UNDER ATTACK

 Initially I intended to name   this posting as “under pressure” referring to our civilization’s Judeo Christian roots. But after the most recent attacks against churches in Egypt I realised that using politically correctness is moot. The crude reality is that Christianity as a whole is under attack, and the response of our civilised world is not anymore a simple appeasement but a total capitulation.                                                                    We witness a tragically painful result of a political decay due to a global ignorance manifested by the leaders of the civilised world who, how they came in power, remains a total mystery to me.

I presume that Lenin (and Stalin as well), if they will be alive , will be very delighted to see how the idea of proletarian internationalism , where people suppose not to have any allegiance to their country but to their international movement , succeeded without any fight.

The civilization capitulates.

The perfect example , in the worst sense of the word, is represented by Frau Angela Merkel who, perversely using the power given to her by this inventive, resilient and extremely hard-working nation, brought Germany to the edge of a social abyss.        Although a declared Christian, in a very twisted way she developed an European policy which will have as a result the disappearing of German traditional Christian culture in favour of a new, aggressive ideology which she is oblivious  and total ignorant of.           After it was rightfully pointed out that her inept policy to open the borders to millions of migrants not related in any way to the idea of persecuted refugees and nobody knows how many of them have been infiltrators of ISIS, she publicly declared that Germany suffers not from “too much Islam” but “too little Christianity”.                                                          If she will not be obsessed by her image of the saviour of aggressive migrants in a strange interpretation of the Christianity she should take a look to her country’s ancient history. And learn something from it.

I refer to the battle of he Teutonic Forest during the year 9th when Germanic tribes totally destroyed Roman legions and after that Romans never tempted to attack again that territory. If Germanic people would have acted like today’s Frau Angela, Germany would never existed and with it never we would had Bach, Brahms, Mozart, Beethoven, Goethe, Schiller, etc.

This sort of Pharisaic Christianity performed in other countries –especially Scandinavian- but in France as well, proves that the politically emasculated western politicians are not able to distinguish between religion and racist violent ideology including everything in a new ludicrous word “globalization” which nobody can reasonable define, unless will copy Lenin.

They do not understand that the Renaissance with all its great creators is a result of some national cultures, Italian, French, English, German, etc ., and not a fictitious “global” creators and all our European cultural development emerged under Judeo Christian tradition as an extension of the ancient culture.

In their blind ignorance they cannot see that ISIS type of ideology will not develop anything but destroy everything because ISIS ancestors, as far as I know, never produced a Beethoven, a Shakespeare , a Tolstoy or an Ibsen. In their rabid anti-Semitism ideology ISIS considers Christianity as an extension of Judaism and therefore has to be totally destroyed.

And , yet, politicians do not see the danger and open the countries’ gates to let anyone in. The new leftist ideology which flooded our social life doesn’t produce anything positive, but chaos and hate. Our countries can be developed including various colour of skin, black, white, brown, yellow, etc., but they will implode if all members of our societies will not agree to be part of one national culture.

Karl Marx, writes in Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right :” Religion…it is the opium for the people.”

Our countries’ fathers, in their wisdom as not to be repeated the mistakes of a dogmatic extremist Christianity , legislated a total separation between Church and State, leaving in place some basic religious traditional belief manifested in official oath, the ten commandments , Lord Prayer, etc . They are part of a social package to show one allegiance to our Country’s traditions as it is respect for the flag, anthem, Queen, etc Unfortunately we had a new ideological fallacy , named “atheism” which infested our politicians who want to prove their independence from any religion.                                  Without making any dichotomy to be atheist became a new religion because is a belief in nothing.

Somehow while any form or residue of Christianity is eliminated, with a strange inconsistency and with an obvious bias against Christianity , our governments let seeping through forms of various religious ideology in contradiction with the principle of separation.                                                                                                                                                    It was accepted in schools a certain form of weapons to appease a minority, modify our basic national symbols, like military uniform , for the same reason, facilitate special spaces in school or other places where to be performed daily prays , accepted in schools visits from some sort of shamans to show traditional spiritual/religion ancestries, etc.,

On the line of transforming Canada in a conglomerate of various national, cultural and religious ghettoes some pseudo legal minds are ready to accept , in some areas of some ghettoes, to be applied a different set of Laws in a total contradiction with our traditional Common law and separation’s principle.

The most recent blow against our civilization and tradition is accepting , without a very strong vetting, a lot of people under the pretence of refugees – and not landed immigrants – and we cannot check if those are Christians systematically butchered in name of ISIS ideology or some are just infiltrators from he same category which has as an aim the extermination of Christian faith.

A very wise friend for whom I have a great respect being an example of a pillar of our society, recently wrote to me that he will do his pat, praying for surviving of the Christian faith.                                                                                                                                                                   His intention is very commendable. But to save our traditional culture and civilization we will need much more than to pray.

And not with the present leaders and politicians.

I wish to everyone, including atheists a Happy Easter and Happy Passover as well.

 Johanes de Silentio



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