#54- CHE – Sanctification of a killer


Some 40 years ago, visiting a very highly educated university professor with strong leftist leaning as most of “academics” have and I cannot understand why, I was surprised to see in his “powder room” a huge poster of infamous Ernesto “Che” Guevara. In that time, an intense propaganda in favour of communist terrorists like Castro, Che , ejusdem farinae was in a full force due to financial help of former Soviet Union.                                        After the fall of that failed “social experiment” which left behind a hecatombs of victims, I hoped that so called intellectuals will realise their fallacy knowing that they were duped by an insidious propaganda.

I was wrong. The ignorance and ineptitude of these academics doesn’t have any limits.                                                                  This month of October, on 9th, the leftists propaganda “celebrated the 50th anniversary of the death of Guevara, still considered a “revolutionary leader” in lieu of a psychotic serial killer. He is an epitome of what Stalin stated: killing one is a crime; killing thousands is statistics.

Guevara was a creator of statistics. Although educated with a title of medical doctor, therefore under the rules of Hippocrates oath, he became a sort of poster boy of Castro’s killing machine. Of the 25 executions by the Rebel Army during the fight against Batista that Cuba Archive has documented, at least 6 were at Che’s hand or ordered by him. From January 1 to 3, 1959, Che executed, or left orders to execute, 25 people in Santa Clara. On 3 January, Fidel Castro appointed him commander of La Cabaña prison in Havana and supreme judge of the revolutionary tribunals. In the short period in which he was in charge of La Cabaña (from January 4 to November 26, 1959), at least 73 people were executed without basic legal guarantees and the great majority without their crimes having been proven. Che not only commanded La Cabaña, but was also the judge in charge of all appeals.                                                                                                                     At the United Nations in New York on 11 December 1964, he made his famous declaration: “Executions, yes we have executed, we are executing and we will continue to execute as long as necessary.”                                                                                                         What is less legendary, but more shocking, is that he was in favor of unleashing nuclear war to “build a better world,”

He was not a killer but proud to be a killer. He even wrote to his own father that, “My nostrils dilate while savoring the acrid odor of gunpowder and blood…I’d like to confess, Papa, at that moment I discovered that I really like killing”                       And international community accepted him.! Nelson Mandela referred to him as: “An inspiration for every human being who loves freedom  ”                                                                           What a shame for our “civilized “ society!                                      

The real number of Che’s victims may never be known. In addition to those he may have killed in Cuba and who are still unknown, many others died in the guerrilla revolts he led in the Congo and Bolivia, as well as other violent actions he led in Latin America.    The Black Book on Communism cites a total of 14,000 executions by the end of the 1960s. Che was quoted in 1962 by the editor of the RevolucÍon, Carlos Franqui, as saying “We executed many people by firing squad without knowing if they were fully guilty. At times, the Revolution cannot stop to conduct much investigation.” Today’s so called “journalists” infested by leftist propaganda and dreaming of socialism, ought to recall what their beloved Che said : we must eliminate all the newspapers. We cannot make a revolution with a free press.                                                  

Somebody wrote very aptly: “So before you jump on the pop-culture bandwagon and purchase your Che Guevara t-shirt and other Che paraphernalia, understand who he was and what he REALLY stood for: hatred, intolerance, and mass murder.”     What is the difference between a drug dealer and mass murderer like Escobar of Columbia (his “anniversary” is coming on December 2nd) and Che Guevara? The difference is in statistics. At least Escobar, besides of killing, he helped some poor people at the beginning of his career.                                                      

Guevara never did anything human. He was an antihuman.            

To celebrate him or his death is disgusting and immoral.

Johannes de Silentio






                              THE  MORAL TREASON

The embarrassing case of Omar Kadr


Lately I noticed the expansion of ignorance not in the area of history only, but even in the area of linguistics. If this ignorance is exposed by a teenager using the word “like” every third word issued from his mouth, I would not be surprised. But using important words with an obvious intention of disqualified someone or to insult, by so called journalists, politicians and even some members of “academia” is a a very sad and quite dangerous symptom .

Today I will refer to the word ‘TREASON” which is more and more used in Canada and USA as well, as an abuse of its origins and meanings. As everyone who speak English knows the word “treason” means , basically, to betray, to deceive.                                                  On a higher level it is used “high treason” when a person kills or attempts to kill, wounds , imprisons or restrains the sovereign or wages war against our country or to overthrow the elected government– as it is stipulated under section 46 of our Criminal Code.                     In USA the framers of constitution tried to ensure that the idea of “treason trial” not to be used as a weapon against political opponents. It is exactly what is used today due to a wilful crass ignorance. The best example in USA was offered by that ridiculous political clown/Scaramouch, named Stephen Colbert who, due to his lack of knowledge in everything, accused the general Flynn of treason because of some alleged ties to Russia and accused the President Trump of being “traitor”.                                                                                     We ought to understand that the offence of treason can be committed by citizens and not citizens as well and an activity against the state it is not related to age or national background as, those pseudointellectuals disguised in journalists or politicians , tried to influence us. It is also a mistake to claim that leaking information to newspapers, journalists are enemies of the state, regardless how reprehensible this act is.

People wrongly using this word should read a little bit of history. The earliest English treason legislation, which dates from 1351, is the basis of all treason legislation in the English-speaking world. Treason meant an attack upon the person or life of the monarch, but as the state became more important than its sovereign, treason came to indicate any act directed at the overthrow of the government or against the security of the state. Anyone participating in a rebellion or an unsuccessful revolution is technically guilty of treason, although only the leaders tend to be prosecuted. Conversely, it is not uncommon for the leaders of a successful revolution to try former opponents for treason.                      All the facts labelled by ignoramus as treason could be ,lets say, included in a new category, for which I will use a non legal term of “moral treason” in lieu of a better word.

I started to write all the above looking to this immoral act of releasing a terrorist killer, Omar Kadr , from jail and giving him a total immoral financial compensation of more that ten million dollars.                                                                                                                           What is in a nut shell the case of Omar Kadr?                                                                                      He is a product of a Canadian liberalism and globalism pushed through our throat by incompetent politicians without any respect for our culture and tradition, while their aim being to transform our beloved Canada in a conglomerate of ghettoes formed by various migrants who do not have any intention to be assimilated in our civilization, but destroying it. Raised in a Islamic terrorist family he was trained from the very young age to be a terrorist and an efficient killer. Due to the ineptitude of our politicians we let these terrorists to have double citizenship, hyphenated Canadians, as they can escape to other countries after committing heinous acts.                                                                                         Omar leaves Canada, where he was born, trains in Afghanistan as a Islamic fighter against Afghan authorities, USA and Canadian military forces and, in 2002 he viciously and openly killed an American medic soldier gravely injured another one.                                He committed a criminal act against the military of our very best friend nation and allied on the foreign territory.

We should not oversee the humanity of Americans who treated his injuries despite of the fact that he was an illegal combatant, a terrorist. According to his upbringing “culture” the age of 15 did not diminish his legal responsibility.  According to Shariah, if a boy experiences Ihtilaam (wet dream) or has the ability to impregnate he will be regarded to be Baligh (mature). This is referred to as physical maturity. However, if a boy does not become physically mature by the age of 15, Shariah will consider him to Baligh from the age of 15.Therefore Omar acted according to his faith , he should be held accountable based on his faith.

Unfortunately the inept politicians opted to apply our agreement with some 83 states which enable Canadians convicted of offences in other countries to serve – with their consent and the approval of Canada and the sentencing countries – their sentences in Canadian penal institutions, where they can more easily prepare for their return to Canadian life. Remains for ever a moral mystery why the aggregate of leftists have militated to bring that Omar back in Canada after he admitted his guilt of killing and has been dully sentenced in USA. Suddenly our politicians acted from a diluted and perverted humanitarianism in favour of a pathologic killer who did not show the slightest sign of remorse.

Moreover those of the same ideology , outside of Canada, praised his deed as a heroic one and those ejusdem farinae, in Canada, approached an edulcorated position claiming that “he’s a remarkable young man. He’s peaceful, he’s kind, he’s very humble. And I think he’s looking forward to just having that normal life,”. Up to now he did not show any of these pretending qualities. Tragically his victims will never have a normal life , or life at all.

To add insult to injury some politicians, obviously not the brightest bulbs in the room and totally aloof from idea of saving Canada’s culture and civilization, quickly arranged to “compensate” a convicted killer, without any legal decision , with an obscene amount of 10.5 million dollars.

With a typical liberalism arrogance it was also taken a not legal measure as the money to be quickly paid as the victims not to have the legal right of collecting a legal compensation decided by a civil action against Omar!

In an interview with the Toronto Sun , Layne Morris says Trudeau’s decision to reward the former al-Qaida terrorist with a formal apology and $10.5 million cash settlement feels “like a punch in the face.” “I don’t see this as anything but treason,” said Morris. “It’s something a traitor would do. As far as I am concerned, Prime Minister Trudeau should be charged.”

It is not my intention (it will be very boring) to discuss all the “legalese “ related to the perversion of our legal system infested by leftist ideology which made from a convicted Islamic terrorist killer a rich free man but Mr. Morris, victim of Omar Kadr has , legally speaking, a wrong interpretation of “treason”. Unfortunately it will be morally correct as our PM to have legal consequences for his legal ignorance and for his immoral action to quickly pay a convicted killer a huge amount of money, but he cannot be accused of treason. What he did is on the line of his obsession with photo ops, perfect hair style, collecting future voters from illegal migrants, LGTBQ and adepts of ambiguous symbols on public washrooms (toilettes in his native language), but all of those do not constitute treason.

He and those around him are guilty of the lack of love for our Country, lack or respect for our culture and civilization and morally deprived of the qualities as to distinguish between what is important for our civilized society and what actions will affect our future.

If we think carefully we will conclude that in his tragic and in the same time ridiculous story, somebody ought to be guilty.

We, the electorate are guilty being complacent and letting inept and ignorant politicians embalmed in a dangerous leftism, pro-communism demagoguery to be elected to lead us in lieu of looking to find and elevate real statesmen .

Johannes de Silentio



52 – CANADA – for sale


Any normal, simple person with a simple understanding of the mechanics of market knows that when we go to buy something we cannot purchase a value which exceeds the amount in our bank account. People with a high dose of naïveté think that using credit cards can enjoy some purchase stuff now and paid for it later.

This is the base of credit society.

Unfortunately, that idea of “later” brings an interest rate of 24% up to 27% which a lot of folks cannot afford and the debt accrues to the disastrous level.

One cannot buy a house priced at $800K if doesn’t have a down payment of a minimum $80K and cannot pay monthly instalments when the salary is $40K per year.

The lunatic American experiment from a few years ago resulted in an economic disaster.

However, our liberal politicians infested by socialist slogans from Lenin and Trotsky time, in order to attract an ignorant electorate, come in agora with promises of everything to be free, education, health, subsidized houses, everything based on fallacies and not specifying where from will come the later payments. We refuse to comprehend that the education, health, unemployment is a privilege and not a right.

That joker from USA , reading pages from Marx and Trotsky, I refer to Ben Sanders, proposing taxes up to 90% still could not explain how the debt will be paid.

Statistics Canada said the amount of household credit market debt rose to 167.3 per cent of adjusted household disposable income in the fourth quarter of 2016 , up from 166.8 per cent in the third quarter, up 23 per cent from a decade ago,

That means there was $1.67 in credit market debt for every dollar of adjusted household disposable income.

This very simple, basic statistics is reflected at our national level and the consequences are ignored by our leftist government, hungry to please the ignoramus and to collect few more votes at the next election

Our trade balance withy other countries reached an astronomic level of (MINUS )-44,229,105,000 which means we import more than we export. It is like a farmer who goes to the market and sells   2 chickens but buys 2 cows.

How to pay the difference? Maybe hoping that his chickens at the farm in the next year will produce thousands of chicks but doesn’t consider that the price between chicks and cows will always be in the advantage of the cows.

This is the logics applied by the leftist government who, in budget, foresee for the next 3 years a deficit of more than 80 billion, and this is a very low estimate.

How can this amount can be repaid and when?

The taxes will not be enough. We are taxed to death. That idiotic fallacy named “carbon tax” is just a ridiculous illusion dumped on us by scientific, economic and political illiterates.

Money has to come from somewhere .

And they mortgage Canada .Combined federal and provincial net debt has increased from $834 billion in 2007/08 to a projected $1.3 trillion in 2015/16. This combined debt equals 64.8% of the economy or $35,827 for every man, woman, and child living in Canada.

As of September 2016, the average wage for Canadian employees was under $50,000 a year. This represents a 0.4% increase over the same period last year. The most recent average Canadian income – $52,572 was in November 2016

Without the debt brought to us by politicians always oriented to the left bringing upon us a series of useless “social programs”, means that our average income would have been over $80.000 and NOT 50,000!!!

From 2009-2010 to 2013-2014, the amount of the Canadian’s debt held by foreign investors passed from 15% to 27% with a peak at 30% in 2012-2013.

I could not find data for the last year but, obviously is much higher. Therefore my title that Canada is for sale is not at all exaggerated.

Our politicians avoid to make publicly which foreigners owns most of our very expensive hotels, supermarkets or entire malls or what is the reason for which entire new buildings are purchased by outsiders who never use this slice of real estate while our new generations cannot afford to buy anything in order to start a family.

It is painful even to read that some Chinese potentates are willing to buy the entire area of oil sand pushing the arrogance to the extent that they impose a condition: not to talk about their record of human rights!

They can afford to be arrogant: at least 90% of what we buy, except food, is made in China , most of it  is under normal quality and the price is competitive because they use a cheap labour , almost similar to slavery.

Besides of this financial aspect which will ruin our country built on the sweating of hard working previous generations, we have also the aspect of selling the essential soul of our nation.

It is called “multiculturalism”.

It is not invented by those who came on this God blessed land, most of them from Europe but from other nations as well, determined to be assimilated in our basic Judeo Christian culture and tradition. No. It was invented by leftist politicians hungry for power who open the flood gates to various nations and ideologies totally incompatible with our tradition and culture and totally against any assimilation into our nation, but intending to destroy what is ours and to replace it with what is theirs, although at historical scale some are still at the barbaric medieval stage.

And to be voted in power, to easily attract votes ,these politicians are pushing on us celebrations of habits, ideologies and customs, under the banner of “multiculturalism” – clearly not yet defined and very close to the barbaric medieval time or far away from a normal morality inherited from our ancestors.

Therefore Canada is for sale to those who control our national disastrous debt and to the internal infiltration as well of those who infiltrates our civil and modern culture like a Trojan horse waiting to destroy what was beautifully built for hundred of years while they did built and produced nothing in the realm of civilization and real culture.

If Canada would sale something ought to be her politicians with their lack of morals, ideas and, above all, respect and love for our country.

If we will not do that Canada, as we know it now, will disappear.

We have to stand up: Canada must not be for sale.


#51-Political somnambulism


 The very recent terrorist attack in Manchester, where 22 people have been killed and more than one hundred injured, inbred in Islamic terrorism promoted by ISIS, made me think again that we, civilized world, due to the ineptitudes nurtured by political correctness, liberalism, progressivism, globalism, etc., are living in a time of a political somnambulism.                                                                                                                                        And when I said “we”, I obviously refer to our emasculated leaders who, in a perfect denial regarding the danger of that terrorism, compete in a common concert in declaring the same platitudes repeated after each act of terror but in fact doing nothing and let us to be victims of barbarism. Look to just a few examples identically printed after each atrocities: -“Please keep the victims & their families in your thoughts.” Canada                    “Our thoughts go out to the victims of the Manchester attack and their families.” Italy -“Germany stands by your side.” – Merkel , chancellor who open the flood gate of Europe to a false refugee crise.                                                                                                                                “-All our thoughts are with the victims and the families of those who have been affected,” said May of UK who, at the approaching election, she might lose.

In the same time, the terrorists, with a free and easy access to the electronic media, in jubilation posted their hate towards us, civilized nations: “the beginning is in Brussels and Paris, and in London we form a state,” meaning ISIS.

This symptom of political somnambulism is so deeply entrenched in the brains of leftist politicians and media which supports them, as such they refuse to acknowledge that these acts of terror are the result of their own makings: multiculturalism with social elements devoid of culture and incapable of being assimilated in our civilization, globalization which dissipates all the national characteristics which are replaced with barbaric traditions, and its corollary of cancellation of all the borders which facilitates free movement of various hoards of terrorists and , above all, hiding their social and political impotence behind a ludicrous notion of political correctness which nobody can intelligently define.

Due to very well organized leftist propaganda a good part of populace cannot understand the danger and continue to vote in power the same somnambul demagogues with a disastrous effect to the future of our civilization and culture.

We also notice a defeatism disguised as pacifism from those ignorant in their own history and infected by laziness as such not to stand and defend themselves. The best example is the former “hippy” movement (“make love not wars”!!!) which produced hollywoodian characters like Hanoi Jane or today Madonna.

A branch of pacifism is also practiced by some Christians. Those who maintain that it is enough to pray and to proclaim the faith in Jesus will accomplish nothing except appeasement . Recently Obama was hailed as a new (political) Messiah and look where the world is now.                                                                                                                                     I have an utmost respect for the belief similar to the first Christians of catacombs . If the entire Christianity will kneel  and  pray , the barbarian will win. In 12th century Jerusalem would not have been liberated for one hundred years if Christians would have resumed their fight to prayers only.                                                                                                                            In order  for Christianity to survive, we have to pay attention to that passage from the Bible (John 2:15) where is stated : And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers’ money, and overthrew the tables;

Middle way or middle solution doesn’t exist. 

The present road of defeatism and appeasement is paved with lawyers who are ministers of defense or with ministers selected based not on merit but on the skin colour and national background, some even not respecting the uniform and the flag.                          The brave military personnel who can win in any battle cannot fight because they are corseted in various idiotic rules as how not to have “collateral damages” or how to protect enemy’s traditions and habits as such in the last almost 20 years the terrorism flourishes and expands.

We have to learn from the history of Sparta, as an example, where the fighters where taught by their mothers, before the battle : “Another woman handed her son his shield, and exhorted him: Son, either with this or on this.” (Plutarch)                                                                  Now, in Hollywood , female clowns like Madonna dreams to kill the president.

In this time of political somnambulism the politicians masquerading in leaders , between saving their countries, culture and civilization or to impose the “political correctness” they prefer the last one, even they cannot explain what it is.                                                          Our legal systems created to protect us are so edulcorated that we read ineptitudes like: we cannot arrest them because they did not YET committed any crime. We cannot spread the country with preventive camps like in Guantanamo.                                                                                 Between seeing children butchered by terrorist acts and seeing some Guantanamo camps , it will be better for everyone Guantanamo sites.

We defeat ourselves because we let somnambulists to take care of our lives, culture and civilization and we do not elect statesmen with love for the country in lieu of politicians in love with their party’s interests.

When we will wake up, it will be too late.

Manchester and other tragedies are just a preamble to what is coming.

Johannes de Silentio







#50 – FAITH? Which one?

             FAITH ? WHICH ONE?

 As a result of European religious wars and persecutions , the first inhabitants of the New World legally evolved as such now, in USA and Canada as well we have a full protection of religions, sometimes using the term of “faith”.

If one will carefully read American constitution, especially what Jefferson wrote about this subject or Canadian Charter of Rights will notice the best intentions to protect that aspect of freedom but one can also observes that these legal documents do not clarify, in fact, what religion means.                                                                                                                Strictly linguistic the definition is very simple: “a particular system of faith and worship.”

Former Chief Justice Brian Dickson wrote that the religion freedom includes “the right to entertain such religious beliefs as a person chooses, the right to declare religious beliefs openly and without fear of hindrance or reprisal, and the right to manifest religious belief by worship and practice or by teaching and dissemination.”                                                          In another case, our Supreme Court in a majority found freedom of religion encompasses a right to religious practices “”if the individual has a n their sincere belief that the practice is connected to religion.”                                                                                                                   I have a full respect for the learnt minds of our Justices but such interpretations open a flood gate of a lot of aberrations disguised in religions. In this day and age full of political correctness some aberrations or acts against our culture and civilization are defended under the pretences presented as “our faith”.

If we will apply what in logic is called reduction ad absurdum, do we have to accept a “religion “ which believes in human sacrifices?                                                                                  A lot of former civilizations practiced human sacrifices. What will it be if some descendants of those civilization will claim revival of their ancestor faith?

Currently human sacrifice is very rare and almost non-existent in modern India. However, there have been at least 3 cases through 2003–2013 where 3 men have been murdered in the name of human sacrifice implying the practice may still be ongoing in greater numbers in the unpoliced slums.  The Maya held the belief that cenotes or limestone sinkholes were portals to the underworld and sacrificed human beings and tossed them down the cenote to please the water god Chaa The Aztecs were particularly noted for practicing human sacrifice on a large scale Human sacrifice was common in West African states up to and during the 19th century                                                                      In March 2010, a 26-year-old labourer in Bangladesh was killed by fellow workers on the orders of the owners after a fortune teller suggested that a human sacrifice would yield highly prized red bricks

This type of “faith “ is found also within tribes of so called “first nations”. The Pawnee practiced an annual Morning Star Ceremony, which included the sacrifice of a young girl. Though the ritual continued, the sacrifice was discontinued in the 19th century. The Iroquois are said to have occasionally sent a maiden to the Great Spirit.

If descendants of nations who believed in human sacrifices will today desire to revive their “religion” will our justices will agree with them based on their “sincere belief that the practice is connected to religion.”?                                                                                                         It is not clear why we intend to persecute the polygamy when the culprits declare their sincere faith in it?                                                                                                                                   Moreover we, civilized society, based on this notion of “sincere belief” of others whom are so easily accepted without a serious vetting, , should not be revolted if in Canada is practiced female genital mutilation or the wife beating, because everything is based on belief approved by some ideological writing.                                                                                {There is some evidence to indicate that FGM is practised in Ontario and across Canada among immigrant and refugee communities. FGM is considered child assault and prohibited under sections 267 (assault causing bodily harm) or 268 (aggravated assault, including wounding, maiming, disfiguring) of the Criminal Code. But all these sections contradict and are used in defence with what the justice considered “sincere belief}

In Canada (and in USA as well) it is made a serious effort to protect all animals.        However we have in store meat from animals killed in a certain religious way which is a form of slaughtering animals involving killing through a cut to the jugular vein, carotid artery and windpipe. … Animals must be alive and healthy at the time of slaughter and all blood is drained from the carcass.(quote from a “religious book”  )                         One, including any of justices , ought not to be vegetarian to be revolted by this form of barbarism.

Using the same argument reduction ad absurdum , Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot can justify their atrocities based on their “sincere” belief in their “religion” which was Marxism, atheism.

I suspect that our judicial system represented by a new generation of justices–not only in Canada- is barren of the traditional principles inherited from centuries and is replaced with a branch of judicial correctness, if I may called it, as such in a veil way to accept anything under the general flag of politically correctness.                                                              The diluted legal system doesn’t understand that it not protects real religions but is aloof of an infiltration of alien ideologies totally in defiance with our civilization and culture.

And this infiltration has a very obvious intention to destroy our existing system and replace it with something which, compering with ours, is barbaric, anacronic.

Johannes de Silentio









# 49 A French Oedipus


Our Canadian intelligentsia and academia in cahoots with a socialism infested journalism, jumped with an unparalleled fury against today’s US President, although it was not our business or area of interest.

Looking to the recent French presidential election I wonder why the same intelligentsia did not comment anything about Macron and his strange family.

Trump was attacked as sexist, disrespectful to women, but nobody explains the “affair d’amour” which come s quite close to paedophilia or, if you like it, to so called “Oedipus complex” which is a sexual relation between the child and the mother, like in Sophocles tragedy from fifth centuries BC.

It is known that a conscious adult mind is a moral factor which fights against this complex. Freud considered the reactions against the Oedipus complex the most important social achievements of the human mind.

A French academic, Foucault has stated in 1978 :“It could be that the child, with his own sexuality, may have desired that adult, he may even have consented, he may even have made the first moves. We may even agree that it was he who seduced the adult. But we specialists with our psychological knowledge know perfectly well that even the seducing child runs a risk, of being damaged and traumatized. (…) Consequently, the child must be ‘protected from his own desires’, even when his desires turn him towards an adult”.

In case of Macron family the French society and its legal system did not protect a 15 years boy as not to have that “affaire d’amour” with a woman 25 years his senior.     Seems to me that the French morality is very permissive and we will never know, in this generation what was the case of Macron’s family.

In the book Women Who Sexually Abuse Children: From Research to Clinical Practice, it is stated that: “Women who sexually abuse children can be of any age, social class, intellectual ability, and marital status, and can be involved in any type of employment….”

The case of Macron pair is a perfect example.

I recently realized that not Greeks from antiquity  discovered “Oedipus complex”, analyzed ad nauseam by psychologists because is very much in fashion to have a Bachelor in psychology and to pretend that sexually obsessed, Freud, is right.                The only moment when I understood what psychology is about was when I heard the very empiric explanation given by Crocodile Dundee, if you remember the movie.             I also believe that Sophocles was not competent enough to theatrically write about  Oedipus .

Carl Jung explains very well that …”At the core of any mother complex is the mother archetype, which means that behind emotional associations with the personal mother, both in men and in women, there is a collective image of nourishment and security on the one hand (the positive mother.”  For this reason I stated that Macron as a victim of complex , looked to his beloved Brigitte as a motherly symbol.

I also realized that Sophocles was not competent enough to theatrically write about  Oedipus . As a matter of fact this theatrical subject should have been approached during the French Classicism by Racine and Corneille.  Maybe better by the comedian Moliere  if we will look to the result of French presidential election.

From my modest legal education I knew  that  in Napoleonic penal code has been mentioned paedophilia as a crime. Seems to me I was mistaken because in 19th century , the age of “consent” was dropped to 15. Therefore the mother symbol could not be guilty. Macron , when he was 15 years old entered  in an “affair d’amour” cu Madame professeur  Brigitte , his senior with  a mere 25  years,  and in the same class with one of her daughters! Seems to me that the idea of paedophilia did not  apply in that time, as I mentioned before.

Now, when he is 39 years old  is Monsieur President and she, at 64 (!!) is first lady of France

On top of this old Oedipal situation he is step father of 3 children quite the same age with his own age and step grandfather of seven children while she is a grandma from children of her children which are the same age with her husband!

I have to stop here because I am totally confused and even Oedipus is amused by this unusual history which might be a comedy  but it is  to immoral to laugh.

An immoral act is difficult to describe and it is related to the history of society. But in this case the act is so obvious than only liberals could not comprehend.

The French electorate is totally aloof as it is ours when comes to the basic interests and principles of our Canadian civilization and culture.

And our academia and intelligentsia did not comment   anything about the French comedic presidential election because we have to respect and protect our bilingualism.

But to attack conservatives or Trump , any abjection is permissible, because it is not French.

Therefore vive la libéralisme and le bilinguisme.



                  DIVIDED WE STAND

The last news related to Conservative leadership’s election, the fact that Kevin O’Leary dropped out, shows once more that what we call my beloved Canada  is a fiction , it is not a real country. Her Majesty dominion is formed out of two solitudes: Canada proper as an extension of  Anglo Saxon culture and civilization and the second one , based on French immigrants, never happy on the new land and never willing to assimilate, who tried to create their own country with a new French identity.

Due to the impressive size of the British empire, even after the start of its slow dissolution, this new nation called itself Quebec, although the name is not at all French.

The O’Leary “case” proves that the liberalism in Canada is interested in maintaining power only and not at all in making the country more prosperous. Regardless of anyone’s opinion about O’Leary, to replace meritocracy with dynastic democracy based on the fiction called bilingualism is not only risible but detrimental to the country itself. The French language is beautiful and the culture born from it is extremely important in our European heritage.

As a former bilingual myself I have a great respect for uniquity of the French culture and a regret that I lost the fluency of that language.

However , a country cannot progress based on division.

And this division is a result of a perverse leftist ideology which has the main aim of controlling a nation using that old Latin divide et impera, but not the military force.     That strange ideological concoction of Marxism, Stalinism, Jansenism and liberal internationalism which was called P.E.Trudeau is the main cause of the language friction and inequality which today burdens and eliminated meritocracy in favour of various lunacies which dominate our government and political structure.                                     Pierre Trudeau, enacted the first Official Languages Act in 1969 and entrenched detailed protections for the two official languages in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982. He did not do it for the love of Canada, because he was an internationalist of the Comintern mold. He was also not interested in developing French culture which was proved when he crushed FLQ activity. He understood that through his measure he will control 25% of Canada and liberals, using Quebec’s electorate, will always be “king makers”. The aim of Trudeau’s activity was to make Canada one party state where the central government will control our lives to the smallest detail as did one of his idols, Stalin. Isn’t Pierre who allegedly said, looking to the area named Vorkuta of the former Soviet Union, location of tens of extermination camps and where millions perished: here started the future….

Is Canada in fact a “bilingual country”?

Reading the government statistics one can be in a serious doubt. In Quebec, about 42.6 percent of the population (3,328,725 people) report knowing both languages; , in the rest of Canada, in 2006 only about 10.2 percent (2,430,990) of the population had a knowledge of both of the country’s official languages. From the same statistics we found that  Inuktitut is also an official language in Nunavut. The Northwest Territories accords official status to nine aboriginal languages. If we add various dialects of various tribes, Canada looks like a base for an experimental Esperanto invented in the late 19th century It will be wonderful to have all Canadians speaking Shakespeare’s and Voltaire’s languages. Reality is totally different and we have MD in hospital speaking an uncertain official language and a lot of academics lecturing at universities in a doubtful language but with a strong leftist convictions.                                                                                                           I suspect that not bilingualism is important for liberals but the control of electorate.           In Canada one statesman could have an IQ higher than Einstein but if is not French speaking he is useless. Unfortunately if a politician speaks a very problematic English he or she can go to the highest level of government if he/she speaks French.

Pierre Eliot applied the Latin principle of divide and impera but not using the military force as Romans did. The idea was to control parts in order to dominate the entire country. The junior , was elected not based on his proven experience in some area at least , or based on some peculiar intellectual prowess combined with oratorical skill, but exclusively on the idea of dynastic democracy, good look, expensive hair cut and perfect bilingualism. He pushes Canada to an intense ghettoization when he ridiculously asserts that “our diversity is our strength”!?                                                                                                 This blatant historical ignorance opened the flood gates of invasion under the guise of “immigration” and “refugees” with less than minimal vetting. Canada is waiting to be a social victim of migration as Europe is. How will we enforce the bilingualism with false refugees from countries at all able to be assimilated into our civilization and culture? In order to secure more votes for idea of “liberalism” and “globalization” we let a future Trojan horse of terrorism to establish a strong foothold waiting for a proper time to struck and destroy our civilization.

In the same time the pleas of Christians in some parts of Middle East where they are butchered to the verge of extinction , are ignored .

For inept politicians any aberration has to be protected if it is declared “a culture” or “a faith”. Yours truly, was shocked finding a female doctor in a hospital who could not do a physical examination because was against “her faith” to touch a male body!

That old “hyphenated Canadian” evolved in a total ghettoes when in a big cities have East Asian , Hindu or Muslim , Somali ,Vietnamese, etc, areas refusing to go into mainstream of Canadian civilization some of them even imposing their barbaric customs and habits. And this on top of another foolishness named “first nations” which our total ghettoization.

In a perfect world (which we are not in) will be absolutely normal that Quebec to be a separate country which people richly deserve and the rest of Canada to continue its European roots, to be a country with one real culture and not a conglomerate of phantasies called “cultures” or “religions”

In this perfect world the liberalism will not have any reason to exist and these lunacies named globalization, inclusiveness , climate change , multilingualism ejusdem farinae will disappear for the benefit of Canada.

This is exactly what liberals refuse to accept and invent anything in order to make Canada one party state , a dream of a certain political dynasty and of other leftist ignoramus.

Johannes de Silentio




                UNDER ATTACK

 Initially I intended to name   this posting as “under pressure” referring to our civilization’s Judeo Christian roots. But after the most recent attacks against churches in Egypt I realised that using politically correctness is moot. The crude reality is that Christianity as a whole is under attack, and the response of our civilised world is not anymore a simple appeasement but a total capitulation.                                                                    We witness a tragically painful result of a political decay due to a global ignorance manifested by the leaders of the civilised world who, how they came in power, remains a total mystery to me.

I presume that Lenin (and Stalin as well), if they will be alive , will be very delighted to see how the idea of proletarian internationalism , where people suppose not to have any allegiance to their country but to their international movement , succeeded without any fight.

The civilization capitulates.

The perfect example , in the worst sense of the word, is represented by Frau Angela Merkel who, perversely using the power given to her by this inventive, resilient and extremely hard-working nation, brought Germany to the edge of a social abyss.        Although a declared Christian, in a very twisted way she developed an European policy which will have as a result the disappearing of German traditional Christian culture in favour of a new, aggressive ideology which she is oblivious  and total ignorant of.           After it was rightfully pointed out that her inept policy to open the borders to millions of migrants not related in any way to the idea of persecuted refugees and nobody knows how many of them have been infiltrators of ISIS, she publicly declared that Germany suffers not from “too much Islam” but “too little Christianity”.                                                          If she will not be obsessed by her image of the saviour of aggressive migrants in a strange interpretation of the Christianity she should take a look to her country’s ancient history. And learn something from it.

I refer to the battle of he Teutonic Forest during the year 9th when Germanic tribes totally destroyed Roman legions and after that Romans never tempted to attack again that territory. If Germanic people would have acted like today’s Frau Angela, Germany would never existed and with it never we would had Bach, Brahms, Mozart, Beethoven, Goethe, Schiller, etc.

This sort of Pharisaic Christianity performed in other countries –especially Scandinavian- but in France as well, proves that the politically emasculated western politicians are not able to distinguish between religion and racist violent ideology including everything in a new ludicrous word “globalization” which nobody can reasonable define, unless will copy Lenin.

They do not understand that the Renaissance with all its great creators is a result of some national cultures, Italian, French, English, German, etc ., and not a fictitious “global” creators and all our European cultural development emerged under Judeo Christian tradition as an extension of the ancient culture.

In their blind ignorance they cannot see that ISIS type of ideology will not develop anything but destroy everything because ISIS ancestors, as far as I know, never produced a Beethoven, a Shakespeare , a Tolstoy or an Ibsen. In their rabid anti-Semitism ideology ISIS considers Christianity as an extension of Judaism and therefore has to be totally destroyed.

And , yet, politicians do not see the danger and open the countries’ gates to let anyone in. The new leftist ideology which flooded our social life doesn’t produce anything positive, but chaos and hate. Our countries can be developed including various colour of skin, black, white, brown, yellow, etc., but they will implode if all members of our societies will not agree to be part of one national culture.

Karl Marx, writes in Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right :” Religion…it is the opium for the people.”

Our countries’ fathers, in their wisdom as not to be repeated the mistakes of a dogmatic extremist Christianity , legislated a total separation between Church and State, leaving in place some basic religious traditional belief manifested in official oath, the ten commandments , Lord Prayer, etc . They are part of a social package to show one allegiance to our Country’s traditions as it is respect for the flag, anthem, Queen, etc Unfortunately we had a new ideological fallacy , named “atheism” which infested our politicians who want to prove their independence from any religion.                                  Without making any dichotomy to be atheist became a new religion because is a belief in nothing.

Somehow while any form or residue of Christianity is eliminated, with a strange inconsistency and with an obvious bias against Christianity , our governments let seeping through forms of various religious ideology in contradiction with the principle of separation.                                                                                                                                                    It was accepted in schools a certain form of weapons to appease a minority, modify our basic national symbols, like military uniform , for the same reason, facilitate special spaces in school or other places where to be performed daily prays , accepted in schools visits from some sort of shamans to show traditional spiritual/religion ancestries, etc.,

On the line of transforming Canada in a conglomerate of various national, cultural and religious ghettoes some pseudo legal minds are ready to accept , in some areas of some ghettoes, to be applied a different set of Laws in a total contradiction with our traditional Common law and separation’s principle.

The most recent blow against our civilization and tradition is accepting , without a very strong vetting, a lot of people under the pretence of refugees – and not landed immigrants – and we cannot check if those are Christians systematically butchered in name of ISIS ideology or some are just infiltrators from he same category which has as an aim the extermination of Christian faith.

A very wise friend for whom I have a great respect being an example of a pillar of our society, recently wrote to me that he will do his pat, praying for surviving of the Christian faith.                                                                                                                                                                   His intention is very commendable. But to save our traditional culture and civilization we will need much more than to pray.

And not with the present leaders and politicians.

I wish to everyone, including atheists a Happy Easter and Happy Passover as well.

 Johanes de Silentio


#46 To Vote : CANADA

                          TO VOTE : CANADA

 The very ugly mob events in USA against the office of the President, whomever is he, must show us that whatever political tendency we have, the office of monarchic representative ought to be respected. The person is irrelevant. The symbol permanently is .                                                                                                                                                In my previous 3 postings about liberalism looking comparative with a conservatism I did not mention the liberal party or conservative one, per se. I firmly believe that our vote must be not for a name but for that political (or person) organization which shows a meritory effort for interest of Canada. To lead Canada based on a rigid ideology or on a superfluous “principles” pigmented with magniloquent speeches to impress, should not be our voting option, regardless of the name of that “party” .     For this reason it is confusing why people voted for Pierre who inherited a deficit of few billions and ended his tenure with a deficit of more than 200  billions and the subservient scribes still consider him a former great PM eluding his strong affiliation to communism, to Stalin, Mao or Castro and his tendency to one party state.

It is also very confusing and sad as well to read or hear: “vote for Liberals” or “vote for conservative” or for whatever or whomever but I never seen a call to “vote for Canada”.     Did we pay attention to the slogan: “ Dump Harper! For fundamental change, Vote communist!” ? Of course . not.

The electorate today is easily seduced and lured by demagoguery and by the false sonority of names meaning nothing – like a dangerous song of sirens .                   Personally I cannot find any rational explanation as how in Canada the young Trudeau became PM or in Alberta a group of an almost political illiterates have been elected , formed a government which pushes the most economic successful province to the brink of a total disaster due to ignorance, lack of a proper education and qualification.

I also noted a phenomenon of a perverted messianism.

The electorate in lieu of applying the real base of democracy, which is meritocracy, they applied the minimum effort and elect persons based on the highest grade of demagoguery combined with the illusory and duplicitous promises of more “free stuff” , less work and more welfare state. Plus fascination for names.                                  In order to impress vulgus the politicians today do not present their plan as how to make Canada better, how to work harder and protect our traditional civilization and culture but they select some fallacious words as children select their preferred toys.  As a result we hear now, almost daily, the sanctimonious sentence “ to protect our Canadian values” – but nobody is able to define them.                                                                       We are embalmed in euphuistic speeches about climate change with its corollary carbon tax, helping he world with its corollary od lax immigration, rights of whatever are today in fashion, from nonexistent sins committed against a fictitious first nation and ending with signs on schools’ toilets.

We witness a time of a total balderdash.

The last and the most dangerous “toy” used by the liberalism, progressivism, etc. is that total ineptitude called globalization.                                                                                            This new verbal histrionic toy looks as an extension of Lenin’s proletarian internationalism, affecting like a deadly virus the minds of those European Arlequins disguised in superfluous global politicians to the extent that they mistranslated upside down the Greek word cosmopolitan into globalism.                                                                   Our cultural forefathers, the Greeks, based their social structure starting with family, extended tribe, city (polis) , country (Greece) and one philosopher , theoretically mentioned idea of “citizen of the world” – cosmo-polis.                                                             The globalization starts in reverse with an undefined “world” and ends up with he dissipation of the country and of the family.

Due to a painful ignorance, the globalists do not comprehend that the Italian Renaissance with all its beauties and discoveries was made by Italians and was not a globalization phenomenon . The great German music of 18th and 19th centuries was not a result of globalization as the French or Russian literature of 19th century was created by French and Russian and not by undefined migrants from all four cardinal points.

We swear allegiance to a national flag and sing a national anthem not global flag and global anthem.

We can have a country, a nation , formed by a combination of races which has a common culture, but we cannot create a nation from a concoction of various habits, tradition disguised as a culture. The result will be a conglomerate of ghettos.

Canada started to look like one.

The tragedy of today’s Canada is that in lieu of accepting some people from other parts of the world with the same or very close cultural backgrounds , in order to totally amalgamate in our traditional cultural fabric and keep our real defined Canadian values which have a background of centuries, our histrionic politicians bring people from geographical zone where the idea of culture doesn’t exist yet or it is in a total contradiction with ours and ask us to lower our cultural value to a much lower level incompatible with XXI century.

The globalism is like a still born child coming from sterile brains of persons pretending to be liberals and open to an internationalist ideas.

It is time for us, Canadians, to stand up and elect only those who will do whatever is necessary to maintain, consolidate and further develop Canadian social culture.

Johannes de Silentio



                  A LOVE LETTER

We, normal Canadians, are daily aggressed but that political ineptitude called politically correctness, based on a much bigger fallacy expressed as “our diversity is our strength”.

As a result, today it is officially made a concentrated effort to erase our history, our civilization and culture based on the Judeo Christian principles.

This new political toy called “globalization” is not a translation of the old Greek word “cosmopolitan”. In that time the word meant circle model of identity that states that we should regard ourselves as concentric circles, the first one around the self, next immediate family, extended family, local group, citizens, countrymen, humanity.

Now, this new invented word “globalization” starts from entire planet and the result will be the destruction of what we call “country” , “nation” and finally even the family, as we know it, will be dissipated.

More and more it is pushed on our throat idea that “Canadian” is something quaint and everybody ought to be  a hyphenated Canadian.

Yesterday I received a letter from a very good friend of mine, Canadian 100% amid the fact that his hard working ancestors came from a very civilized, Christian country.

I titled it a “love letter” because I feel the love for Canada.

This is the text:

So many letter writers have explained how this land is made up of immigrants. Maybe we should turn to our history books and point out to people why today’s Canadian is not willing to accept this new kind of immigrant any longer.

Back in 1900 when there was a rush from all areas of Europe to come to Canada, people had to get off a ship and stand in a long line in Halifax or Vancouver and be documented. Some would even get down on their hands and knees and kiss the ground. They made a pledge to uphold the laws and support their new country in both good and bad times.

They made learning English a primary rule in their new Canadian households and some even changed their names to blend in with their new home. They had waved good bye to their birthplace to give their children a new and better life and did everything in their power to help their children assimilate into one culture.

Nothing was handed to them. No free lunches, no welfare, no labour laws to protect them. Perhaps some were fortunate enough – like my great grandfather – to be given 160 acres of prairie grassland. All they had were the skills, craftsmanship and desire they had brought with them to trade for a future of prosperity. It wasn’t easy.

Most of their children came of age when World War II broke out.

Canadians – like my uncle Jim – fought alongside men whose parents had come straight over from Germany, Italy, France, Japan, China, Czechoslovakia, Russia, Sweden, Poland and so many other places.

None of these first generation Canadians ever gave any thought about what country their parents had come from. They were Canadians fighting Hitler, Mussolini and the Emperor of Japan. They were defending the Freedom as one people.

When we liberated France & the Netherlands no one in those villages was looking for the Ukrainian-Canadian or the German-Canadian or the Irish-Canadian.

The people of Paris and Amsterdam saw only Canadians. And they carried one flag that represented Our Country.

Not one of those immigrant sons would have thought about picking up another country’s flag and waving it to represent who they were. It would have been a disgrace to their parents who had sacrificed so much to be here.

These immigrants truly knew what it meant to be a Canadian. They stirred the melting pot into one red and white bowl.

And here we are in 2016 with a new kind of immigrant who wants the same rights and privileges, only they want to achieve it by playing with a different set of rules – one that includes a Canadian passport and a guarantee of being faithful to their mother country.

I’m sorry, that’s not what being a Canadian is all about. Canadians have been very open-hearted and open-minded regarding immigrants, whether they were fleeing poverty, dictatorship, persecution, or whatever else makes us think of those aforementioned immigrants who truly did ADOPT our country, our flag, our morals and our customs, and left their wars, hatred, and divisions behind.

I believe that the immigrants who landed in Canada in the early 1900s deserve better than that for the toil, hard work and sacrifice of those legally searching for a better life.

I think they would be appalled that they are being used as an example by those waving foreign country flags, fighting foreign battles on our soil, making Canadians change to suit their religions and cultures, and wanting to change our countries fabric by claiming discrimination when we do not give in to their demands.

It’s about time we get real and stand up for our forefathers rights. We are CANADIANS.

I am a Native of this Country and proud of it!

I want back the country of my birth.


P.S. — Please pass this on to everyone you know because later will be too late to right the wrong done by this fallacious globalization and political correctness.