DIVIDED WE STAND

The last news related to Conservative leadership’s election, the fact that Kevin O’Leary dropped out, shows once more that what we call my beloved Canada  is a fiction , it is not a real country. Her Majesty dominion is formed out of two solitudes: Canada proper as an extension of  Anglo Saxon culture and civilization and the second one , based on French immigrants, never happy on the new land and never willing to assimilate, who tried to create their own country with a new French identity.

Due to the impressive size of the British empire, even after the start of its slow dissolution, this new nation called itself Quebec, although the name is not at all French.

The O’Leary “case” proves that the liberalism in Canada is interested in maintaining power only and not at all in making the country more prosperous. Regardless of anyone’s opinion about O’Leary, to replace meritocracy with dynastic democracy based on the fiction called bilingualism is not only risible but detrimental to the country itself. The French language is beautiful and the culture born from it is extremely important in our European heritage.

As a former bilingual myself I have a great respect for uniquity of the French culture and a regret that I lost the fluency of that language.

However , a country cannot progress based on division.

And this division is a result of a perverse leftist ideology which has the main aim of controlling a nation using that old Latin divide et impera, but not the military force.     That strange ideological concoction of Marxism, Stalinism, Jansenism and liberal internationalism which was called P.E.Trudeau is the main cause of the language friction and inequality which today burdens and eliminated meritocracy in favour of various lunacies which dominate our government and political structure.                                     Pierre Trudeau, enacted the first Official Languages Act in 1969 and entrenched detailed protections for the two official languages in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982. He did not do it for the love of Canada, because he was an internationalist of the Comintern mold. He was also not interested in developing French culture which was proved when he crushed FLQ activity. He understood that through his measure he will control 25% of Canada and liberals, using Quebec’s electorate, will always be “king makers”. The aim of Trudeau’s activity was to make Canada one party state where the central government will control our lives to the smallest detail as did one of his idols, Stalin. Isn’t Pierre who allegedly said, looking to the area named Vorkuta of the former Soviet Union, location of tens of extermination camps and where millions perished: here started the future….

Is Canada in fact a “bilingual country”?

Reading the government statistics one can be in a serious doubt. In Quebec, about 42.6 percent of the population (3,328,725 people) report knowing both languages; , in the rest of Canada, in 2006 only about 10.2 percent (2,430,990) of the population had a knowledge of both of the country’s official languages. From the same statistics we found that  Inuktitut is also an official language in Nunavut. The Northwest Territories accords official status to nine aboriginal languages. If we add various dialects of various tribes, Canada looks like a base for an experimental Esperanto invented in the late 19th century It will be wonderful to have all Canadians speaking Shakespeare’s and Voltaire’s languages. Reality is totally different and we have MD in hospital speaking an uncertain official language and a lot of academics lecturing at universities in a doubtful language but with a strong leftist convictions.                                                                                                           I suspect that not bilingualism is important for liberals but the control of electorate.           In Canada one statesman could have an IQ higher than Einstein but if is not French speaking he is useless. Unfortunately if a politician speaks a very problematic English he or she can go to the highest level of government if he/she speaks French.

Pierre Eliot applied the Latin principle of divide and impera but not using the military force as Romans did. The idea was to control parts in order to dominate the entire country. The junior , was elected not based on his proven experience in some area at least , or based on some peculiar intellectual prowess combined with oratorical skill, but exclusively on the idea of dynastic democracy, good look, expensive hair cut and perfect bilingualism. He pushes Canada to an intense ghettoization when he ridiculously asserts that “our diversity is our strength”!?                                                                                                 This blatant historical ignorance opened the flood gates of invasion under the guise of “immigration” and “refugees” with less than minimal vetting. Canada is waiting to be a social victim of migration as Europe is. How will we enforce the bilingualism with false refugees from countries at all able to be assimilated into our civilization and culture? In order to secure more votes for idea of “liberalism” and “globalization” we let a future Trojan horse of terrorism to establish a strong foothold waiting for a proper time to struck and destroy our civilization.

In the same time the pleas of Christians in some parts of Middle East where they are butchered to the verge of extinction , are ignored .

For inept politicians any aberration has to be protected if it is declared “a culture” or “a faith”. Yours truly, was shocked finding a female doctor in a hospital who could not do a physical examination because was against “her faith” to touch a male body!

That old “hyphenated Canadian” evolved in a total ghettoes when in a big cities have East Asian , Hindu or Muslim , Somali ,Vietnamese, etc, areas refusing to go into mainstream of Canadian civilization some of them even imposing their barbaric customs and habits. And this on top of another foolishness named “first nations” which our total ghettoization.

In a perfect world (which we are not in) will be absolutely normal that Quebec to be a separate country which people richly deserve and the rest of Canada to continue its European roots, to be a country with one real culture and not a conglomerate of phantasies called “cultures” or “religions”

In this perfect world the liberalism will not have any reason to exist and these lunacies named globalization, inclusiveness , climate change , multilingualism ejusdem farinae will disappear for the benefit of Canada.

This is exactly what liberals refuse to accept and invent anything in order to make Canada one party state , a dream of a certain political dynasty and of other leftist ignoramus.

Johannes de Silentio




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