#37 – Adieu Obama


I have mentioned before the influence of Marxism in Obama’s ideology. In his farewell address, even subliminally , I could detect again the same influence when he said “for every two steps forward, it often feels we take one step back.” It is a little bit reversed the title of a very known Lenin’s book , named One Step Forward Two Steps Back (The Crisis in Our Party),  regarding the results of their “revolution”.                                                                                                We know that Lenin devoted several months to the writing of that book which it is similar with Obama’s effort of few month of writing himself his last presidential speech.

I looked how to this accident in American history, base on a guilt complex related to the past chattel slavery, the biggest mistake of American electorate , has delivered his last empty and demagogic speech and it left a bitter test in my mouth.                                                                Eight years ago, Barack Obama inspired Americans to embrace political change with the mantra “yes we can.” He bade them farewell Tuesday after a historic, tumultuous presidency with the words “yes we did.” His supporters looking mesmerized like during a hypnotic show frantically applauded, even I cannot understand how to materialize that “yes we did”                                                                                                                                                      With his known unjustified arrogance he stated: “After my election, there was talk of a post-racial America. Such a vision, however well-intended, was never realistic. For race remains a potent and often divisive force in our society. I’ve lived long enough to know that race relations are better than they were 10, or 20, or 30 years ago.”                                                                                             Really?                                                                                                                                                                                 The entire America, eight years ago, was happy to have a black president at a moment when the republic was on he verge to be almost colour blind.

Unfortunately, from the beginning, he did not make any effort to enforce this public feeling complaining how he felt pushed aside because of his skin colour, he who finished Harvard . He did not intervene to stop unjustified black violence, to condemn policemen’s killing by blacks thugs or to stop street violence because of arrest of accused (and later convicted) black killers of police officers.

When a black singer died of drug addiction, the flag was at half must, but when four blacks tortured a white mental handicapped, the administration kept suspiciously silent.                 To show his (false) humanism he released from Guantanamo five notorious psychotic Islamic killers in exchange of a deserter and (eventually) a traitor, giving to traitor’s parents a red carpet treatment at the White House !!

And he urged whites to regard the protests of minorities as a fight “not demanding special treatment, but the equal treatment our Founders promised.” The street violence, arson, killing cops, that violent movement called “the black lives matter” in his final view were just
protest of minorities”?

Although the big loss of his party was a clear signal that American people rejected his “legacy” , in his illusory obstinacy he asked his ignorant admirers to be vigilant in protecting basic American values which, he warned, could come under siege. “So just as we, as citizens, must remain vigilant against external aggression, we must guard against a weakening of the values that make us who we are.”                                                                                                                 In his subliminal message, not only one, he implied that the new administration is an aggression and his “values” are in peril?

What values? Crypto Marxist ideology , “spread the wealth” to buy votes or a total appeasement in front of Islamic aggression? Or, maybe, some Christian values, promoted by his socialist pastor who said: God, damn America?

The most unusual and most dangerous line was one which was commented that he warned that going forward Democrats shouldn’t fall in line with their commander-in-chief.                          Can we translate this idea as a call for a civil disobedience against the new administration and new President?

He emphasized his moral debt to his wife who helped him in his endeavor. It is the same Lady who was for the first time proud of being American after her husband was elected and, recently, she has articulated a more candid view in a scaled-back version of her own farewell. She sat for an hour-long interview with Oprah Winfrey, frankly admitting that Democrats were now “feeling what not having hope feels like.”

Looks like without Obamas – America will cease to exist.

What a fallacy!

We have been witnesses of a political narcissist show when a  person holding a “Pardon All of Us” sign, chants of “four more years” drowned out the shouts.

I did not see such an exhibition of a personality cult since the Stalin, soviet and east Europe’s communist era.                                                                                                                                    He looked enchanted and he replied with a smile: “I can’t do that.” He did not reject the call as a “professor” of constitutional Law supposes to reject the idea in front of ignorant citizens of a Republic.

I ask: but if he could – would he do it?

The usual prayer: God bless United States of America” was accepted.

America will have a new beginning, without demagoguery and disguised Marxist, Trotskyist, racist tendency to be able to defeat all the intern and external aggressors, meaning to be great again after eight years of falsity and political adventurism.
















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