly applied by statesmen the results will be anarchic demagoguery and defeatism.

We should not forget the history of Rome when Cartagena, a very powerful entity, invaded the Roman empire, it was a call to arms: “Hannibal ante portas “  (Hannibal at the City’s gates) and the state produced a very wise military statesman, that Scipio Africanus , who saved the City , Cartagena was eliminated from history and Rome continued to develop and to leave us the civilization and culture which now is on the verge of be destroyed because of modern chamberlain-ism.

But we , in the  name of a diluted humanism, forget the history.                                                          Very sad and very dangerous, isn’t it?

Johannes de Silentio






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