#43 – Liberalism 101/B

                         LIBERALISM 101/B


In continuation of the subject called “liberalism” we have to clarify two details:

-The approach is not necessary related to liberal party;                                                                                       – If someone will comment that what is written here is not “original” in this case let me quote few lines from one of my very old “intellectual friend” who wrote “Don’t say that I have said nothing new. The arrangement is new. At tennis both players use the same ball, but one places it better.”

The intention of these pages is to show that the ignorance is not a virtue and the fanatic liberals base their fanatism on ignorance.                                                                                                                 In nowadays people hope that because Liberal comes from the Latin word “liber” – meaning “the free one”, consequential during a government based on liberalism, everything must come free, not only health insurance, education, etc.,but partly including even an income. Liberal should not be a welfare system.                                                                    More anarchic branch of liberalism takes from the ancient Rome idea of disobedience to the civil authority.                                                                                                                                            The residue of this idea can be seen recently in USA under various forms which is spilling in Canada, when we look to this ridiculous idea of “sanctuary cities”. like Montreal and Toronto which is a new form of Trojan horse.

Comparing with liberalism, it was said that “Conservatism is not so much a philosophy as an attitude, a constant force, performing a timeless function in the development of a free society, and corresponding to a deep and permanent requirement of human nature itself” The difference between the conservative and liberal in regards to innovation is that the liberal proceeds after throwing all caution to the wind; while the conservative proceeds in a moderate and cautious fashion , retaining traditional social institutions in the context of culture and civilization. I have to note that during 150 years of Canada’s existence, the conservatives led the government 66 years while Liberal party was in power for 80 years, especially because of Mackenzie King (22 years) and Trudeau père more than 11 years.        But we also have to underline that without a conservative thinking of Sir John MacDonald, a real statesman, who had at heart the consolidation of a new nation and not the interest of a “party” which is the priority of the liberalism.

 The political history of Canada, comparing with Europe, is quite short. In this context the Liberal party had two main representatives: Mackenzie King, who was PM for almost 22 years and P.E.Trudeau who was PM more than 11 years.                                                                             King was a very strange person, with inclination towards Hitler, towards Stalin as well, anti-Semite, psychological quite not very stable and more.                                                                           In 1937, King visited Germany and met with Adolf Hitler. Possessing a religious yearning for direct insight into the hidden mysteries of life and the universe, and strongly influenced by the operas of Richard Wagner (who was also Hitler’s favourite composer), King decided Hitler was akin to mythical Wagnerian heroes within whom good and evil were struggling. He thought that good would eventually triumph and Hitler would redeem his people and lead them to a harmonious, uplifting future.                                                                        King commented in his journal that “he is really one who truly loves his fellow-men, and his country, and would make any sacrifice for their good”. He forecasted that “the world will yet come to see a very great man–mystic in Hitler. […]but Hitler, him –- the peasant -– will rank some day with Joan of Arc among the deliverers of his people.”                                                                                                   We know now what future was offered by Hitler.\                                                                                         One more example of his blindness regarding Stalin:                                                                            When , in 1945, Igor Grouzenko, cipher codifier at Soviet embassy in Ottawa, defected with a load of documents proving the soviet espionage, King wanted to send him back to Soviet Union, as not to spoil the good relations with Stalin!!!!

Due to the fact that new generations over used the word liberal with its corollary liberalism, it will be useful to analyze the roots of this party and its most preeminent leaders. Without making a long theory, the idea of “liberalism” in Canada, with reference to Liberal Party, it is a liberal socialism, which means a leftist orientation.                            The second pillar of social liberalism in Canada , very much to the left, I would say very closed to a type of crypto communism , is represented by P.E. Trudeau who , without any merit , is still adulated today as a result of public ignorance.

Unfortunately the books about him exaggerate his intellectual prowess and neglect what damage did to Canada his extreme left liberalism, pro communist. His biography is very complicated due to the fact that he made every effort to cover his real convictions: Marxism, Stalin, total government control of everything, especially economy.

P.E.Trudeau liberalism directed to communism deserves a future posting which will come soon.

Johannes de Silentio








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