The late Lord Neville Chamberlain, as a politician, cannot be envied. The history keeps him under a shadow of a new adjective, “chamberlain-ism”  which can be equal with a political cowardice. To his name will always be attached another shameful word, that of“ appeasement”.                                                                                                                                                          In September 1938 , going to Berlin he signed a so called “Anglo–German Agreement”, which contained  a statement that the document signed is a  “symbolic of the desire of our two people never to go to war again”. Hitler was shrewd and he knew the weakness of UK. Therefore he said to his Minister, Ribbentrop: “Oh, don’t take it so seriously. That piece of paper is of no further significance whatever” . A deal was reached on 29 September, and at about 1:30 AM on 30 September 1938, Adolf Hitler, Neville Chamberlain, Benito Mussolini and Édouard Daladier signed the Munich Agreement.                                                                      Coming back to UK he talk to the audience , Chamberlain said: “My good friends, this is the second time there has come back from Germany to Downing Street peace with honour. I believe it is peace for our time. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Now I recommend you go home, and sleep quietly in your beds”. Herbert von Dirksen, Reich ambassador to Britain in 1938-39, called the British tactic ‘Zwillingspolitik’- a twin track diplomacy whose primary objective was to encourage Hitler to come to an agreement.

That “peace of our time” had a life of 11 months because  Germany invaded Poland in the early morning of 1 September 1939 after another treacherous pact between Stalin and Hitler.

Unfortunately  “appeasement”  was always a component of traditional “diplomacy” . One of my former professors, Lucas Pascal preferred to name  his course as the history of international relations and not  a history of diplomacy. He was right: diplomacy is just appeasement.

After WWI until WWII that history was a long chain of appeasement.

The European powers knew very well what takes  place in Russia, but later they  prefer to justify an ostrich policy in order to appease Stalin and Hitler. If the democratic elected leaders would not have been so willfully blind towards Hitler and Stalin, Europe would not have been littered with  millions of innocent corpses.                                                                                            It was very well known what Hitler did  in his  extermination camps or Stalin in his hundreds of gulags , but it was preferred to look to other direction.

I am sure that F.D. Roosevelt   would not have been willing to fight against Nazi if Japan would not have been arrogant  when it attacked Perl Harbor. We should not forget the tragedy of May 15, 1939, when nine hundred and seven desperate German Jews set sail from Hamburg on a liner, the St. Louis . They have been refused to land in US, Cuba . Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Panama  which were approached in vain by various Jewish organizations. Within two days all the countries of Latin America had rejected entreaties to allow these Jews to land, and on June 2 the St. Louis was forced to leave Havana harbor.

Canada will remain in the history as one of main appeaser because Mackenzie King, the PM, stated that it “is not Canadian problem” and to his name is attached the infamous (alleged) phrase “even one is too many “. One more example of  his blindness regarding Stalin: When , in 1945, Igor Grouzenko, cipher codifier at Soviet embassy in Ottawa, defected with a load of documents proving the soviet espionage, King wanted to send him back to Soviet Union, as not to spoil the good relations with Stalin!!!!

The US appeasement towards soviets continued long after Stalin death. Look to one example only:                                                                                                                                                       When Stalin’s daughter, Svetlana, defected  and asked for US political asylum , the ambassador Chester called her a “nutcase” and  the undersecretary Kohler yelled: “tell them to throw that woman out of embassy. Don’t give her any help at all.”  And ambassador L.Thompson was very clear in his appeasement: “ the more  we  can disengage  from this operation the better  from point of view of our relations with the soviets”.  Italy had the same attitude of appeasement related to Svetlana Stalin when he ordered : “get those people out of this country immediately and I don’t want to be any evidence that they were actually in this country.”

The brightest military mind of many generations, general Patton , was eliminated in order to appease Stalin. If Washington’s politicians would have listen to Patton and proceed to dismantle that painful communist experiment named USSR, today we will not look back to a tragic history of continuation of Stalin’s Gulags, Mao’s atrocities, Cambodia’s killing fields, Vietnam , Cuba , soviet’s “protectorate” or “sphere of influence” given as a present to Stalin by Roosevelt in an unusual medical state.                                                                                 And, above all, yours truly , would have not written this blog in Canada where is happy for many decades after years in some extermination camps of the East Europe communist experiment.

Knowledge secures power.

Western, civilized , democratic countries , influenced by leftist ideology in order not to be considered oppugnant by soviets and their international servants, applied appeasement.  The communists did the reverse. They collected traitors, spies, defectors trying to know everything about the weaknesses of capitalism. Besides of recruiting scientists as Rosenbergs and others, they accepted with open arms any defector, like Philby , Burgess, Maclean from UK and a cohort of names from USA and other countries, not making any fuss about pleasing the West.

Today’s Russia, inheritor of USSR, does the same and gives shelter to various traitors.         For this reason soviets have been a danger for our civilization.

Our politicians, pseudo leaders, are very easily inclined towards capitulation which they name “diplomacy” not appeasement, which really is chamberlain-ism, another form of cowardice. Without the unusual political courage of Ronald Reagan , a real, true statesman, most likely soviets would have survived (as Cuba does) and the “soviet block” collapsed from within and not because of any western action or help.

What about 21st century?

Sadly quite the same. We started useless wars, unable to win, we are mixed up in many countries internal struggles without any historical knowledge of their history but with intention to export our democracy which those countries do not have any idea what it is.

Lately, in the name of diluted humanism influenced by social leftist phantasy, USA elected an appeaser in chief ready to capitulate in front of external religious aggression and dividing the country from various point of view, especially that of race.

Our beloved Canada is very quickly self divided applying appeasement in various aspects:  -religious because we deny Judeo Christian roots of our civilization accepting invasion of aspects not compatible with our historical values. One can easily notice the tendency to eliminate Christianity in favour of alien religions                                                                                   -social , accepting ghettoization in lieu of a unified country, in the name of that ridiculous phantasy that “our strength consists in our diversity” , forcing an illusory diversity based on ignorance of our real history.                                                                                                                              We started not to be “Canadians” but hyphenated Canadians. It is sad to read that Canadian government has not Canadian ministers, but hyphenated dual nationalities as to be Canadian takes somehow the second place.

Almost in a matter of hours our Southern neighbor and main ally will have a “new sheriff in town” which looks he is not constrained by fallacious, empty diplomatic words and, we hope, the idea of appeasement will be a think of the past.

I also hope that Canada will wake up and the electorate will clean the house of politically correctness, proving social and political maturity and shaking off the influence of those hollywoodian snow flakes, mostly ignorant and semi-illiterates, dropped outs who , come here to insult and denigrate our country.

We need to consolidate our social, political and economical life, electing statesmen with a strong national attitude and pride, people with love for the country and not for empty and Narcissistic theories invented to attract more votes.

We do not need politicians playing roles of Harlequins and Colombinas like in Comedia dell Arte, pleasing ignoramus.

I hope that my fellow Canadians will emulate USA ‘s electorate and Canada will go again to greatness how Lord Conrad Black described our History.


Johannes de Silentio


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