52 – CANADA – for sale


Any normal, simple person with a simple understanding of the mechanics of market knows that when we go to buy something we cannot purchase a value which exceeds the amount in our bank account. People with a high dose of naïveté think that using credit cards can enjoy some purchase stuff now and paid for it later.

This is the base of credit society.

Unfortunately, that idea of “later” brings an interest rate of 24% up to 27% which a lot of folks cannot afford and the debt accrues to the disastrous level.

One cannot buy a house priced at $800K if doesn’t have a down payment of a minimum $80K and cannot pay monthly instalments when the salary is $40K per year.

The lunatic American experiment from a few years ago resulted in an economic disaster.

However, our liberal politicians infested by socialist slogans from Lenin and Trotsky time, in order to attract an ignorant electorate, come in agora with promises of everything to be free, education, health, subsidized houses, everything based on fallacies and not specifying where from will come the later payments. We refuse to comprehend that the education, health, unemployment is a privilege and not a right.

That joker from USA , reading pages from Marx and Trotsky, I refer to Ben Sanders, proposing taxes up to 90% still could not explain how the debt will be paid.

Statistics Canada said the amount of household credit market debt rose to 167.3 per cent of adjusted household disposable income in the fourth quarter of 2016 , up from 166.8 per cent in the third quarter, up 23 per cent from a decade ago,

That means there was $1.67 in credit market debt for every dollar of adjusted household disposable income.

This very simple, basic statistics is reflected at our national level and the consequences are ignored by our leftist government, hungry to please the ignoramus and to collect few more votes at the next election

Our trade balance withy other countries reached an astronomic level of (MINUS )-44,229,105,000 which means we import more than we export. It is like a farmer who goes to the market and sells   2 chickens but buys 2 cows.

How to pay the difference? Maybe hoping that his chickens at the farm in the next year will produce thousands of chicks but doesn’t consider that the price between chicks and cows will always be in the advantage of the cows.

This is the logics applied by the leftist government who, in budget, foresee for the next 3 years a deficit of more than 80 billion, and this is a very low estimate.

How can this amount can be repaid and when?

The taxes will not be enough. We are taxed to death. That idiotic fallacy named “carbon tax” is just a ridiculous illusion dumped on us by scientific, economic and political illiterates.

Money has to come from somewhere .

And they mortgage Canada .Combined federal and provincial net debt has increased from $834 billion in 2007/08 to a projected $1.3 trillion in 2015/16. This combined debt equals 64.8% of the economy or $35,827 for every man, woman, and child living in Canada.

As of September 2016, the average wage for Canadian employees was under $50,000 a year. This represents a 0.4% increase over the same period last year. The most recent average Canadian income – $52,572 was in November 2016

Without the debt brought to us by politicians always oriented to the left bringing upon us a series of useless “social programs”, means that our average income would have been over $80.000 and NOT 50,000!!!

From 2009-2010 to 2013-2014, the amount of the Canadian’s debt held by foreign investors passed from 15% to 27% with a peak at 30% in 2012-2013.

I could not find data for the last year but, obviously is much higher. Therefore my title that Canada is for sale is not at all exaggerated.

Our politicians avoid to make publicly which foreigners owns most of our very expensive hotels, supermarkets or entire malls or what is the reason for which entire new buildings are purchased by outsiders who never use this slice of real estate while our new generations cannot afford to buy anything in order to start a family.

It is painful even to read that some Chinese potentates are willing to buy the entire area of oil sand pushing the arrogance to the extent that they impose a condition: not to talk about their record of human rights!

They can afford to be arrogant: at least 90% of what we buy, except food, is made in China , most of it  is under normal quality and the price is competitive because they use a cheap labour , almost similar to slavery.

Besides of this financial aspect which will ruin our country built on the sweating of hard working previous generations, we have also the aspect of selling the essential soul of our nation.

It is called “multiculturalism”.

It is not invented by those who came on this God blessed land, most of them from Europe but from other nations as well, determined to be assimilated in our basic Judeo Christian culture and tradition. No. It was invented by leftist politicians hungry for power who open the flood gates to various nations and ideologies totally incompatible with our tradition and culture and totally against any assimilation into our nation, but intending to destroy what is ours and to replace it with what is theirs, although at historical scale some are still at the barbaric medieval stage.

And to be voted in power, to easily attract votes ,these politicians are pushing on us celebrations of habits, ideologies and customs, under the banner of “multiculturalism” – clearly not yet defined and very close to the barbaric medieval time or far away from a normal morality inherited from our ancestors.

Therefore Canada is for sale to those who control our national disastrous debt and to the internal infiltration as well of those who infiltrates our civil and modern culture like a Trojan horse waiting to destroy what was beautifully built for hundred of years while they did built and produced nothing in the realm of civilization and real culture.

If Canada would sale something ought to be her politicians with their lack of morals, ideas and, above all, respect and love for our country.

If we will not do that Canada, as we know it now, will disappear.

We have to stand up: Canada must not be for sale.



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