#46 To Vote : CANADA

                          TO VOTE : CANADA

 The very ugly mob events in USA against the office of the President, whomever is he, must show us that whatever political tendency we have, the office of monarchic representative ought to be respected. The person is irrelevant. The symbol permanently is .                                                                                                                                                In my previous 3 postings about liberalism looking comparative with a conservatism I did not mention the liberal party or conservative one, per se. I firmly believe that our vote must be not for a name but for that political (or person) organization which shows a meritory effort for interest of Canada. To lead Canada based on a rigid ideology or on a superfluous “principles” pigmented with magniloquent speeches to impress, should not be our voting option, regardless of the name of that “party” .     For this reason it is confusing why people voted for Pierre who inherited a deficit of few billions and ended his tenure with a deficit of more than 200  billions and the subservient scribes still consider him a former great PM eluding his strong affiliation to communism, to Stalin, Mao or Castro and his tendency to one party state.

It is also very confusing and sad as well to read or hear: “vote for Liberals” or “vote for conservative” or for whatever or whomever but I never seen a call to “vote for Canada”.     Did we pay attention to the slogan: “ Dump Harper! For fundamental change, Vote communist!” ? Of course . not.

The electorate today is easily seduced and lured by demagoguery and by the false sonority of names meaning nothing – like a dangerous song of sirens .                   Personally I cannot find any rational explanation as how in Canada the young Trudeau became PM or in Alberta a group of an almost political illiterates have been elected , formed a government which pushes the most economic successful province to the brink of a total disaster due to ignorance, lack of a proper education and qualification.

I also noted a phenomenon of a perverted messianism.

The electorate in lieu of applying the real base of democracy, which is meritocracy, they applied the minimum effort and elect persons based on the highest grade of demagoguery combined with the illusory and duplicitous promises of more “free stuff” , less work and more welfare state. Plus fascination for names.                                  In order to impress vulgus the politicians today do not present their plan as how to make Canada better, how to work harder and protect our traditional civilization and culture but they select some fallacious words as children select their preferred toys.  As a result we hear now, almost daily, the sanctimonious sentence “ to protect our Canadian values” – but nobody is able to define them.                                                                       We are embalmed in euphuistic speeches about climate change with its corollary carbon tax, helping he world with its corollary od lax immigration, rights of whatever are today in fashion, from nonexistent sins committed against a fictitious first nation and ending with signs on schools’ toilets.

We witness a time of a total balderdash.

The last and the most dangerous “toy” used by the liberalism, progressivism, etc. is that total ineptitude called globalization.                                                                                            This new verbal histrionic toy looks as an extension of Lenin’s proletarian internationalism, affecting like a deadly virus the minds of those European Arlequins disguised in superfluous global politicians to the extent that they mistranslated upside down the Greek word cosmopolitan into globalism.                                                                   Our cultural forefathers, the Greeks, based their social structure starting with family, extended tribe, city (polis) , country (Greece) and one philosopher , theoretically mentioned idea of “citizen of the world” – cosmo-polis.                                                             The globalization starts in reverse with an undefined “world” and ends up with he dissipation of the country and of the family.

Due to a painful ignorance, the globalists do not comprehend that the Italian Renaissance with all its beauties and discoveries was made by Italians and was not a globalization phenomenon . The great German music of 18th and 19th centuries was not a result of globalization as the French or Russian literature of 19th century was created by French and Russian and not by undefined migrants from all four cardinal points.

We swear allegiance to a national flag and sing a national anthem not global flag and global anthem.

We can have a country, a nation , formed by a combination of races which has a common culture, but we cannot create a nation from a concoction of various habits, tradition disguised as a culture. The result will be a conglomerate of ghettos.

Canada started to look like one.

The tragedy of today’s Canada is that in lieu of accepting some people from other parts of the world with the same or very close cultural backgrounds , in order to totally amalgamate in our traditional cultural fabric and keep our real defined Canadian values which have a background of centuries, our histrionic politicians bring people from geographical zone where the idea of culture doesn’t exist yet or it is in a total contradiction with ours and ask us to lower our cultural value to a much lower level incompatible with XXI century.

The globalism is like a still born child coming from sterile brains of persons pretending to be liberals and open to an internationalist ideas.

It is time for us, Canadians, to stand up and elect only those who will do whatever is necessary to maintain, consolidate and further develop Canadian social culture.

Johannes de Silentio


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