# 49 A French Oedipus


Our Canadian intelligentsia and academia in cahoots with a socialism infested journalism, jumped with an unparalleled fury against today’s US President, although it was not our business or area of interest.

Looking to the recent French presidential election I wonder why the same intelligentsia did not comment anything about Macron and his strange family.

Trump was attacked as sexist, disrespectful to women, but nobody explains the “affair d’amour” which come s quite close to paedophilia or, if you like it, to so called “Oedipus complex” which is a sexual relation between the child and the mother, like in Sophocles tragedy from fifth centuries BC.

It is known that a conscious adult mind is a moral factor which fights against this complex. Freud considered the reactions against the Oedipus complex the most important social achievements of the human mind.

A French academic, Foucault has stated in 1978 :“It could be that the child, with his own sexuality, may have desired that adult, he may even have consented, he may even have made the first moves. We may even agree that it was he who seduced the adult. But we specialists with our psychological knowledge know perfectly well that even the seducing child runs a risk, of being damaged and traumatized. (…) Consequently, the child must be ‘protected from his own desires’, even when his desires turn him towards an adult”.

In case of Macron family the French society and its legal system did not protect a 15 years boy as not to have that “affaire d’amour” with a woman 25 years his senior.     Seems to me that the French morality is very permissive and we will never know, in this generation what was the case of Macron’s family.

In the book Women Who Sexually Abuse Children: From Research to Clinical Practice, it is stated that: “Women who sexually abuse children can be of any age, social class, intellectual ability, and marital status, and can be involved in any type of employment….”

The case of Macron pair is a perfect example.

I recently realized that not Greeks from antiquity  discovered “Oedipus complex”, analyzed ad nauseam by psychologists because is very much in fashion to have a Bachelor in psychology and to pretend that sexually obsessed, Freud, is right.                The only moment when I understood what psychology is about was when I heard the very empiric explanation given by Crocodile Dundee, if you remember the movie.             I also believe that Sophocles was not competent enough to theatrically write about  Oedipus .

Carl Jung explains very well that …”At the core of any mother complex is the mother archetype, which means that behind emotional associations with the personal mother, both in men and in women, there is a collective image of nourishment and security on the one hand (the positive mother.”  For this reason I stated that Macron as a victim of complex , looked to his beloved Brigitte as a motherly symbol.

I also realized that Sophocles was not competent enough to theatrically write about  Oedipus . As a matter of fact this theatrical subject should have been approached during the French Classicism by Racine and Corneille.  Maybe better by the comedian Moliere  if we will look to the result of French presidential election.

From my modest legal education I knew  that  in Napoleonic penal code has been mentioned paedophilia as a crime. Seems to me I was mistaken because in 19th century , the age of “consent” was dropped to 15. Therefore the mother symbol could not be guilty. Macron , when he was 15 years old entered  in an “affair d’amour” cu Madame professeur  Brigitte , his senior with  a mere 25  years,  and in the same class with one of her daughters! Seems to me that the idea of paedophilia did not  apply in that time, as I mentioned before.

Now, when he is 39 years old  is Monsieur President and she, at 64 (!!) is first lady of France

On top of this old Oedipal situation he is step father of 3 children quite the same age with his own age and step grandfather of seven children while she is a grandma from children of her children which are the same age with her husband!

I have to stop here because I am totally confused and even Oedipus is amused by this unusual history which might be a comedy  but it is  to immoral to laugh.

An immoral act is difficult to describe and it is related to the history of society. But in this case the act is so obvious than only liberals could not comprehend.

The French electorate is totally aloof as it is ours when comes to the basic interests and principles of our Canadian civilization and culture.

And our academia and intelligentsia did not comment   anything about the French comedic presidential election because we have to respect and protect our bilingualism.

But to attack conservatives or Trump , any abjection is permissible, because it is not French.

Therefore vive la libéralisme and le bilinguisme.



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