#39 -And, now, Canada?


Paraphrasing the great Bernard Shaw we can adjust one of his quips and say that Canada and America are two countries divided by a common language.                                                            In reality we have much more in common than details which separate us.                                       The misdirected passion of comments , related to the recent American election, made in the name of liberalism, progressivism or by plain ignoramus, shows more attachment and more interest in US electoral system than in our elections where citizenry’s participation is dismal . As a result of public apathy we are stuck now with so called politicians with a social prowess of munchkins hallucinating that they are Goliath.

A similar situation – mutatis mutandis– took place in USA.

Fortunately their voters woke up, said enough and elected, to the astonishment, dismay and fury of liberals, a “new sheriff in town”.                                                                                                  In my humble opinion , we are at the crossroad – carrefour, to please Justin – of our democracy, as US was last year before Trump’s candidacy.                                                                 From his success we might learn something:                                                                                                  -We need to know more about us and our place in the history of the New World, because knowledge means power. Those who used and still continue to use disparaging adjective against the  victor are not only sour losers but also callous.                                                     Spreading adjectives proves luck of arguments. It is painful to hear or read , from the young generation, the bombastic panic because of “future” fascism, Nazism, sexism, xenophobism and other capital social sins ending in “ism”. Those who use them do not know even how to spell these words. .

-That a real democracy is not based on dynastic democracy as was intended by Kennedys, Bushes or Clintons.                                                                                                                                                 Canadians are ,unfortunately, tempted to prefer to use the power of vote with a minimal vetting, preferring a name against qualification and a cheap slogans based on changing for the sake of change in lieu of mature considerations.

-We  have with Americans the same social and cultural roots, based on Judeo Christian civilization brought from the old Europe. Our neighbors have chosen a pure republicanism. We preferred the old, respected symbol of monarchy. Both worked.              It was very refreshing to see, at the recent presidential inauguration, a very healthy and proud patriotism .                                                                                                                                                  In Canada this sentiment is dissipating very fast.                                                                                  Trump said : “America first”. Nothing wrong . It is not a xenophobia. It means self respect. We must do the same.                                                                                                                                    -In our country we forgot that 150 years ago , our forefathers have organized a new country, a dominion, in order to have Canada first and not a subservient colony. The new politicians under the strange shade of imported leftist ideology prefer to push Canada towards of an inept globalization, socialist internationalism, unconsciously and ignorantly using pages from a criminal ideology.

I have to underline that socialism, Marxism, is not an ideology. It is a social disease.

-We also must not copy the lack of respect for the highest office of government, in our case the Royals, as anarchists try to manipulate “the masses” against the office of American president. This lesson of respect has not been followed by our “liberals”.        During a visit in May 1977, Pierre Trudeau was walking behind the Queen enroute to dinner when he executed a pirouette, apparently an expression of disdain for the pomp and circumstance of the monarchy. His example was followed later by his son who, against mandatory protocol when, in 2015, cracked a joke in front of the Queen as did another liberal, former premier MacQuinty.

-The Fathers of our confederation as those of America, built a country to be one nation under the God. They were not zealots but people with moral vision. It was very refreshing to hear again in Washington the idea of God who will protect us, a whole nation , not divided in ideological pieces and bits. We should do the same and not to push aside the roots of our European civilization trying to replace them with something alien to us. We do not have to atone to anyone.

-What Canadians should learn from the last events is not to let the thugs expressing their anarchism through violence. We know from history that any form of left ideology is related to violence especially in order to acquire power. The recent “protests” in USA, most likely financed by lugubrious international leftist characters , filled with vulgarities and calls to civil disobedience should not be a Canadian way.

-Out of innocent ignorance a lot of people , unfortunately even from academia, are repeating an empty slogan that of “spreading the wealth.”. Some complain that the new USA administration is formed by very rich people, billionaires.                                                                 I do not see anything wrong in this fact. Smart , hard working and very successful people should be an example which we ought to emulate. Salvation Army and thrift stores do not reduce the rate of unemployment.  jobs.

I sensed a beginning of panic from the left that Kevin O’Leary candidates for the conservative leadership. A lot of whining: he is “rich” like he promotes leper, or he doesn’t speak French therefore is not qualified to be politicians. Yes, he is not a politician and neither Trump is.                                                                                                                                                I have the lowest opinion about the pseudo-profession called “politician”. It is an oxymoron . It cannot be a profession because it produces nothing. I have respect for statesmen which is very deficitary  (déficitaire for Justin) in our country. It is time to replace our governments with persons selected on the base of meritocracy not on sex, skin colour, religion or donations.

If O’Leary will succeed will be for Canada like a Manna from heaven.

As US needed a competent manager, Canada needs one even more because due to liberalism, progressivism and other empty  words ending in “ism” we are very dangerously on a slippery slope.

We have to think if a total appeasement in front of various attacks and ideological invasions will keep a great Canada or we have to stand up and defend our real civilization and culture  and not to become  an amalgam of ghettos and a social “esperanto” which is promoted by our internationalist , liberalism, leftist minority.




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