#42-Liberalism 101/A

                    LIBERALISM #101/A

A person for whom I have a great respect and a special elective affinity, sent me from Australia a very nice quip referring to me: “everybody has the right to have my opinion” .         It is a very cute witticism but I have to underline a caveat: I do not have opinions because I believe in facts, verifiable, vetted facts.                                                                                               The modesty must be the main characteristics of an intellectual and it is in contradiction with “opinion”. This very overused word was put in circulation by the adepts of political correctness, those who do not have a solid education in the area of which they like to have an “opinion” and they intend to suppress any one who do not agree, based on facts, with their “opinion”.                                                                                                                                                                                        It is a very simple logics that 2 + 2 is four while somebody who maintained that might be in my opinion, three and a half , asserts a fallacy.

On the day of February 17th. in 1600 the astronomer Giordano Bruno was executed by burning because he dare to prove that the opinion of Catholic church was wrong in many aspects. We also have to recall what Galileo Galilei, allegedly said in 1633 when, after torture he had to recant his theory of heliocentrism, against Catholic opinion that the earth is flat : e pur si muove – and yet it moves.

Opinions are not backed by facts but they carry the danger to be imposed by the force of mobs infested with ignorance controlled by leftist ideology or by other antihuman ideologies.                                                                                                                                                                 For reasons which are beyond of any normal understanding, the liberalism invents various empty words like “climate change- with its corollary- carbon tax, inclusiveness, globalization, openness”, guilt of various sins ending in isms, and the most fallacious slogan being that inept “our strength is in our diversity” which is a derivative of ghettoization.

The newest invention in our Canadian political climate is a new word empty of substance : islamophobia. Reading any dictionary we can find that the word, a noun, means dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force. Therefore this new political correct invention did not promote the reducing the freedom of religion.

Why people are confused about Islam?

A very simple explanation can be found in the stories related to the very dangerous , fanatic terrorist, Rahman (recently deceased) who in his “fatwa” he said : …” To all Muslims everywhere: Destroy their countries. [The Americans, Jews and Christians]. Tear them to pieces. Destroy their economies, burn their corporations, destroy their businesses, sink their ships and bring down their airplanes. Kill them in the sea, on land and in the air.”                                                      Sam Harris, known scientist and thinker is very brave when he wrote that “Islam is not a race, ethnicity, or nationality: It’s a set of ideas” and therefore is easy to be “used by cowards, to manipulate morons.”.

Canada, due to liberalism, is not populated by Canadians but by two categories of inhabitants: first nations (whatever means is still debatable) and hyphenated Canadians . This traditional specie – Canadian that is- is replaced with French, Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Italian, Iraqi, African, etc., etc., Canadian.                                                                                                              The nationality of Canadian just disappeared!

Even our Government, under the liberalism , leftist doctrine, is not formed based on meritocracy but based on sex, nationality (meaning hyphenated), skin colour, religious symbols, etc. We are not anymore a nation but a confused social conglomerate.                                             It is not surprising that a hyphenated Canadian wants to have a set of rules to protect a certain ideology against a fictitious “phobia” which , eventually, is provoked by a type of “fatwa” like that one issued by Rahman.

Looking to various terrorists issuing various fatwa, why we do not tabulate motions to protect people against Christianphobia, Jewishphobia (not the same with anti-Semitism), Yogaphobia, Budhistphobia, till ad nauseam. Why not?

This ideological phantasies promoted by liberalism manipulated by an alien ideology, detrimental to the continuation and preservation of our traditional culture and civilization, remind me the stupor of Byzantine synod when Muslim Ottomans already started to enter in the City and they discussed 2 major subjects: how many angels can stay on the tip of a needle and what sex might angels have.?!

How we reached this stage in this area of liberalism  I will try  to clarify in the next part of this posting, which will be Liberalism 101/B.

Johannes de Silentio



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